by Garrett Leigh



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ISBN-13: 9781626492479
Publisher: Riptide Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 03/13/2015
Series: Urban Soul , #1
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Misfits 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
Misfits was an absolutely beautiful story and I loved every page of it. What you should know first and foremost about Misfits is that while it is a ménage it is a ménage romance. By that I mean that the focus of the book is on the relationships that develop between Tom, Jake, and Cass. If you’re looking for a novel that is more sex than story, then Misfits is probably not the book for you. However, if you’re looking for a book that focuses on the characters, their lives, their hardships, their successes, their relationships, and their love, then Misfits may be right up your alley.  Tom and Cass have been partners for years. Because they have built a highly successful company together and both work at different parts of it, they do not see each other as often as either would like. During the course of the book, Tom’s dissatisfaction with their time apart is very obvious as he has no problem making his complaints known, but the reader has to pay closer attention to Cass to detect that he is equally as unhappy with spending too many of their nights apart because it is Cass’s inner demons that hold him back from accepting what Tom so freely wants to give him. At first glance it would seem that their open relationship would be due to their frequent geographical separations, but it seems as though they have maintained such a relationship from the very beginning. Likely because of their honesty about their one-nighters, that they don’t get attached, and the fact that they are always one another’s first priority, it works for them. Until Tom meets Jake.  When the author first revealed Jake’s condition, I was hesitant about his character because I feared that we were going to see the clichéd and popularized version of Tourette’s syndrome. While Jake did engage in some verbal obscenity outbursts, he had far more physical tics that he exhibited throughout the book. When I read the Author’s Note at the end of Misfits I understood why Jake’s character felt so authentic and I applaud Ms. Leigh for her efforts to create the best Jake she could. I don’t know how other readers will respond to Jake, but I completely adored him and appreciated how his Tourette’s gave me the opportunity to fall in love with Cass even more (you’ll understand that if you read the book).  I like that Ms. Leigh gives each of the characters his own voice in the story. Rather than shifting points of view within the chapters or from chapter to chapter, the story is broken up into parts and is told from a different character’s perspective. There is no overlapping of the story, but rather the beginning of the book is told from Tom’s perspective and several chapters later Jake takes over and we see the goings on from his point of view – by doing this, the author allows us glimpses into each of the characters’ head while keeping the story moving forward. While we spend the shortest amount of time seeing the relationship from Cass’s perspective, it makes his turn at the helm no less powerful than Tom or Jake’s. And each character’s section is crucial to the book because it is their story. We get to see Tom fall in love with Jake. We get to see Jake fall in love with Cass. We get to see the love between Tom and Cass grow even stronger within the ménage relationship. And because Ms. Leigh does such a good job of infusing realism in the book, I hit the lows right alongside the characters when life – or should I say death – reared its ugly head (and no, none of the three main characters die). Fortunately I was able to experience their highs just as fully when their efforts and hard work paid off. And no doubt about it, I felt the heat too when the guys found their way to each other, regardless of which combinations they occurred in. Ménage romances are among the top of my list of preferred reading genres – whether it be MMF, MFM, or MMM – and Misfits has been added to the list of those I plan to reread because I cannot wait to fall in love with Tom, Jake, and Cass all over again.  I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
AGoodell More than 1 year ago
As with all of Garrett Leigh books that I’ve read, I just loved this one. Different from the rest, and yet the same, we are around restaurants, troubled souls and the men who love them. But this time we deal with a semi taboo subject of “open relationships” and bringing a third in. Cass and Tom have been together for nine years and during the whole relationship they have slept with other men. The whys are explained very well throughout the book, but they always come home in the end to each other. Jake happens to meet Tom in a restaurant and over drinks and conversation end up sleeping together. I enjoyed how the attraction was instant but Jake never having to deal with a situation like Cass and Tom was wary and the buildup took a while. Even for the next sexual encounter. I also enjoyed that we had a real story going on, not just these three meeting, and falling in love. The other thing I always love about this authors books, she never tries to Americanize them. They are true British characters, with British slag that at times is difficult to follow even for someone that grew up over there. Bloody cockney never understood it even back then. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by Crystals Many reviews
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A very good menage romance.    J//////
Lauren2LC More than 1 year ago
I LOVED IT! It was a bit of an unconventional romance but it so worked. Tom has been in love with Cass forever. What works for these two is an open relationship. Especially because both of these guys work way too much. Since they can't always be there for each other this relationship works for them. Tom has a huge heart and has helped pull Cass through a tough time in his life. But Cass still has his demons and Tom doesn't know how to help him. What he can focus on is their businesses which always helps him when he feels lost with Cass. One normal day during a location scout Tom comes across Jake who reminds him so much of Cass but is so much more. Jake and Tom instantly hit it off. Well until Jake is left in the apartment for Cass to find. "And he didn't say much at all, apart from calling me an arse-bandit wanker, which I thought was pretty rich. Why? What am I missing?" At this point in most conventional romance books we would be squirming with the potential cheating but we get to understand this relationship between Tom and Cass, that we're able to swallow this detail and cheer them all on. Cass knows that he can't give Tom everything so he strongly urges Tom to have Jake apart of his life. "I'm saying, stay here and be what he needs. You've got a big heart, babe. There's plenty of you to go around." Jake. Gah! I LOVE him. He is perfect with is tics and quirks that belong to his Tourette's syndrome. I think this part of his character made him so more endearing. Jake doesn't want to come in between these two, especially after seeing them together, but he also can't seem to stay away. As Cass pushes Tom and Jake closer he also befriends Jake in a different way. As their relationships progress Jake comes more and more entwined in their relationship and life. Since this is so new for all of them it takes some time for them to find their footing. Yes, Tom and Cass have had an open relationship but never have they had a third come into their relationship before. Tom and Cass loved each other. You feel their strength and bond but they also let work become an road block within their relationship. They didn't even know what was missing until Jake became the bridge to fully unite them together. This was my first Garret Leigh book. *Gasp* But after this it soooo won't be my last. I can NOT wait to read more from the fabulous author. I absolutely adored this book and so recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love, love, love this book! Wish I could read more about Tom, Jake, and Cass. Amazing character development! Maybe Garrett Leigh will grace us with a sequel?
