Miss Chatterley, Part I: Hungry

Miss Chatterley, Part I: Hungry

by Logan Belle

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ISBN-13: 9781476731254
Publisher: Pocket Star
Publication date: 05/13/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 80
Sales rank: 1,088,650
File size: 873 KB

About the Author

Logan Belle is the pen name for Jamie Brenner, who grew up in Main Line Philadelphia on a steady diet of Judith Krantz, Jackie Collins, and Aaron Spelling. Her novels include Miss Chatterley, a modern day re-telling of D.H. Lawrence’s erotic classic Lady Chatterley’s Lover, as well as the erotic romance Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian, and the burlesque trilogy Blue Angel. She is the author of the novel The Gin Lovers, chosen by Fresh Fiction as one of the Top 13 Books to read in 2013. Logan Belle’s novels have been translated into a dozen languages and have been praised by Romantic Times as “sexy and fun!” She lives in Manhattan, where she is busy raising two daughters who aren’t yet allowed to read her books. Visit her at: JamieBrenner.com.

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Miss Chatterley, Part I: Hungry 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
ElaineSay More than 1 year ago
Miss Chatterley Part I: Hungry caught me from the beginning! Connie Chatterley and Cliff are such an relatable cute couple that you feel caught up in their life right from the beginning! Connie is struggling to find her place in CA from uprooting her whole life in NYC to follow Cliff! Cliff is so focused on his life and work that their relationship starts to take a backseat. Ivy Bolton, Cliff's personal assistant and Tommy Dukes, investment banker are taking up all of Cliff's free time with their own agendas. Connie is feeling so disconnected emotionally and physically that she ventures out to focus on herself with a new exercise program....her "coach" not personal trainer Oliver Mellors, ex-marine is readily available to give her any type of exercise that Connie may need. The story needed in a way that you just NEED to know what happens next!! I started on part two right away!!
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
This book basically starts out with Connie having to agree to move to California with her boyfriend Cliff. She gives up her dream of going to Graduate School so that he can obtain his dream. However once she is in California, she has nothing to do and becomes bored. She has no friends, no job and her sister lives back in New York. Cliff is consumed with work and basically ignores her. Cliff is so stressed out that he no longer can perform in the bedroom which leads Connie to believe he no longer wants her. She decides to start taking CrossFit from Coach Mellors who is very hot. Connie starts a steamy affair with Oliver and can’t get enough of him. She is really struggling with her love for Cliff and her lust for Oliver. Unfortunately, Connie doesn’t know that Ivy and Tommy are plotting against her because they feel she is a bad influence on Cliff. It is hard to root for Connie and Cliff because you never really get to know how strong their relationship is before the move. You really only see how lonely Connie is and you can understand why she starts the affair. It is annoying that Cliff is so smart but couldn’t see how manipulative Ivy is. But when they both start to realized their mistakes, you can’t help but root for them to find their way back to one another. Rating-3 Heat Rating-Hot Reviewed by Donna McClaugherty
XxTainaxX More than 1 year ago
Logan Belle has written an amazing four part story that had me riveted to my seat until I was done reading. Connie Chatterley is a conflicted character and the writing conveys the emotion realistically making the Connie relatable to the reader even though we may not agree with her actions. She is flawed, but who isn’t. The story speaks to a deep loneliness and the mistakes we make when we don’t communicate effectively with our partners. It speaks to trust in people that only think of their own interests. It speaks to deep relationships as well as ones that are carnal and don’t even touch the surface of emotion. The sexy scenes broke the temperature gage, especially the ones with some of the secondary characters. Overall, I felt I read a fulfilling story with a great balance of elements and nothing in excess. Definitely a writer to follow. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Miss Belle.
Sarah_UK1 More than 1 year ago
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Pocket Star and Edelweiss.) The last thing Connie Chatterly was expecting at her graduation party was for her boyfriend to announce that his company needed to move to Silicon Valley, and that he wanted her to go with him. Leaving behind New York, her place at Art College, and her friends and family, Connie finds herself not waking until noon, and with nothing to do, getting a little fat. Things with her boyfriend Cliff aren’t going well either. He spends every waking moment at the office, and when he comes home, he takes his laptop and i-phone to bed with him. Even worse, they haven’t had sex in weeks, and when Connie tries to make a move, Chris loses his er… mojo and blames it on stress. Connie wants sex though. She wants to feel wanted and beautiful, she wants to feel like she matters to someone, and when she sees a sexy trainer at the gym – Mr. HTFU (Harder The F*ck Up), it’s suddenly him that she’s fantasising about in the shower. Connie doesn’t want to cheat on Cliff though, she loves him, but how long can she go without feeling wanted? And is Mr. HTFU too good to resist? This story is a retelling of Lady Chatterley’s lover, a book that I have always wondered about but never read. I debated whether I wanted to read this one or not, but eventually curiosity won out, and I decided to pick it up. The story is mainly told from Connie’s point of view, and I quickly started to love her and know exactly what she was going through. Poor Connie was basically ignored by Cliff while he was doing major work to make his company a global name, and having left New York and her whole life behind for him, Connie had nothing to occupy her time. Even worse was the fact that even when she put in the effort and tried to spend time with him, or took an opportunity to try and make love with him, he ultimately…. Um, deflated! And their passions were brought to an untimely end. