Mischievous Prince

Mischievous Prince

by Michelle M. Pillow

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He's a dragon-shifting prince, and she's a human. What could possibly go wrong?
From NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow, a dragon shapeshifter fantasy/sci fi romance.

5 Stars! "One of my favorite "go to" series!"

He's a dragon-shifting prince, and she's a human. What could possibly go wrong?

Dragon-shifter Prince Finn will do whatever it takes to save his people from extinction, even if that means sneaking through a portal to Earth to find a bride. With dragon men disappearing and threats to cut off their supply to eligible women, he knows the portal is their only hope of survival. And it might be his only chance to find love.

First meets are easy. Staying is hard.

Food blogger, Sadie Harcourt isn't one for commitment. Her job offers the perfect excuse to keep moving. Never did she expect that her love of adventure would accidentally catapult her from Faulkner Alley in Oxford, Mississippi onto a planet of Alpha shifters looking to marry.

When the elders discover that Finn accessed the portal, all hell breaks loose. Factions pounce on the opportunity to overthrow the royal family. Now everything he holds dear rests in the hands of a captivating woman who arrived on his planet by mistake.

What reviewers are saying...
5 Stars! "One of my favorite "go to" series!"

5 Stars! "Michelle makes you love the Draig and the Var on Qurilixen."

5 Stars! "I can't get enough of these dragon and cat shifters. Author Michelle Pillow continues to expand this world, and this series fills us in on the history that leads to the other series. The contrast between the modern women and the shifters who know little about life on Earth just makes the stories more delicious as their medieval ways join with the modern. The action is intense, the romance as tender as it is steamy, and the strong characters admirable. Anxiously awaiting the next installment and highly recommend to all."​

Dragon Shapeshifter Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alien Romance
Part of the Qurilixen World
Length: Short Novel

Product Details

BN ID: 2940161682401
Publisher: The Raven Books LLC
Publication date: 07/16/2017
Series: Captured by a Dragon-Shifter , #5
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 83,329
File size: 396 KB

About the Author

Michelle M. Pillow, New York Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author

Michelle loves to travel and try new things, whether it's a paranormal investigation of an old Vaudeville Theatre or climbing Mayan temples in Belize. She's addicted to movies and used to drive her mother crazy while quoting random scenes with her brother. Though it has yet to happen, her dream is to be a zombie in a horror movie. For the most part she can be found wearing pajama pants and drinking coffee. There may or may not be dancing. It’s all part of the creative process.

She loves to hear from readers. They can contact her through her website michellepillow.com

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Mischievous Prince (Captured by a Dragon-Shifter, #5) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Robin_Manor More than 1 year ago
Mischievous Prince (Captured by a Dragon-Shifter Book 5) Michelle Pillow Way before Galaxy Brides started bringing Brides to the planet of Quirlixien and the Var Princes discovered loving one fated mate was the way to go, there was a portal hidden in a cave. The portal was the one used by the shapeshifting Var (big felines) and Draig (dragons) to escape the slaughter and oppression they faced from the fearful ignorant humans on earth. Facing the extinction of their races due to lack of females being born, the young male Draig and Var decide to secretly use this portal to bring back mates from earth. The first four books of this fun exciting series take us up to this time when some of the elders fear the humans finding the portal and want to shut it down. Facing uncertain dangers and multitudes of funny cultural and language mix-ups the Var Prince Ivar and Draig Prince Finn secretly go through the portal to find Brides, not necessarily their fated mates but potential women to grow to love and raise families, thus showing the elders the portal will help save their races. Finn has a secret plan to send Ivar back and remain on earth (Mississippi) for a year to look for a mate. Plus the elders would have to keep the portal open knowing a royal prince is stuck on earth. Life is never as planned and Ivar discovers Finn's plot. They fight over Finn staying behind, and in the end not only is Finn thrown back through the portal but when a woman tries to stop the fighting, Ivar sends her through the portal as well to keep their secret safe. Now it is Ivar who must remain on earth for a year (and so the plot is set for book 6). So Sadie, a food blogger from earth finds herself in a strange new world with even stranger inhabitants. To top it off there is a very handsome male (not entirely human) claiming to be a shapeshifting prince named Finn who states she is to become His Mate/wife. Sadie is no shrinking violet goes along with Finn's claiming and can't deny the unexplainable attraction to the man/dragon. Sadie is not some shiny girl who second guesses herself ,it's refreshing to see the heroine as a woman who doesn't deny herself what she wants. A really awesome enjoyable addition to a fun entertaining series. It can be read alone but you'll want to read all the books either way. They are exciting, great world building, hot shapeshifting Princes, witty heroines and a whole lot of humor, and sexy romance.
pammyl More than 1 year ago
Oh I had fun reading this one Quirlixen (far far away) Thier were two princes one prince Ivar, he is a Var and a cat shifter. The other was prince Finn a Draig, and dragon shifter. Thier were talk of thier people closing the portal , thier only way to get to earth and find mates. Since all the families kept having sons there was quickly becoming a shortage of mates. Since they were the last two princes who hadn't found mates, they were going to take what might be thier last chance to find one before the portal was closed and keep the portal open to safe thier people. Earth Mississippi Sadie was just a normal girl tring to make a living running a food blog. When she tried to stop the two men from fighting she got tossed into the portal before it closed. Now she is on Quirlixen. What a shock. That will teach ya never to try and break up a fight! No wait I want to go to. Note to self keep eyes open for two hot guys fighting! LOL Love the characters in this story thier wonderful. Lots of fun twists. It's really a fun read. Voluntarily reviewed a copy and I honestly loved it.