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Mirror Study Bible - Paperback (948 page, Ninth Edition 7 X 10 Inch, Wide Margin - the black cover replaces both the older red and blue cover versions.) / Edition 9

Mirror Study Bible - Paperback (948 page, Ninth Edition 7 X 10 Inch, Wide Margin - the black cover replaces both the older red and blue cover versions.) / Edition 9

by Francois Du ToitFrancois Du Toit


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My philosophy in doing the Mirror Bible is reflected in the following example:

I do not read music, but have often witnessed our son, Stefan, approach a new piece on the piano.

His eyes see so much more than mere marks scribbled on a page;

he hears the music.

His trained mind engages even the subtleties and the nuances of the original composition, and is able to repeat the authentic sound,

knowing that the destiny of the music would never be reduced to the page;

but is always in the next moment,

where the same intended beauty is heard

and repeated again!

The best translation would always be the incarnation!

I so value the enormity of the revelation of the incarnation.

Yet, before flesh, the Word was προς

face to face with God!

And fragile text

scribbled thru the ages in memoirs of stone, parchment and papyrus pages -

carrying eternity in thought

and continues to translate faith

to faith!

Now we have the same spirit of faith as he encountered when he wrote...

"I believe

and so I speak!"

Conversation ignites!

"Did not our hearts burn within our being when He spoke familiar text of ancient times, in the voices of Moses and the prophets and David and Abraham,

who saw his day

and announced its dawn in our hearts!

The mystery that was hidden for ages and generations

is now revealed!

In dealing daily with ancient text,

rediscovering thoughts buried in time, I am often overwhelmed and awed at the magnificence of eternity captured in little time capsules,

opening vistas of beauty beyond our imagination- face to face with the same face to faceness of the Logos

and God

and us - conceived in their dream!

And irresistibly intrigued by the invitation to come and drink -

to taste and see -

from the source -

and to hear a saint reminiscing and reminding himself of the utterance of another earth dweller-brother, David, who wrote a song 1000 years ago,

"Return to your rest, oh my soul!

For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you!

I believe and so I speak!"

And with fresh wounds bleeding from the many angry blows he was dealt with, Paul echoes,

"We have the same spirit of faith as he had who wrote, 'I believe and so I speak!' We too believe and so we speak!"

Let's celebrate the "sameness" of Jesus

yesterday - yes, as far as history and beyond time can go -

and today! This very finite, fragile moment -

plus, the infinite future!

Inexhaustible, beyond boundaries and the confines of space and time!

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ISBN-13: 9780992176907
Publisher: Mirrorword Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2018
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Pages: 950
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About the Author

Lydia and Francois met on the 25th of August 1974, while he was working with Youth For Christ. She was sixteen and he nineteen. The following year he studied Greek and Hebrew at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, for three years while Lydia completed her nursing training. In 1978 Francois also spent a year with Youth with a Mission. They married in January 1979 and are blessed with four amazing children, Renaldo, Tehilla, Christo and Stefan; also, two darling grandchildren Nicola and Christiaan.
They worked in a full-time mission for fourteen years, during which time they also pastored a church and led a training facility for more than 700 students over a five-year period. They then left the ministry and for ten years did business mainly in the tourism industry. They built and managed a Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and eventually relocated to Hermanus where they started Southern Right Charters boat-based whale watching.
In December 2000 Francois began to write the book, "God believes in You" which led to him being invited to speak at various Christian camps and churches. Since February 2004, they travelled regularly abroad and into Africa as well as South Africa.
Francois has written several books in both English and Afrikaans, including God Believes in You, Divine Embrace, The Logic of His Love and The Eagle Story; these are also available on Kindle. Also Kant En Klaar [Done!]
In order to focus their time on writing and translation, they relocated from Hermanus in 2015 to a remote farm in the Swartberg Mountains. They have also stopped most of their travelling. Lydia already wrote 5 amazing children's stories of which one, Stella's Secret is already published in print and on Kindle.
Francois continues to be passionately engaged in his translation of the Mirror Bible, which will eventually include the entire NT as well as select portions of the old. The 1st 200 page Edition was published in 2012. The most recent 8th edition Mirror Bible is now almost 800 pages of bliss! This will also be available in a special hardcover edition. Until the completion of the New Testament, future editions will only be added as separate books as well as a 3-Volume edition Mirror Bible. The current 8th edition will still be available as a one volume book.
Some of his work is being translated into several African languages as well as Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch and Slovakian.
The Mirror Bible is already up to date in Spanish, Shona and Xhosa and large portions in German.
Thousands of people subscribe to their daily posts on Social Media; Lydia has her own fb page and Francois has 5 English pages on Facebook.
You can get more detail about them on
The Mirror Bible is also on Kindle as well as an App,

