Mister Tender's Girl: A Novel

Mister Tender's Girl: A Novel

by Carter Wilson


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ISBN-13: 9781492656500
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 02/13/2018
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 317,724
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Carter Wilson is the USA Today-bestselling author of THE COMFORT OF BLACK, which won the Colorado Book Award, the International Book Award, and the National Indie Excellence Award. His thrillers have received critical acclaim, including multiple starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal. He resides outside of Boulder, Colorado. Visit him at www.carterwilson.com

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Mister Tender's Girl: A Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
DKnight15 More than 1 year ago
Holy page turner, Batman. So many plot twists and turns. The suspense had me staying up late so I could read more, especially once I got to the third part of the book. It makes you wonder what one would do in a similar situation. I was so worried when Alice went to visit the twins. Jack was so creepy, he made me shudder with disgust. Did not see what happened with Brenda coming. Hope Richard turned out to be a good guy and her brother Thomas is able to turn things around. Would love to see a sequel. I feel invested in these characters at this point. I look forward to reading other books by this same author. Hope the tv series gets picked up.
toReadistoEscape 11 days ago
My interest in this book oscillated from engrossed to unsettling. This was a little too dark and graphic for me. I was very surprised to find out that this book was based on a true event, “The Slender Man Stabbing”. The Main character, Alice made some choices I found hard to validate. Alices mother was a character I didn’t think was well developed or believable. Without giving spoilers, the timeline of the characters birthday and their memories of what went on did not add up for me. In my opinion, the brother should have been the older sibling. That would have helped to make sense of it all. I received this galley from NetGalley.
Katie__B 4 months ago
3.5 stars The book isn't perfect but man it was a page-turner! I couldn't get enough of this creepy story with messed-up characters. The story was inspired by the real-life Slender Man case in which two 12 year old girls stabbed their classmate claiming the fictional character made them do it. In this book, Alice Hill was brutally attacked by twin girls when she was fourteen. The girls say Mister Tender convinced them to stab Alice. Mister Tender though is just a character in the graphic novels Alice's father has created. Soon after the stabbing, Alice moves to the United States for a fresh start. Years later, Alice has changed her name and has tried to forget her past but she finds out someone is watching her. It becomes quite obvious that someone knows all about her past and that person sure isn't going to let her forget it. There's definitely a horror type aspect to the story that is in part because it was inspired by real life events and also because the author just does a good job in creating this creepy atmosphere. It feels weird to say this is an entertaining story because it is definitely is a disturbing tale but I was really into the whole mystery of who was watching Alice and why. At times I did question if certain actions were believable or not but in the end just decided to just go with it because the real life Slender Man case is so bizarre to begin with, I guess just about anything is possible. Overall, I was pleased this turned out to be a pretty decent read.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I throughly enjoyed this book! What a great subject for a novel! Loved Alice.
Booklover225 8 months ago
Mister Tender's Girl is a psychological thriller that you won't soon forget. From page one on you can't begin to understand all Alice has endured in her young life but it isn't ending she can't get on with her life as she wants because the past is catching up and trying to ruin her. Can she remain sane with all the insane happenings around her? Can she help her brother get away from a mother who just may be crazy herself? Will she find out who is following her and what they want? You won't want to put it down but I warn you it will bring you down. What a marvelous writer who knows the mind so well he can put this together and come out making you think and dwell on the ending forever. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. I give the writer five stars for excellent writing, imagine anyone going through so much and learning such a valuable lesson in the end. If you like dark mysteries a good book for you.
mroberts307 More than 1 year ago
I haven't read too many thrillers based on real life events so I was really curious about this one. It's based on the Slender Man stabbing, where two 12 year old girls were arrested for stabbing another girl 19 times as a tribute to the internet meme "The Slender Man". I'm not super into gory/horror type books but this one was definitely more psychological thriller then horror genre. The good: Fast paced, short chapters, twists and turns, and a creepy element (the character finds out she is being stalked) that has you always looking over your shoulder and questioning if someone is following you too! The bad: A bit gory for my liking- this one is definitely on the dark and disturbing side! Also, I was a BIT underwhelmed by the ending- I was left feeling sort of like "OH! It's over?" Overall, 3.5 stars.
