Miss Chinn's Extraordinary School for Death Mentors

Miss Chinn's Extraordinary School for Death Mentors

by Ned Wolf


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Throughout the ages, many of the living have been deeply troubled by death. We have been taught to fear dying. Our mythologies and superstitions portray the supposed end of life as fearsome, capricious and monstrous. And yet…it has been said by sages that death is the last great enemy to be overcome.

Throughout the ages, there have walked among us those who willingly have extended their lifetimes. They have remained beyond their allotted span within the web of human incarnations in order to be of assistance to those troubled when passing into the great beyond.

And throughout the ages, there have been institutions to help educate those of us who wish to guide the dying through the process of going home gently, lovingly and playfully. Miss Chinn’s Extraordinary School is such a place.

These are the tales of a beloved veteran death mentor who, in his final days of service is assigned to provide a guidebook for initiates wishing to enter their apprenticeships.

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ISBN-13: 9781733540629
Publisher: Therapeutae Press
Publication date: 03/28/2019
Pages: 228
Sales rank: 825,982
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Ned Wolf lives in Northern Arizona on the banks of twin lakes that overlook a national forest. His career as an author, mediator, family counsellor and natural healer spans the past three decades. He is a tennis enthusiast, pursues his passion for playing and singing music, and enjoys caring for the wide variety of wildlife that come calling at his back door. He teaches classes in dowsing, counseling and several modalities of energy healing. An avid student of Jane Roberts' Seth books, he enjoys dreamtime work along with the blossoming of new and unique creative expressions.

Table of Contents

Prologue / 1

Lesson One: Miss Chinn / 5

Lesson Two: Your Apprenticeship / 16

Lesson Three: Cardinal Enricho’s Hadean Reality / 30

Lesson Four: Miss Chinn’s Monthly Tutorials / 37

Lesson Five: Intermediate/Advanced Mentoring / 47

Lesson Six: Taljung’s Refuge on Cape Knox / 64

Lesson Seven: Glenda and Emmalina / 77

Lesson Eight: The Romulus Case / 98

Lesson Nine: Locating Tristan in Last Chance Lovers / 119

Lesson Ten: Rachael the Tailor / 133

Lesson Eleven: Family Scoundrels / 150

Lesson Twelve: Portia and Wilhelm’s Many

Expressions of Stubbornness / 162

Lesson Thirteen: Learning that Spans Lifetimes / 173

Lesson Fourteen: Wilhelm’s Disappointment / 186

Epilogue / 199

Afterwords / 211

Glossary / 213

The Tutorial Index / 215

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