Miss Chatterley, Part II: Dirty

Miss Chatterley, Part II: Dirty

by Logan Belle

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ISBN-13: 9781476731285
Publisher: Pocket Star
Publication date: 05/20/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 80
Sales rank: 1,077,886
File size: 926 KB

About the Author

Logan Belle is the pen name for Jamie Brenner, who grew up in Main Line Philadelphia on a steady diet of Judith Krantz, Jackie Collins, and Aaron Spelling. Her novels include Miss Chatterley, a modern day re-telling of D.H. Lawrence’s erotic classic Lady Chatterley’s Lover, as well as the erotic romance Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian, and the burlesque trilogy Blue Angel. She is the author of the novel The Gin Lovers, chosen by Fresh Fiction as one of the Top 13 Books to read in 2013. Logan Belle’s novels have been translated into a dozen languages and have been praised by Romantic Times as “sexy and fun!” She lives in Manhattan, where she is busy raising two daughters who aren’t yet allowed to read her books. Visit her at: JamieBrenner.com.

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Miss Chatterley, Part II: Dirty 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book Reviews Strangely, I’m kind of starting to like cliffhangers. In the second installment of the Miss Chatterley series, you get a little bit more of the deceitfulness and underhanded methods of Ivy Bolton, Cliff's assistant and right hand, and Tommy Dukes, the Goldman Sachs guy who wants to take Chatterbox public with its IPO. Without giving away too much, these are two people I'm hoping get their just desserts, but in a very bad way. Cliff himself seems to be a little adorable, in that there is so much going on around him, that he doesn't see anything. He's starting to realize he's taking Connie for granted. He tries to make it all up to her, but with him, work just keeps coming first. Connie, for her part is someone you just want to smack and tell to get a grip. I can understand and appreciate her overall underlying issue of being all alone in another state, with her boyfriend not paying her any attention and most of the time not even acknowledging her existence. She really needs to figure out what she wants. For me, she's bordering on someone I can't stand. Thankfully, the ending of this book doesn't make me want to scream, as the ending of Hungry did. I'm looking forward to seeing how this series ends. Up next, is Torn. And the name, I'm sure is going to say it all. Source: Author
ElaineSay More than 1 year ago
Logan Belle has me hooked on Miss Chatterley! Connie is now struggling between her new passion with Oliver and her relationship with Cliff. Connie tries to be a good girl and get over Oliver but she isn't able to overcome how he makes her feel physically. Cliff is a genius so he knows that his relationship isn't what it should be. He tries but like all geniuses focus can be an issue. To make matters worse Ivy Bolton and Tommy Dukes team up! Which can only mean bad news for Cliff and Connie. I thought Part I Hungry left you wanting more Part II Dirty has a cliffhanger at the end that leaves you needing MORE!
XxTainaxX More than 1 year ago
Logan Belle has written an amazing four part story that had me riveted to my seat until I was done reading. Connie Chatterley is a conflicted character and the writing conveys the emotion realistically making the Connie relatable to the reader even though we may not agree with her actions. She is flawed, but who isn’t. The story speaks to a deep loneliness and the mistakes we make when we don’t communicate effectively with our partners. It speaks to trust in people that only think of their own interests. It speaks to deep relationships as well as ones that are carnal and don’t even touch the surface of emotion. The sexy scenes broke the temperature gage, especially the ones with some of the secondary characters. Overall, I felt I read a fulfilling story with a great balance of elements and nothing in excess. Definitely a writer to follow. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Miss Belle.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
~Reviewed by FRANCESCA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog “Ms. Belle knows how to end a part with a hook that will leave you running to grab the next part.” ~Under the Covers Things are heating up in Silicone Valley! After the big cliffhanger from the first part, where we found that Connie finally gave in to her needs, at least physical ones, we now deal with the sort of aftermath of that first encounter. Cheating is always a touchy subject for me, but the author does a great job at making you feel like Connie. She gave up her whole life to follow her boyfriend’s dream, moved to a new city for him and now he kind of left her stranded and unattended. All things that will put a strain on any relationship. Even though Connie’s mind wants to struggle and stop the affair, her physical attraction to Mellors is too great and they are sure to heat up the pages of this part with raw passion and lust. This might be the part where I am just as confused as to what I want the outcome of this story be as Connie probably is. All the while we have the side stories. I love being able to glimpse this story from different perspectives. Not just the heroine and the hero, but also the ever nosy personal assistant that wants nothing more than to get rid of Connie. As always, Ms. Belle knows how to end a part with a hook that will leave you running to grab the next part. Good thing there are only 4 parts so only one more cliffhanger in my future. *ARC provided by publisher
AGoodell More than 1 year ago
WOW!!!!  A quick 80 page read, I was hooked with in the first few pages and wasn't let go until I finished part III and that's only because part IV isn't out yet! These books are about the life of Connie and her struggles to move from NYC and a give up something she loves for the man she's "in love" with. And move to CA with no life/family or friends and the man ignoring her in and out of the bed room. Throw in a conniving bee-atch, power hunger money man, the HOTTEST Marine on the planet and screwed up sister and you have one of the best series of novella you will read. PERIOD! Ms. Belle's story telling is amazing. Part II is they are now living in CA and Connie is hating it. This one really gets into the characters how they tick, why they do what they do. It's amazing that Ms. Belle can get such in-depth information in such a limited frame with out feeling rushed!