by John Murphy


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The Carthenogens, "saviors" from another planet, assumed total control of Earth by preaching peace. Eighteen-year-old Vaughn Killian, son of the US ambassador to Thailand, knows otherwise; they killed his parents, forcing him to survive as a rebel for two hellish years in a purge of Bangkok.

Now millions are dead and thousands are disappearing in massive airlifts every day, and Killian saw it all. The almond-eyed tyrants have a stranglehold on that information, all militaries, and the world at large.

Killian is determined to "resist to the death" and seizes the opportunity to join Black Saber, an elite cadre formed to oppose Carthenogen tyranny. To qualify, he and eleven other candidates must undergo a trial mission on Planet Veritas, a rugged mining outpost where the atmosphere makes people reveal their true selves. Killian must keep his past a secret at the risk of imprisonment. It's a hard thing to do with a body full of scars-especially when Stiles Kerrington, an entitled son of a former US vice president, has singled him out for disqualification. If he fails the mission and can't continue the fight, he'll be jailed while the docile population on Earth is consumed, one city at a time.

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ISBN-13: 9781620156957
Publisher: Libertary Co.
Publication date: 02/21/2015
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.74(d)

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Mission Veritas: Black Saber - Book One 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
martins4unc More than 1 year ago
Mission Veritas by John Murphy is an action packed science fiction thriller that takes place in the year 2076. Earth has been taken over by the Carthenogens and billions of humans have been killed and many taken in to slavery. In an effort to fight back, the humans devise a training program on the planet Veritas to develop an elite team known as the Black Saber. Led by Commander Burdette, twelve candidates are taken to planet Veritas and given 72 hours to complete a mission. Only the strongest and toughest will become members of the Black Saber team. The candidates consist of 5 females and 7 males. They are from different backgrounds, race and social status. They all accepted the challenge to become a Black Saber for different reasons. Some of them chose to enter the program to create their own identity and to please their parents, while others used it as a rebellion against following the path that their parents chose for them. John Killian was there because he had a secret vendetta. He looked forward to the day when he could avenge his family’s death by destroying the Carthenogens. The book takes us through the grueling 72 hour mission where tempers flare, communication is lost, and disasters happen. The candidates face many tests and hardships along the way and some of them can not keep up and drop out of the mission. I really enjoyed this book. Even though I am not usually a fan of science fiction I found the story very entertaining and read it in one sitting. The plot of the story is very realistic even though it is set in the future. The pictures that the author includes in the book enhance the story tremendously. The 3-D graphics are great! The characters are very detailed with very life like features. The planets are brilliant in color and give you an authentic feel for outer space. The spaceships are intricately designed and you can tell the author put a lot of time and effort in to the photos. They are very unique and the 3-D imagery helps the reader feel apart of the story. The 3-D graphics bring reading books in to the new era of computer technology. It is definitely an added bonus in entertaining the younger reader. The author’s target audience is geared toward males 15 to 25 but I think that it would appeal to all ages from young adult (15) on up, female as well as male. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I look forward to reading more books by John Murphy in the future.
D_Donovan More than 1 year ago
How do you take control of a planet without violence? By advocating peace. The only problem is: when you kill in the name of peace, someone will know. And even if that person is only a teenager, he holds the potential for bringing the whole system down. Mission Veritas is a riveting blend of military fiction and space invader drama, and while the main protagonist is a teenager, to call this 'young adult' reading or limit its audience to teens would be wrong on so many levels. Adults will find it equally captivating; especially as action involves Vaughn's entry into an elite group of resisters known as Black Saber, who train their members on a rugged planet, Veritas, where secrets are hard to keep.  Most 'military science fiction' is fairly one-dimensional when it comes to characterization: the fact that the protagonists in Mission Veritas are realistically presented makes its story line more absorbing than the majority of military sci-fi genre reads.   How does a participant with a vested interest in hiding undertake a mission purported to reveal all? That's one of the central themes of Mission Veritas, and one that fuels the action as candidates discover the real truth behind Veritas during a mission that will provide readers with many action-packed and unexpected moments.