Jill-Elizabeth_dot_com More than 1 year ago
I read it in a marathon over a couple of days (I don't get hours and hours at a time to read anymore, Life constantly interferes, so my marathons these days are longer than they used to be) and the creepy feeling of being watched never left me from the first pages to the last! Carter Wilson has created a seriously creepy tale of paranoia, fear, love, trust, and twisted emotion that was a marvelous read full of spiderweb corners and pictures with eyes that follow you around the room. The inspiration (the Slender Man killing) offered an eerie background fog; Wilson's version of a similarly-inspired attack whispers in the dark, creating a chilling sensation that something is coming, you just never know quite when or how. Then - BAM! - it hits, and everything is thrown into violent technicolor upheaval. Just when it seems like poor Alice is finally getting a grasp on things - BAM! BAM! - another one-two punch comes along to knock her off-kilter... She manages to remain standing (no small feat, that) and Wilson manages to keep both the knocks and the stand-stills engaging, entertaining, and page-turning (again, no small feat). It's not for the faint of heart. There's a LOT of truly gruesome bits here, as well as an atmospheric creep-factor that is almost off the charts. The book brings to life not only Mister Tender and his graphic form of evil, but also the less obvious but no less insidious forms that are found lurking in the constantly-watching, constantly-connected modern technological era as well - and at times, it is difficult to say which creeped me out more. This was a great, quick read full of surprises, shadows and switchbacks - I'll be watching for more from Carter Wilson, and so should you! My review copy was provided by BookishFirst.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The writing just drew me in. The characters were so finely drawn. The story had me reading late into the night.
The Eclectic Review More than 1 year ago
"My father created Mister Tender, and Mister Tender nearly killed me." This book is 60 chapters of bone chilling twists and turns! Not only is it a terrifying thought that people can be so obsessed to kill because of a fictional character, but it is absolutely incredible that this story is based on a true crime. Alice is a strong, but fragile character. I felt her fear and paranoia and then her anger and resolve to not be the victim anymore. The events leading up to the finale are excruciatingly intense and this book is the epitome of what a psychological thriller should be. If you like fast-paced, psychological thrillers with some graphic depictions, this one is for you.
csmmom More than 1 year ago
Loosely based on the Slenderman story, this book gives you the creeps as you try to figure out how a drawn image can have so much influence on people. As you continue to check around for a stalker that is watching your every move, you are also trying to determine who it is and how they know so much about a past that you have kept hidden for years. I loved this book. I was equal parts creeped out and intrigued. I would put the book down to take a breathe and immediately would want to keep reading it. I have finished it a few days ago now and I can’t stop thinking about it and recommending it to those who love the horror genre.
TheBookLife More than 1 year ago
Alice Hill was attacked by two of her classmates who claim they were following orders from Mister Tender, a fictional character from her fathers graphic novels. Alice is now living in New Hampshire as Alice Gray, owner of a coffee shop trying to forget the past. Until Mister Tender returns. This book was quite the thriller, each chapter ending leaving the reader wanting more! Most of the twists I didn't see coming, the fact that it is based on the true events of the Slender Man case adds some darkness to the overall book. My only gripe is that all the suspense building in the first 90% of the book was so intense and edge of the seat, that the final blow out at the end fell short. I was certainly surprised at who the reveal was but the entire scene was anything but intense.
