Miracles Master the Art: Healing Medically Incurable Illness

Miracles Master the Art: Healing Medically Incurable Illness

by Nancy Lynne Harris



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Publication date: 06/15/2016
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It was 1980. When the call came in, I was presenting a jazz workshop for piano teachers in the farmlands of central Washington. My husband, Ray, was called to the phone. I continued presenting the workshop, wondering what was so important that someone was calling him while we were miles away from our home in Auburn, Washington.

When the workshop ended, we said our goodbyes and got into our car for the long drive home. Ray started the car, backed out a few feet, stopped, and looked at me with tears in his eyes. He said, "Oh, honey! That was Jeff on the phone." Jeff was our oldest son, just twenty years old.

Ray continued, "He said a policeman came to our home early this morning to say that Mike was killed in a car accident." Mike, our second child, had turned eighteen just eight days earlier. As we drove through the Washington countryside, now eager to get home, I tuned in to the news on the car radio, and we heard them announce the death of our son, Michael Alan Jones.

Michael was born in Frankfurt, Germany, while Ray was serving in the U.S. Army. It was an easy birth for me, mainly because I was in my mid-twenties. While I was still in the hospital, an Army doctor who specialized in ophthalmology came by to say he believed our baby might have something wrong with his eyes, and he wanted to see us in his office the following week. We complied, and the doctor confirmed that Michael was born with congenital glaucoma. The doctor explained that fluid was flowing into his eyes faster than it could flow out, which could cause excessive pressure on his optic nerve and lead to blindness. He also said that when the baby was old enough he would need to have surgery to save his sight.

When Michael reached the appointed age of eighteen months, we were living in military quarters at the Presidio of San Francisco, where another highly skilled ophthalmologist performed surgery twice on his eyes over a period of months. For the next eight years Michael was given daily eye drops and was taken to the doctor at regular intervals to have his eye pressure checked and prescriptions written for medicated eye drops.

Being the open-minded person that I am, I always felt there was a way for Michael to be healed, if only I could find it, in spite of the doctors who said he would always have glaucoma because they did not know how to heal it. When Ray's military service ended, we moved from the Bay Area to Santa Barbara, California, and "just happened" to move right across the street from a lady named Evelyn. I saw her out on her lawn one day, so I went over to meet my new neighbor. As we talked, I told her about Michael's glaucoma, and she told me she taught a class in healing, and that it was possible that Michael could be healed if we studied the course. I was ready to study anything if there was even a remote chance of healing, so we agreed.

The course she taught was written by a man named William Walter, who, through intensive reading and study, had healed himself of tuberculosis, and then developed this course to train other people in how to heal themselves of medically incurable illnesses. The course taught us that:


As time went on, using this approach, we began to have success in healing many things, like the common cold and the annual flu. After we had studied this course for two years, Ray and I went to Los Angeles to take the teachers' training. We both became certified teachers of Eschatology, the Science of Last Things. Then Ray accepted a position as a purchasing agent in San Jose, California, so once again we moved.

When Michael was nine years old, he still had glaucoma, was still being given daily prescription eye drops, and was still seeing an accredited ophthalmologist, now in the Bay Area, but I felt the time had come for us to take our stand for healing. I had just taken him in for his three-month pressure check, and with medication his eye pressure was under control. The next day I consciously chose to stop putting the medicated prescription drops in his eyes because I felt I had my thoughts in the right place to accomplish his healing.

Three months later I took Michael to the ophthalmologist for his checkup. The nurse took us into an examination room and asked me what time he had been given his drops that morning. I said, "I have not given him any drops for three months." She gave me a look of disbelief and noted that on his chart. When the doctor came into the room, he was angry. He said, "Why have you stopped the drops?" I simply said, "We did not do it ignorantly." The doctor was obviously shaken. He tried to calm down and proceeded to check Michael's eye pressure. Then he became quiet, and after a pause he said, "His pressure checks normal." I was elated, but I said nothing.

The doctor left the room briefly. When he returned, he said his colleague, also an ophthalmologist, was asking my permission to follow Michael's progress along with him from now on. I simply said "No." I knew that looking for glaucoma in my child's eyes could reproduce it. That was the last time Michael went to the ophthalmologist. His glaucoma had vanished.