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Connie, and it was obvious that she was doing her best to try and save their relationship. When her sister recommended that she just find someone else to occupy her time, Connie argued and said that she wasn’t going to cheat, but ultimately, she needed some attention. Cliff was pretty focused on his company, which I totally understood, but at the same time he was letting his relationship die. The relationship really needed a little bit of effort from him to keep it going, but he just wasn’t paying Connie any attention at all. Mr. HTFU was very sexy, and it was easy to see why Connie began thinking about him, even though cheating is not the answer to relationship problems. I really liked the way this story was written, and found it really compelling and difficult to put down. There was constant tension in Connie’s relationship with Cliff, and the constant question over what Connie was going to do next, and whether anything was going to happen with Connie’s personal trainer! This story is told in a series of novellas, and this one ends on a very sexy note which definitely leaves you wanting the next book!!! Overall; a well-written, slightly-erotic contemporary romance novella, that will leave you wanting more. 8 out of 10.
AGoodell More than 1 year ago
WOW!!!!  A quick 80 page read, I was hooked with in the first few pages and wasn't let go until I finished part III and that's only because part IV isn't out yet! These books are about the life of Connie and her struggles to move from NYC and a give up something she loves for the man she's "in love" with. And move to CA with no life/family or friends and the man ignoring her in and out of the bed room. Throw in a conniving bee-atch, power hunger money man, the HOTTEST Marine on the planet and screwed up sister and you have one of the best series of novella you will read. PERIOD! Ms. Belle's story telling is amazing.  
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
~Reviewed by FRANCESCA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog "HUNGRY is real and thanks to Ms. Belle's smooth storytelling I dove in completely into Connie's mind and story. " ~Under the Covers I was a bit unprepared by what I would find in this story. Sometimes it's better going in blind and I'll admit the only thing I looked at about this book was the "modern day re-telling of Lady Chatterley's Lover". Miss Chatterley is the story of Connie Chatterley. Originally from New York, living in the city with her boyfriend, she is suddenly faced with a big decision and a huge lifestyle change. Her boyfriend, Cliff, created Chatterbox, think Twitter, and is offered a huge deal by an investor in his company which forces him to move to Palo Alto, CA. Of course he wants his girlfriend to follow. But after the big move, Cliff is engrossed in work and leaves Connie a bit unhappy. HUNGRY tells us about Connie's struggles while her relationship is in a slump and how she must either follow her heart or go after what she needs. I was captivated from the start. HUNGRY is real and thanks to Ms. Belle's smooth storytelling I dove completely into Connie's mind and story. Her struggles felt real and I was torn about her decisions, much as she was. MISS CHATTERLEY will be a serial, and considering some people are not huge fans of the term, at least consider that this story is told in only 4 parts. But be warned, Ms. Belle knows hot to keep you coming back. The master at end of part cliffhangers, this one might also leave you crying for the next one! Me personally? CANNOT WAIT! *ARC provided by publisher
Romance_Readers_Bookshelf More than 1 year ago
I had not read Mrs Chatterly's lover and I was reluctant to read this story because I didn't want to find a stuffy classic. Boy, was I delighted to find that this story, while basically the same, has no regency old world feel. I really liked this short (80 page) story about Connie Chatterly (Mrs. Chatterly) and her boyfriend Cliff. Connie is told unexpectedly on her birthday that Cliff needs to move to NYC. I must say that I applaud her moving to New York with Cliff, but I became frustrated with Cliff after she moves and he becomes totally involved with working with his assist Ivy. Connie is left on her own trying to find her place in a strange, big city while Cliff is at work more and more. I really empathized with her. I got frustrated with the way Cliff is treating her after she sacrificed so much for him. I wanted to hit Cliff for conveniently needing to spend so much time with work and Ivy. When Connie begins to venture out and she meets Oliver, a personal trainer who is willing to help her -work out-, who can blame her for trying to alleviate her loneliness. I understood her wanting to working out/ exercise with a hot guy who pays her attention. The story ends right when you want to know more. I can't wait to read the next part. Will these two save their broken relationship? Will Connie get the attention and exercise she desperately needs? I HAVE to get the next three book because the story is too good to not find out! This book is worth it! I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book Reviews This is the first book in a four part series. I was told this was a retelling of Lady Chatterley's Lover, which I know nothing about. So with that said, I didn't know what to expect. The blurb itself didn't help me, which is fine since sometimes I like to go into books blind. Connie Chatterley has been dating her boyfriend Cliff for about four years. Cliff is uber smart and dropped out of college to start a company called Chatterbox. I guess it's something like Twitter, only better. Things for Cliff and Connie start to go astray on the night of her college graduation party. Cliff shows up well past the start and announces that he needs to move from New York to Silicon Valley for his company. He wants Connie to go with him, disregarding her future plans. Reluctantly, Connie agrees to go with him. But life for Connie gets worse in CA. She has no job and no friends. Pretty depressing for anyone. But things are about to get worse. Cliff becomes more and more absorbed by his business that he has little or no time for Connie. He doesn't even seem to recognize what position she's in. Honestly, it's like she's not even there. As a way to get out and about she goes to a gym where she meets Oliver Mellors, an extreme fitness coach. Connie starts to fantasize about her and Oliver. Having a fantasy is okay, right? Miss Chatterley, Part I: Hungry is the setup for the rest of the series. It's a story of what happens when one girl feels she's pushed to the edge and does something she never thought she would. Oh. There's also a cliffhanger.... At the worst possible moment. I mean a OH MY FREAKING G**, I can’t believe that just happened moment and cliffhanger. Luckily, all the books are out, so I just have to grab the next one. Source: Author
Anonymous More than 1 year ago