xokristim More than 1 year ago
I thought the cover of this one had just the right amount of creepiness to draw you in to picking up the book, because once you read the synopsis I feel like there is no way you wouldn’t want to devour this book. I like that the author talked a bit about her brother having Lyme Disease and Bipolar Disorder. It really added something in for me to learn more about, and I loved the way it was explained. I could relate to Alice on so many levels, especially her panic attacks. They were extremely similar to the ones I suffer from. There was a quote said during a scene where Alice is having a panic attack. “There is nothing in this world more trapping thank one’s own mind.” I felt it such a powerfully perfect quote when dealing with panic. I found that the descriptions of her panic attacks were so real I could feel myself actually getting anxious for her at times. This is because I’ve been there so many times and it really just hit home. I found myself not trusting any of the side characters, there was not one that I wasn’t weary of. I enjoyed the fact that there wasn’t a romance as a focal point of the story. It really sets it apart from the thrillers where there is some sort of romantic savior. There was a lot going on throughout the story, I feel like it really added to the twists because there were more details to be sorted out. I was surprised during each of the twists and turns, and there was no lack of them. I had a hard time seeing any of them coming, and I feel like that really makes a good thriller! I like the way everything was pulled together at the end, it left me not having to question any loose ends, which is what I look for in a standalone book. This author is an absolutely amazing storyteller and I will not be missing any of the books he writes.
pattyh58 More than 1 year ago
Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read Mister Tender's Girl. For those who have followed the story of the Slender Man, this book will get you going. A young girl, Alice, is attacked by her classmates and she is severely tramatized by this event. Her life has changed forever. Her father, an author, has written about a fictional character - Mr. Tender. Mr. Tender is a graphic novel character and although he is not real, many young people follow him.... Fast forward 10 years later, her past is again haunting her. She has tried to put a horrific event in her past, but that's not going to happen. Someone knows about what happened to her and they are about to make her life change - not for the better! More a YA but scary and dark. good read.
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks More than 1 year ago
Mister Tender's Girl started off strong and finished with a deflated bang. Alice Hill was attacked by twin girls who were influenced by Alice's father's hit graphic novel character, Mister Tender. Over the years, the tragedy haunted Alice and destroyed her family. Now living in America, her brother is in his twenties but still dependent on their mother, and though Alice has her own business she suffers from panic attacks and paranoia. The premise of the story is what drew me in. The first few chapters intrigued me and made me think Alice was a flawed, but kick-butt character who rose from the ashes of a tragedy and learned to survive. Well, that's only partially true. When an unpublished and unfinished copy of a Mister Tender graphic novel turns up in her coffee shop, Alice learns that though she changed her name and moved across the pond, she's not as under the radar as she thinks. Trouble has been following her all along and now it seems that Mister Tender has found her. A series of events put Alice in a hard place and she flounders until she decides to seek out the identity of this character who doesn't exist in real life. The search is fruitless and it's only at the near end of the novel that a real clue appears. The story rambled to a conclusion that was quite blah. It came to a screeching halt after a fast-paced scene that was rushed and equally disappointing. Questions were definitely answered, but after making it this far into the story without giving up hope that it would surprise me, I expected a bit more from this big confrontation. I didn't get a sense of being drawn in and intrigued as the story progressed. I just wanted to get to the bottomline of the story and everything in between was just filler. I didn't hate Mister Tender's Girl, it just didn't turn out to be the story I expected. *Review copy provided via BookishFirst*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alice has overcome so much in her life. As a young child being stabbed by her classmates that were infatuated with a fictional character that Alice's father created was horrifying. As the book goes on you discover that there are many layers to Alice's story that unfold after the tragedy. I found myself invested in her character and rooting for her to be alright through the roller coasters that await in this novel. What a remarkable book! The story was such an incredible read. From the moment that I started the book, I struggled to pull myself away from it. Just as the reader gets an answer to one question, another one is waiting. I found myself on edge and wanting to read through chapter after chapter to see what was going to happen.
