by Adran Wistreich


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This novel is based on a true story about the fate of a family of wealthy Jews trapped in Poland during World War 2. Miriam, a privileged and educated woman from a middle-class family, entered into an arranged marriage in 1919. Their family life was undermined by Otto’s long-term affair with his business partner’s wife, which resulted in the birth of two illegitimate children. Miriam, who knew of the affair, but not the paternity, chose to remain in the marriage, in order to enjoy the luxuries of their lifestyle, and for their three children to whom she was devoted.

When war broke out, Miriam and Otto were effectively living apart, and against her better judgement, Miriam agreed to Otto’s demand that she return from a trip to France to their home in Krakow. Within a week, Poland was invaded by Hitler's forces, and soon after by Stalin’s.

Miriam and her young daughter, Anna, left Krakow 24 hours before the Nazis arrived, but was caught between the German and Soviet forces as they divided Poland. Settling in Russian occupied Lwow, they learned to live a hand to mouth existence. In 1941, when Hitler declared war on Russia and as his forces were about to overwhelm Lwow, Miriam was saved by an SS Officer, an old friend from Vienna.

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ISBN-13: 9781912328345
Publisher: Kinsale Pottery
Publication date: 01/30/2019
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.51(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Marriage

Chapter 2: Vichy

Chapter 3: Paris

Chapter 4: Maryla

Chapter 5: Leaving Paris

Chapter 6: Nord Express

Chapter 7: Berlin

Chapter 8: Krakow

Chapter 9: Leaving Krakow

Chapter 10: Naleczow

Chapter 11: Journey to Lwow

Chapter 12: Lwow

Chapter 13: Work

Chapter 14: Ania and Isidor

Chapter 15: Valuables

Chapter 16: Maryla

Chapter 17: Factions

Chapter 18: Winter 1940

Chapter 19: Paul

Chapter 20: The Kitchen

Chapter 21: June 1941

Chapter 22: Leaving Lwow

Chapter 23: Krakow

Chapter 24: Moving On

Chapter 25: Relative Safety

Chapter 26: Aden

Chapter 27: Absolution

Chapter 28: Flight

Chapter 29: Mussourie

Chapter 30: Kilburn 1972


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