What we learned in Eschatology is that our son's glaucoma was caused by my feeling of being pressured (controlled, domineered) by my mother-in-law, Coleen. She could not let go of her son Ray, my husband, even though we had been married for many years and had three children of our own. She wanted her own way and expected our obedience. I disliked her very much because of her constant intrusion and demands. Once I learned in Eschatology that she was the source of the pressure I was feeling that was causing Michael's glaucoma, I knew I had to stand against this woman and learn how to say NO to her, rather than allowing her to push me around any longer. I had to change the way I dealt with her. Always before it had been impossible for me to do this, because she was "Mother" after all, and I was trying to be respectful, but it was way out of control. If we did not do what she wanted, she would remind us that we were supposed to honor our parents.

Soon my opportunity came to stand up to her. She called one afternoon and asked us to come for dinner that evening. I said, "No, thank you. We will not be able to come." That was a first for me, and it felt so good! She continued to ask and argue, and I continued to say "NO." So she hung up. About five minutes later she called back and asked me again the same question: "Will you come for dinner?" Again I said, "No, thank you." She continued to urge me, and said Father (her husband) might die soon, and this would be the last time we could be together. (She had used that excuse before.) I stuck to my guns and did not budge. She hung up. Five minutes later she called back for the third time in fifteen minutes. It was as if she had totally forgotten that I had said no already, so we went through it all over again. When we hung up from that third call, I felt triumphant and no longer felt pushed around. I had pushed back, and by changing my attitude in how I handled her demands, I had changed my on-going feelings of being pushed around by her. My feelings had reflected on my child's eyes as glaucoma, even while he was in my womb. I healed him of glaucoma by taking an action that changed the way I felt. I had allowed that woman to push me around for years, and now it was over. I had reversed my feelings of being pressured. Now I felt in control.


My husband Ray and I enjoyed thirty-six years of marriage and raised a family of four children before we divorced in 1995.

Many years later it was the week before Christmas in 2007 when my phone rang one morning. My daughter Elizabeth was calling with some terrible news. She said, "Mother, are you sitting down?" I said "Yes." She said, "Jeff hanged himself." She was telling me that my oldest son, now forty-eight years old, was gone. Jeff had been an Eagle Scout as a teenager and exemplary in many other ways. At this point he was married with two teenaged daughters. No explanation was offered by my daughter as to why he had taken this action. I loved Jeff with all my heart, so I went into an intense state of grief and disbelief, and found it hard to think of anything else.

In March 2008, three months after Jeff's death, I had an appointment to have my hair cut that day, so I parked my car at the beauty shop, opened the car door and put my leg out to step down, only to find that my left hipbone had separated from my spine. I managed to get out of the car, but without the hipbone connected to the spine, my left leg bones turned sideways in my body with nothing to hold them in place. I could hardly walk at all, and the pain was intense. I chose not to go to a doctor because I had no interest in surgery, and I knew there was a way to heal myself spiritually if I could just figure it out.

From March to September, sometimes my bones seemed to be more in alignment, but at other times I could find no comfort in standing, sitting, or lying down, and walking was difficult. I talked to my body, my bones, and my hip. I told them I accepted no change in the perfect order of my body, and I expected complete healing. Even as a single person at this point in my life, I managed to drive my car, shop for groceries, teach piano, and take care of my daily needs. However, by September six months had gone by, and I was still in pain and had not made much progress toward healing at all.

In September 2008 I finally began to look at my feelings. I said to myself, "HOW DO I FEEL ABOUT LOSING ANOTHER SON?" (My son Michael had died in a car accident in 1980, eight days after his eighteenth birthday.) I said to myself, "I FEEL DISCONNECTED FROM MY SON." By consciously recognizing how I felt about this new tragedy, it told me the mistake in thought that I was making. Before that moment I had been lost in grief over losing Jeff. So at that point I began to think the opposite thought:


I consciously added these words to my thinking and said them out loud over and over. Within three days of adding this new positive thought, I knew that my hip and leg bones were re-connecting. By April 2009 I was feeling very well, so I decided to go to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon for an x-ray. Later that same afternoon the technician's nurse called to say the doctor could find no evidence of any new or previous hip fracture of any kind. I had manifested a perfect painless healing. Some people would call that a miracle, but I knew I had consciously caused it to happen by intentionally reversing my feelings.


Because of the tragic experiences I have had in my life and the profound ways I have found to overcome them, at one point I asked the Powers-That-Be (which I call Spirit) to let me serve. I was then spiritually guided into training with The Four Winds Society that offers the world's most extensive professional training in energy healing, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Now, as a graduate of that program, I am trained as a Shaman in the tradition of the Inca of the Americas, and I love to do this work. As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I founded my own company, GodSpirits United, LLC, to teach people how to heal themselves of medically incurable illnesses.