Table of Contents

Endorsements 8

My Philosophy in doing the Mirror Study Bible 11

Why The Mirror Translation 13

Understanding the Bible 21

Introduction to John 26

John’s Gospel 30

Introduction to Romans 125

Romans 129

Introduction to 1 Corinthians 183

1 Corinthians 184

Introduction to 2 Corinthians 238

2 Corinthians 239

Introduction to Galatians 276

Galatians 277

Introduction to Ephesians 296

Ephesians 297

Introduction to Philippians 318

Philippians 319

Introduction to Colossians 334

Colossians 335

Introduction to 1 Thessalonians 348

1 Thessalonians 349

Introduction to 2 Timothy 361

2 Timothy 362

Introduction to Titus 376

Titus 377

Introduction to Hebrews 386

Hebrews 390

Introduction to James 434

James 438

1 Peter (1,2) 451

2 Peter (1) 459

1 John 463

Introduction to Revelation 486



-The Lamb of God

-The throne of God

-The Day of the Lord

-Eschatology Redefined

-The Son of Man is the Son of God

-Jewish Audience

-The Theme of the Book

-The Text

Revelations Chapter 1 496

- Notes on the number Seven 502

- Notes on the Day of the Lord 503

- Notes on the Ekklesia 505

Revelations Chapter 2 508

- Notes on The Son of Man is the Son of God 514

- Notes on Food offered to Idols 517

- Notes on the Rod of Iron 521

Revelations Chapter 3 523

- Notes on Thief in the Night 530

- Notes on Our God Identity 532

- Notes on the City Bride 537

Revelations Chapter 4 541

Revelations Chapter 5 544

Revelations Chapter 6 548

Revelations Chapter 7 553

Revelations Chapter 8 557

Revelations Chapter 9 561

- Notes on The Fallen Star as The Bright Morning Star 566

- Notes on The Abyss 568

- Notes on Idols and Demons 572

Revelations Chapter 10 576

- Notes on the Solemn Oath 578

Revelations Chapter 11 579

- Notes on the Measure of the temple 584

- Notes on the 2 Witnesses in Sackcloth 587

- Notes on the Inner Shrine 589

Revelations Chapter 12 594

- Notes on Ophis the Old Serpent 598

Revelations Chapter 13 601

- Notes on Counterfeit Christianity 607

- Notes on the Mark of the Beast 611

- Notes on an Open heaven 616

Revelations Chapter 14 621

- Notes from Mt Sinai to Mt Zion 625

- Notes on the 144,000 Virgins 628

Revelations Chapter 15 631

RevelationsChapter 16 634

- Notes on the Brazen Altar 638

- Notes on Armageddon 640

Revelations Chapter 17 652

- Notes on the Lamb's Book of Life 658

- Notes on End Times Redefined 670

- Notes on the Triumph of the Lamb 679

- Notes on Babylon's Fall 685

Revelations Chapter 18 686

Revelations Chapter 19 689

- Notes on the Hidden Name 695

- Notes on the shepherd King 700

- Notes on the Winepress of God's Passion 702

- Notes on the Lake of Fire and the 2nd Death 711

Revelations Chapter 20 729

- Notes on the Thousand Years 734

- Notes on the Testimony of Jesus 739

- Notes on Israel 745

Revelations Chapter 21 750

- Notes on the New heaven and New Earth 756


The Splendor of the Gates - the redeemed

beauty of the Bride 761

Revelations Chapter 22 763

Extended Commentary 771

Biographical Note 783

References and Resources 784

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