BitesizesunshineSS More than 1 year ago
I could not stop reading Carter Wilson's Mister Tender's Girl. I was given the opportunity to read a short preview via the BookishFirst program and was beyond excited to have won a copy of the book from them. Mister Tender's Girl is a fast-paced thriller full of psychological twists and turns, leaving both the main character, Alice, and the reader wondering who can be trusted until the very end of the book. When Alice was a young teenager, her father was famous for having created a cult-favorite graphic novel series called Mister Tender, based on bedtime stories he used to tell Alice and her brother when they were little kids. He had no idea how popular the evil character would become, or that his daughter would almost lose her life because of him. Alice was nearly stabbed to death by two twin sisters, her classmates, who claim Mister Tender encouraged them to kill her as their price for fame. Alice survives, yet her family falls apart. Now that she is an adult and has since moved to a completely different continent, one would think Alice could finally move on with her life. However, her past isn't far behind her -- she is being stalked, watched day and night, as she is taunted with the darkness of her past. Who is after her? What do they want? And who is Mr. Interested?
Theologiczero More than 1 year ago
What lengths would you go to, to gain control of your life? Would you be willing to uncover dark secrets that should probably stay covered for the betterment (and survival) of everyone involved? What or who would you be willing to sacrifice for your own sanity? And who could you trust, as you unravel mystery after mystery; knowing full well that you could forever alter your relationship with those you are closest too? Poor Alice. She is just trying to live her life as best she can. It's not her fault she was stabbed by two sociopaths when they were all teenagers. It's not her fault that the Glassin twins were obsessed with Mister Tender, who told the girls to stab Alice. And it's not her fault that her father was the one who created Mister Tender years ago while telling fantastic bedtime stories to her and her brother when they were little. She never stood a chance. But now she is older. Now she can handle herself, or at least is trying too. She has put herself through many self-defense classes. She moved away from her suffocating mother and runs her own coffee shop. Sure, she doesn't have a relationship or any friends, but who could blame her after what happened to her when she was 14? It's just safer that way. Or is it? Mister Tender, it seems, is back. But how can a fictional character created during a bedtime story come back to threaten every barrier Alice has built up for herself? How can she fight a monster that doesn't exist? And what does her dead father's message mean when she finds it in a book that was sent to her years after he passed away? This fast-paced thriller will keep you turning page after page as you try to figure out the mystery within the mystery with Alice. You will get sucked into a haunting story that will grip you until the very last page. And, if you are lucky, you will finally understand why Alice's dad warned her to never trust anybody.
judgie39 More than 1 year ago
Mister Tender's Girl, by Carter Wilson, is a roller coaster of a novel. The story is loosely based on the Slender Man attack, but other than a stabbing and the character of Mister Tender being similar to Slender Man, that is where the similarities end. When she was 14, Alice Hill was attacked by twin classmates. The girls claimed the fictional character, Mister Tender, told them to attack Alice. The irony is Alice's father created the wildly popular graphic novel character. Now Alice is an adult. She owns her own business and has worked hard to put her past behind her, but someone is not willing to let that happen. Alice feels that someone is watching her. People from her past return and upset her new life and bring about new questions. Mister Tender's Girl is a disturbing page-turner that will keep you up at night. Many questions arise throughout the novel and you need to wait until the very end for all to be answered.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this story a lot because of the concept, the fact that it was based in real life (Slenderman), and the way the story is crafted to keep you guessing. It is difficult for me to give it four stars though because I never really identified with any of the characters. They were never inspiring enough for me to feel attached to; if anything they made annoyingly inexplicable and/or bad decisions repeatedly without a thought towards the consequences. This made the story seem a little too unreal. The ending also felt rushed and left more loose ends than I would have liked.
Candice_S More than 1 year ago
Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Mister Tender's Girl is a truly original take on the stalker/mystery genre, done in a very easy to read, absorbing and fast paced way. Alice Hill was viciously attacked and left to die when she was 14 years old. Her attackers were two classmates, who believed that Alice was meant to be sacrificed to Mister Tender - except Mister Tender isn't real, rather, he's the lead character in the graphic novels that Alice's father wrote. Over a decade later Alice is working to live a normal life. But there is someone who has been watching Alice, and who is determined for her to understand that she can never outrun her past, or Mister Tender. This book is inspired by the true events surrounding the Slender Man case in the US several years back - and that similarity makes it all the more creepy to read. Carter Wilson did a terrific job of piecing the story out in quick, short, bite sized chapters that keep you on the edge of your seat, and flying through the book. He also created a highly atmospheric and tense setting for the events to unfold - there were parts when I wanted to jump ahead to see what was going to happen, because the tension was getting to me - in the best way possible. It was not till the end that I could see where the twists were leading, but I will admit, I had several theories that were never right, and THAT makes it a great read for me. A terrific mystery drama, especially for those who love books inspired by true events.