As children, most of us are trained to believe that when we are sick, someone else is supposed to fix us. We go to the doctor; we fill the prescription; we take the pills; we might have surgery; and then maybe we will get well and maybe we won't. But that is our mindset, whether or not it works. We are so brainwashed with medical remedies and the constant bombardment of our thinking from watching television commercials that sell medicines that we sometimes forget there are better ways to heal ourselves.

The doctor hopes to heal you by adding drugs to your blood chemistry. An energy healer heals you by removing the negative energy that causes your illness and tells you that finding a positive way to think about your problem will automatically improve your blood chemistry. A surgeon operates to remove a tumor, but leaves the negative energy that caused the tumor inside your body because he cannot see it (energy is invisible). An energy healer removes the negative energy that causes the tumor without surgery. In energy healing, there is never any cutting on your body. Even in addictions, things that are invasive (like demons or other entities) are painlessly removed using crystals. A doctor uses machines like CAT scanners and x-rays to see inside your physical body. An energy healer communicates with spirit guides and reads your energy using his or her chakras to see what your problem is. Your chakras are a natural part of your energy body.

It is a proven scientific fact that everything is energy. You are made of Creative Light Energy that is temporarily housed in and around your current physical body. The energy you are made of is controlled by your feelings and attitudes. Positive thoughts and feelings about yourself move your energy toward positive experiences, and negative thoughts and feelings about yourself move your energy toward negative experiences. The way you think and the choices you make control the organs in your body and regulate your blood chemistry. Your blood, cells, bodily tissues, and skin are all controlled by the way you think and feel, especially about yourself. If you do not like what you are experiencing, you have the option to change the way you think to something more positive.

Thinking is an exact science, and we are given no training in it at all as we grow up. Specific illnesses are caused by thinking specific words. The words you think are caused by the feelings you feel and the attitudes you choose to entertain. When your feelings are very strong in a negative way, to protect your health you have to choose which attitudes you're going to support – the feelings that will eventually make you sick or the opposite positive feelings that will keep you well. No one thinks in your mind but you, so your health is always your own choice.

The first and foremost thought that needs to be corrected for healing is your attitude about yourself. If you are hating yourself, even subconsciously, and using your negative words and feelings to berate yourself for any reason, you will have a hard time being successful in life or in healing your illness. If you find fault with yourself and with other people and blame them for your problems, you need to realize that finding fault is an extremely negative way to think and will create faults in your own body if continued. You have to begin to monitor your thinking moment by moment and be willing to think something positive and wholesome, if you want to experience a positive and wholesome life.



The following twelve questions were designed to help you identify your own negative feelings that have caused the illness you want to overcome and to help you identify the opposite positive feeling words you need to think to reverse your illness for healing. Be sure you write down your answers in a special notebook for easy reference and deep contemplation and improvement at any time.

1. Write down the date when your illness began. What disturbing thing occurred in your life shortly before your illness appeared? You may not have linked whatever it was to your illness, but illnesses do not just pop out of thin air. To cause an illness, this occurrence was something you FELT deeply about, and your feeling was negative. What happened? What was this disturbance?

2. Exactly how did you FEEL about what happened? Why did you not like it? What word(s) would best describe your negative FEELINGS? Sum up your feelings in one or two precise words.

3. Use a dictionary or thesaurus to find the EXACT OPPOSITE POSITIVE WORD (the antonym) to the way this upsetting event or troublesome person made you FEEL. Be scientific in selecting this word.

4. How did you physically react to this situation? How did you cope? What did you do?

5. How long after the event did your illness appear? What were your symptoms?

6. What organ or organs in your body does this illness affect?

7. What is the medical name for your illness?

8. What negative things (beliefs) did the doctor tell you about the illness that you need to stop believing to make your healing possible? You cannot believe that you HAVE an illness and NOT HAVE IT at the same time.


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CHAPTER ONE: 12 Steps to Heal Yourself Without Medicine, 1,
CHAPTER TWO: The Power of Words – Using Words as Medicine, 15,
CHAPTER THREE: Loving Your S.E.L.F. – Scientifically Evolving Life Force, 33,
CHAPTER FOUR: 'Organ'-ize Your Attitudes – The Male Virtues, 51,
CHAPTER FIVE: Fine-Tune Your Feelings – The Female Virtues, 65,
CHAPTER SIX: Reverse Your Feeling – Get Your Healing, 81,
CHAPTER SEVEN: Releasing Your Patterns of Pain – The Energy Treatments, 101,
CHAPTER EIGHT: Illumination vs. Invasion – Let Your Light So Shine, 121,
CHAPTER NINE: Casting Your Net – What Are You Worth?, 143,
About the Author, 167,

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