Miscellany Nation: Mug & Mali's Miscellany Volume 41

Miscellany Nation: Mug & Mali's Miscellany Volume 41

by Molly L. Boose, John H. Boose


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If you like your books sophomoric with a high picture-to-text ratio (if you know what we mean), then get this miscellaneous national mishmash of cocktails, photo mash-ups, silly factoids, rude jokes, and emotion-laden drinking.
In spite of threats from schools of blowfish and hoards of bar flies, Mug and Mali announced this putrid mélange. Readers will find the miscellany startling and the cocktails addicting - and vice-versa. "Miscellany Nation" is uncouth, yet irreverent, over-shadowing such lesser works as, "How To Lose at Bingo - Every Time!" and "Do Trousers Matter?" It's another piece of work that will keep you up nights reading and drinking. Enjoy!

Here's what they're saying about Mug & Mali's "Miscellany Nation:"

"This book looks like I need a drink." - Rhoda Booke, Loose Change Quarterly.
"I'd rather be drinking." - Tyrone Shoelaces, The Daily Bungle.
"We would love to read this 21st Century Dada book, if we were still around." - Marcel Duchump, Hans Earp, Max Earnest, Man Raygun, Tristen Zzorro, Salvador's Deli.
"What a great cure for insomnia!" - Freida People, The Roman Tribune.
"Even the worst book has an end." - Ira Gurgitate, The Pittsburgh Drifter.
"This is the best book I ever read." - Abraham Lincoln.
"So many pictures, so little art." - Amelia Barfup, The Hourly World News.
"Early to rise and early to bed make a man sleepy, stupid, and dead." - Benjamin Franklin.
"...most of the time, to see the truly bad takes training, but not here." - Helen Wheels, USA Yesterday.
"...so indescribably bad that I do not intend to waste anyone's time by describing it." - Segovia Carpet, The Paid Review.
"If Mug & Mali's aren't America's leading humorists, I can see why." - Isabelle Ringing, The Illiterary Journal.

"Miscellany Nation" is another flagship work from the New Century Dada Press.

The New Century Dada Press brings the mystique and power of avant-garde Dada to the 21st century. Dada was officially not a movement, its artists not artists and its art not art. Its post-World War I works rebelled against the norms of bourgeois culture and war, and included automatic collage, poetry, painting, sculpture, film, and performance art. Dada influenced Surrealism, Futurism, Cubism, Expressionism, Bobism, The Fat Earth Society, and miscellaneous authors.

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ISBN-13: 9781534818804
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2016
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

Mug and Mali are currently Hog Sloppers at the Constance Noring Institute for the Study of Porcine Humor, where their work on sty jokes has made them the subjects in numerous experiments. They were the first to suggest the use of personal injury lawyers as weasel kindling. While interns at 2M's Boris Scilley Yellow Sticky Lab they illuminated both upper and lower brain approaches to left field theory and were co-guest editors (with Rufus Leaking) of "Do Trousers Matter?" Mug and Mali enjoy sharpening crayons, dulling others' wits through the application of delicious cocktails, cooking up mischief, and advocating monkey-wrenching as a tactic of last resort.

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