WordPassion More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, as outlandish as the events may have been! Poor Alice is stabbed by twin classmates at 14 years old because they fantasize of being famous, egged on by a mysterious person who plays on their fascination with Mr. Tender, a cartoon bartender character created by Alice's father. The event destroys what little happiness the family had in it and her parent's divorce, taking Alice and her younger brother Thomas to America. Alice suffers from severe panic attacks, turning to drugs and witnessing a terrible crime before finally turning her life around. In a twist of 'fate', her father is murdered, stabbed to death, in London and she misses him terribly. When a continuation of the Mr. Tender story, incomplete, lands on her desk with cryptic message to her on the inside cover, sent from London, 3 years after his death? Well, then it gets really interesting. Alice returns to London, on the hunt for someone who is stalking her and dragging old, unwanted people from her past back into her life. When the truth is finally revealed, its more disturbing than she could have imagined. While going perhaps the slightest bit too far in sheer volume of bizarre happenings in Alice's life, it is a gripping tale and will hold you until the very last page!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ashghjdhdkjdfkj. I loved this book so much. I devoured it quickly upon its arrival, and I've been waiting on this book since the first of November last year. If there's a picture description of what an "un-put-downable" book is, then they need to just go right on and slap this book under that picture description. The first bit grips you and doesn't let you go until you've turned the last past. The writing is phenomenal and makes for a fast-paced read. Alice is strong, yet vulnerable, and the writing and story consumes you so much that you can feel yourself in Alice's shoes throughout the story. I love psychological thrillers, and my bar for excellence regarding them is set incredibly high, but this one hit the mark.
jmchshannon More than 1 year ago
There is nothing unique about Mister Tender's Girl, but there is still something compelling about it. Some of it is due to the nature of the crime. Another element is Alice herself. The rest is due to Carter Wilson's ability to write a story. Mister Tender's Girl mimics the real-life Slender Man crime with an added dimension; Mister Tender is the creation of the victim's father. As the story occurs more than a decade after the attack, we see the long-term damage wrought on Alice, her mother, and their family. No one comes through the event unscathed, but the levels of psychological damage in each party is as surprising as it is interesting. In particular, the exploration of guilt and forgiveness - of the girls, of Alice's father - is thought-provoking. Alice is quite the character. What occurred to her that long-ago evening left more than physical scars, and no amount of time will recover what she lost. Nor does it help with the nightmares and flashbacks that cause debilitating anxiety attacks. The one thing Alice has become though is a fighter and not just physically. She knows her weaknesses and never stops attempting to overcome them. Moreover, she has wrested back control of her life from her overbearing mother, from the media, from her assailants, and from wacky fans. Watching her struggle to maintain that control is heartbreaking because every time she succumbs to the panic reaffirms just how thin her veneer of control really is. She is not fragile, as her determination to uncover the truth behind Mister Tender's return confirms. However, the damage resulting from that night never stays far from the alsurface, and Alice's coping mechanisms are not enough to protect her from the flood of emotions and memories Mister Tender's return causes. Mr. Wilson is able to take this psychologically complex story and create one that is difficult to stop reading. He does this by allowing us inside fierce but vulnerable Alice and the effed-up situation in which she finds herself. And the situation is disturbingly odd. There are some twists that take you by surprise and have you questioning everything alongside Alice. He utilizes the setting really well to set the mood and enhance the creep factor, but it is through Alice and her relationships with others where he tugs your heartstrings. In spite of all of this goodness,  Mister Tender's Girl as it draws to a close. Your interest in and sympathy for Alice never waivers. The problem occurs with the identity of Mister Tender and the answers to some long-held questions. What was creepy becomes a bit preposterous, and it takes you right out of the story. Plus, as fantastic as the story is (until the end), it is not very memorable. When working on writing this review several weeks after finishing the novel, I could only remember that I enjoyed reading it but could not recall any details or even the basic plot. Novels like these are not bad things as they serve the purpose of escapist literature, and sometimes you need to escape into a somewhat sinister world of cat and mouse. There is a part of me though that wishes the story would have held strong until the end and been more memorable than it is because I so thoroughly enjoyed reading it. At the end of the day though, Mister Tender's Girl is another example that we cannot always get what we want.