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Misfits, Garrett Leigh Genre: LGBTQIA, Literature/Fiction (Adult) .Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews What I love about Riptide books is they always deliver a story that's solid, not just a sexual frenzy, but one where the sex scenes are part of a moving and thought provoking story. I don’t just want to read sex, I need an emotional story to put it in context, otherwise its just meaningless. This time it’s a duo about to become a trio, and  where one of the three has Tourette's I know nothing of TS, and was so glad when I read that the author hadn’t just Googled it, but actually spoken to someone with it and learned more that way. It feels very real in the book, and I really felt for poor Jake. It must be so difficult having no control over movement and speech at times, and having people being so judgemental thinking you’re just an abusive drunk or something. Anyway – the research – that's what gives this book the edge for me, that it felt real, that both Cass and Tom asked the wrong questions at times, didn’t always know the best way to act, that how Jake coped was individual to him, and that he had good and bad days. As a wheelchair user I get furious in a book where someone is in one and does things that just aren’t possible, or just swans through life without any of the everyday problems we face in reality. I like books that are different but they need to be researched properly, and here this felt to me very genuine. I felt Jake was a real person, and was so upset for him at times, and understood why he held back, having learned via his past that people didn’t always react well. When he laughed at his swearing it made me laugh too – it was good that he could see the humour in it at times. When he’s talking to Tom and says his TS swearing is coming out as XXXX and Tom says “ so when you call me a b astard you mean it, it’s not the TS!!” – made me smile that part. So the story is how the three find a way together, Tom with his middle class background and loving, accepting family, Cass whose past has been problematic and rough, and who’s very quiet about most of it, and now Jake who also has had a tough past. He can’t quite believe that a couple as solid as Cass and Tom want him with them. He’s not sure if Tom is just being kind, if Cass accepts him to keep Tom happy – and given the way he’s usually treated it feels like he’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Over time though they show him they do want him, for himself and as part of them, and its very emotional. Tom goes slowly with him, helping where he can without picking at his pride, when you’ve got nothing it’s hard to take from someone, however well meaning, when you know they’ve never really been in your position. Tom is wonderful though – so loving and one of those genuinely kind people who want to share their success, and help others less fortunate. He slowly pushed Jake into work situations and they find out what he is good at, and it turns out he’s just what they need  at work as well as completing them as a trio. Its not all smooth though, there are some really sad hiccups along the way, times when the wrong thing is said or done, times when Jake doubts them and himself and then a huge spanner thrown in at the end which could derail them all and it’s up to Jake to be the one to pull them through.   Stars: Five, a great read full of emotion and realism. ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.
naturalbri More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts  This book was intense. From the start, I was thrown into the world of two of our main characters. Instantly, the passion emotion was felt between the two.  I loved watching as the two strangers grew close over an evening, and Tom found himself calming the nervous ticks Jake was experiencing. From those loving moments, you could see something blossoming between the two, with Tom's strong, put together personality to Jake's broken and hurting self.  However, this story isn't just your typical passionate romance, with a side of lovemaking.  Enter Cass.  Cass and Tom have been together for ages. They both love each other, and have an unique relationship, which does involve sleeping with other men. They know this and understand that it is something that suits their relationship. However, there is something different about Jake. He seems to fit in the the place where the missing part of their relationship was. It may be odd, but these three seem to belong together, in one of the most passionate ways possible.  Firstly, I'll say that if you are not interested in reading a romance type read that contains a bit of sex, especially the kind that is described in full, then you may find some parts of this read hard. However, if you like things hard, descriptive and passionate, you will love every moment of this book.  The characters are all perfectly written. We have each sort of personality, in the three men, and we find them either clashing or fitting together like a puzzle. The book is very descriptive, giving us both the emotions and the thoughts of our main characters.  I loved reading along as the there grew, experimented and learned that they are meant for each other, but only as a trio. It is a unique and interesting story and I found myself completely hooked.