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Mirror to the Sky

Mirror to the Sky

by Mark S. Geston

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Returning to science fiction after a 20-year hiatus, Geston ( Lords of the Starship ) trots out a tried concept--the arrival on earth of godlike, apparently benign, aliens with a sinister secret agenda. These so-called gods are classically handsome, aristocratic and technologically advanced. They can travel faster than light and bring people back from the dead. And their art has the ability to drive people on earth insane. The plot, such as it is, concerns the search for some vague but horrible threat portended in one of the alien paintings, and an alien artist's efforts to paint a new masterpiece that would explain everything. Geston has a graceful style and a good ear for dialogue, but he seems to feel a faint contempt for his characters, both human and alien. Accordingly they fail to elicit much sympathy or interest. Even in the final chapters, as the world sinks into anarchy and the various intrigues comprising the plot begin to come together, the outcome never seems important. (Dec.)
Library Journal
Although claiming to come in peace to share their knowledge with humans, the godlike aliens who visit earth seem reluctant to offer more than cryptic hints of their superior technology--until a showing of their artwork sparks a wave of inexplicable violence. When the visitors from space decide to withdraw from the affairs of earth, defectors from both the alien and the human camps engage in an esoteric battle over a hidden agenda. Geston ( The Day Star , 1972. o.p.) begins with an intriguing premise but undercuts it with obscure writing and hazy characterizations. Large libraries, nevertheless, may want to consider.

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