Sensitivemuse More than 1 year ago
This was a really good thrilling read. I enjoyed the twists and the overall feeling of the book really gave you the feeling you were being observed just like Alice felt throughout the novel. Depictions of anxiety, of Alice breaking down and feeling defeated, her constant fear of being watched and followed, there’s a lot of emotions in the book and you can’t blame her as she went through a real rough patch in her past. It’s amazing she’s able to do the things she does (like owning a coffee shop for example). Alice is a very strong and determined character with considerable vulnerabilities. I wasn’t really much into the guessing game as to who’s the one doing the following here. I was much too engrossed on how Alice was faring throughout the story as it seemed she was going to snap at any moment. However, let’s get to the last third of the book. Holy jeez. I don’t even know what to think. You ever get that horrible creepy feeling when you come across something so terrible and bizarre and the only thing you can do is keep reading about it until your curiosity either gets the best out of you and you can’t sleep for the rest of the night or you turn away (but your curiosity hasn’t been satiated and you go back to step one) That’s how I felt while reading the last third of the novel. To even think something like *that* actually exists out there (and worse) is frightening. Now there were some unanswered and strings that weren’t really tied together or finished. Some characters just vanished without a trace and you’re left wondering what’s going to happen to them or if Alice is going to keep in touch with these particular people. Or maybe, Alice is just going to start fresh again ? who knows. I just didn’t like that some of them were just left there forgotten. Other than that little bit, I enjoyed reading this book. You’d be surprised what awful twisted things lurk out there in the world and they’re probably just watching without us even knowing it. Great suspense and thrills. Worth a read!
IrregularReader More than 1 year ago
Fourteen years ago, Alice Hill was brutally attacked by two of her schoolmates, twin girls obsessed with Mister Tender, a demonic bartender character created by Alice’s father. After the attack, her father vowed never to create another Mister Tender graphic novel again. But there are people out there still obsessed with Mister Tender, and Alice, still bearing the physical and emotional scars of her attack, slowly starts to feel he shadowy presence of someone in the background. Someone who knows everything about her past, someone who wants to own her future… First of all: hurray! A psychological thriller that bring me back hope for the genre! If you’ve been following my reviews you’re no doubt aware that I was getting mightily sick of the damaged heroine psycho trope of most thrillers on the market now, looking to pick up some lingering success from Woman on the Train or Gone Girl. Most fall disappointingly short, but Mister Tender’s Girl has that ineffable something, a spark of real suspense and credible characters that make the genre so much fun. It doesn’t hurt that the story is based on a true story, the Slender Man stabbing that took place in Wisconsin in 2014. It might just be me, but the fact that something this messed up has actually happened grounds the story and makes it that much more compelling. Wilson offers us a vastly damaged protagonist in Alice, but her paranoia and PTSD seem to have been earned, rather than tacked on by an author trying to make a main character different. This is a girl who has gone through hell–and has the psychological scars to prove it–yet is trying her best to deal with her past and succeed in the present. The plot twists and turns, as it should, but Wilson is able to keep the plot twists feeling organic. Remember folks, it’s not how many plot twists you have, but how you use them. This is a dark, occasionally grim look at the fragility of a woman who’s life is falling apart, and who may never have been in control of it in the first place. Yet Wilson is able to set this fragility against a determination and strength that may save her, or may hasten her undoing. In short, this book has restored my faith in the psychological thriller genre. An advance copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Bookish First in exchange for an honest review