RR-BestsellingAuthor More than 1 year ago
Great storyline….Captures attention right away Not a big sci-fi reader but picked this novel up after the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend.  I really enjoyed reading this book – it went by too fast.  It’s extremely hard to create an alien world that people  can envision, but isn’t so overwhelming in descriptions that you get lost with too many details. This author brings us into the future in a perfect mix of descriptions and metaphors you can easily grasp.   He allows you to “see” the new worlds and get involved with the main character Killian quickly. Killian’s cushy life comes to a crashing halt and the story that follows is engaging and very interesting. You will grow to care about this guy. And he goes through a lot! There are other important characters you’ll meet and they all seem real. I enjoyed the characters and their encounters. An added bonus is that the author  has created these amazing graphics that accompany this novel on his website - definitely check that out.  You can keep the characters images in your head as you read—it’s a cool feature.  When I finished the novel, and had turned the last page I immediately thought – I can’t wait for book two! 
acesrwild777 More than 1 year ago
Mission Veritas, by John Murphy, is a wickedly entertaining and action filled sci-fi book that takes place in the future year of 2076. Here Earth has been commandeered by Carthenogens and billions of humans have been murdered along the way, with numerous humans enslaved. Black Saber has been established as an elite military team (think Marines with a sci-fi twist) to take back Earth. Black Saber is comprised of 12 candidates with various backgrounds and it was enjoyable to read all the different motivations to join this elite group. The book covers the time span of only 72 hours which are pumped full of adrenaline and interjecting humor. The main character is Killan and he faces the hardest challenges of all, including banishment from the group at one point. I felt this book was very believable due to its courageous members who work together, and singularly, to complete missions just like I imagine our military does. The plot is well developed, and while I found it semi-predictable I don't feel that deterred me at all from wanting to know if I was right and finding out what really was about to happen. I thought it was scattered with unique aspects such as a "truth-serum" atmosphere, and I really appreciate the author's originality. I thought this book had a little "Ender's Game and Hunger Games (the second book)" in it and thoroughly enjoyed the unique plot. I loved the personnel list provided for the reader in the beginning of the book which helped me keep all the characters differentiated. The rank list also provided was extremely beneficial to me (someone who has no idea about military hierarchy). The dialogue is great and really spurs the story along and brings a group feel to the story, which is great since the book is centered around getting a group, Earth's only hope, to work together. I think the target audience is teenagers both male and female, because though the main character is male there are strong female supporters along the way. While reading this book I couldn't help but thinking it could be made into a video game (or at least the mission part like in Halo or Gears of War). The graphics included in the book really enhanced the reading experience and brought much of what I was reading to life. It was nice to visually see what the author had envisioned while writing. I look forward to reading more from John Murphy.
FreemanWriting More than 1 year ago
John Murphy’s Mission Veritas is great Scifi story set in the year 2076, where the planet Earth is enslaved by the Carthenogens. The Carthenogens are an alien species bent on the destruction of humanity - at least as long as enough humans remain to serve their purposes. To fight back, the humans developed a special ops program called Black Saber, which promises to cultivate the toughest and most resilient recruits to bring the fight back to the Carthenogens once and for all. I found this book to be a smooth read, and the numerous 3D illustrations made story visualizations all the easier - it is apparent that John Murphy spared no expense in their creation, much to the benefit of the readers. The plot flowed well, and the characters took on a life of their own as the book progressed. If I had one criticism about this book, it would be that the roles are so well assumed by each character that I already had a strong impression of where the main plot was going before each subsequent development occurred. That being said, the story was still a new scifi that was well worth the read. Mission Veritas takes the reader into emotionally tense and extraordinary places, where humanity's best are given their greatest opportunities to shine – or to die in the attempt. On a scale of 5 stars, I think that Mission Veritas rates at least 4, and I’m looking forward to sharing this book with my 10 year old son, who is a very advanced reader, and my scifi-loving dad, who got me hooked on this genre about the same time I began chewing solid food. I think that both of them would absolutely LOVE this read!