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Mistletoe Kisses

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Mistletoe Kisses by Christa Maurice, Nancy Stopper, Natalia Banks, Reese Patton

9 brand new reads to get you in the holiday spirit!
Nancy Stopper — One Last Gift — They can’t forget their shared history, but when they see each other again after ten years, can they put the past behind them? Will the Christmas spirit help Jack and Casey find their way back to each other?

Christa Maurice – Celebrating Flora – Wally Kohler’s job is cleaning up after his superstar employers so babysitting Flora Mason after a PR disaster isn’t new, but what he wants for Christmas is a nice girl.

Maria Luis — Hat Trick — Marshall Hunt may be the NHL’s hottest new forward, but this charming playboy wants only one thing for the holidays - a date with the woman who’s had his emotions all tangled up for years.

Reese Patton — The One with the Christmas Trees — When attorney Brandt Hayward is set up with Mallory Davies, on Christmas Eve of all nights, neither has time to date, much less start a relationship. Can Brandt and Mallory find their Christmas miracle under the mistletoe?

Susan Saxx — Real Miracle — Christmas Eve. One night, one last memory to revisit, before he’s off the grid. It won’t take long. And it won’t hurt. Much. Then SHE opens the door…

July Dawson — The Fourteen Days of Christmas — When high school sweethearts are reunited for this Marine’s fourteen days of holiday leave, will she be able to convince him to believe again in love and Christmas magic?

Kimberly Readnour — Bottom of the Ninth, the Novella — When stranded with the girl he stood-up in college, this professional baseball player must redeem his past actions or else lose the one shot at true happiness.

Natalia Banks — No Reservations — Gavin Rossi is an arrogant, conceited restaurateur. No one would ever dream of putting him in his place, until Cindy walks in. Will love break down Gavin’s walls? One thing is for sure, it’ll take a Christmas miracle!

Ev Bishop — Silver Bells — One lonely highway and a brutal snowstorm. Two broken hearts and an accident. Can Bryn and Sean find lasting love in such random, fleeting circumstances?

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ISBN-13: 9781537862019
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication date: 10/16/2017
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,271
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Mistletoe Kisses 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Lashea677 1 days ago
Mistletoe Kisses blends sentiment and wisdom to create an inspiring and unforgettably addictive masterpiece. Nine authors, Nine great stories that span the range between sweet, heat and holiday treat. A bundle of flavorful, colorful and wonderful tales. One Last Gift by Nancy Stopper - Happiness and forgiveness go hand in hand. Jack and Casey were on the verge of ever after. Until heartache came calling. Can some holiday magic and the hands of time allow fate to lead them back to each other? One Last Gift showcases the wonderment of first love, second chances and the healing power of love.
BooksAndSpoons 1 days ago
ONE LAST GIFT BY NANCY STOPPER A poignant and touching story about life, love, family, losses, and forgiveness during Christmas time in Oak Grove. Even though this is a book five in the series, it is a standalone novel, only loosely connected to the first four books in the series. Jack and Casey were young and in love ten years ago until the loss of their baby draws them apart. A successful businessman, Jack has avoided his hometown ever since he left to look for a new beginning, without the hole in his heart the sorrow of losing his child had created. He asked for Casey to go with him, but Casey could not think about leaving her Oak Grove, the town she loved. Ten years of life and living without seeing Casey has been okay for Jack until his father's heart attack forces him to come home and face his past. There is a lot of story and churning emotions fit into the novella. Jack is a good man, he has created a new business and work-filled life away from home. He is successful, responsible, and capable, providing jobs and making a livelihood. He sees his past mistakes and is willing to work on the issues, the hurt, and the healing that is required. Casey is a lovely young woman, who has done her best to overcome the past, the pain, and the loss. She has a new focus in life, she has her place in the town, she is making a good living, with a job she loves, she has her son and she is willing to fight the world to keep him safe and happy. I love how the author, with each story, is willing to dig deep, go to those places in mind and heart that the characters rather would hide, and out the aching feels and fears they hide buried inside. Jack and Casey have to have the tough and difficult conversations with each other. There have to be the airing of the wounds of their hearts for them to heal, and they have to be willing to do the challenging thing, forgiving and learning to move on, to make compromises and sacrifices, to put each other, and the family, first when building up the future. A tender and warm story, a tale of big emotions and passion for life, with Christmassy feels and scenery, the magic of the time for peace and love in the air ~ Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
sbart84 4 days ago
The perfect collection of novellas that will get you in the mood for the holiday season. I have only read One Last Gift by Nancy Stopper and thoroughly enjoyed. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories, and will add to my review as I finish. One Last Gift by Nancy Stopper A tragic incident has Jack leaving Oak Grove to follow his dreams. Ten years later he returns to town when his dad has a heart attack at Christmas time. He soon finds out he left his heart with his former girlfriend, Casey. Can they let the past let go with the magic of Christmas. Great characters, and it was fun reconnecting with former characters. Love holiday romances!!
Ann-maree Howarth 5 days ago
I am still reading my way through this book set but this is my review so far. One Last Gift (book 5 in series) by Nancy Stopper 5 star This is the next book in the Oak Grove series in this great little Christmas box set by 9 great authors. This is a second chance romance about Jack and Casey high school sweethearts torn apart by a command grief. One stayed and One left town but know 10 years later they are both in Oak Grove to help on the Christmas Tree farm for the holidays. I really love this series and this great small town where all the people stick together to help in need or at any time. I received an ARC of this book and have voluntarily written my honest review. This book is not about the Bennet family but you will catch up with them in this book as the author shares and tell us story's about other members of this lovely little community of Oak Grove. Celebrating Flora by Christa Maurice 3.5 stars A sweet romance This is the first book by Christa Maurice that I have read and even though at times I found the flow of this book hard to read, it was a very sweet romance. I found that there were too many names in parts that had my head spinning trying to get the plot of the story. You had a tow characters called Candy and Cindy was confusing at first. Wally Kohler is on babysitting duties for a Hollywood superstar by the name of Flora Mason who has made a nightmare for her PA’s on her last movie. So Wally takes her home with him to the family’s country town in Weaver’s Circle. You can read my full review of these books at www.readingfortheloveofbooks.com
anapjm02 5 days ago
This is a great bundle and has 9 wonderful stories that are so endering and lovely that all you will want is a chaise and a glass of wine to have fun with these lovely couples... 1.) "Celebrating Flora" by Christa Maurice I loved this story, so endering! Wally and Flora's romance is fun! 2.) "One Last Gift" by Nancy Stopper I know Nancy Stopper's books and her Oak Grove series is great! This is the 5th book of the series and I had tissues and tissues after reading it. So emotional! Beautiful book 3.) "Hat Trick" by Maria Luis Love hockey romance, although we do not have hockey in Brazil! This is a great sport story! 4.) "The One With All The Trees" by Reese Patton I did not know this author and it was a surprise reading this endering and sweet story! 5.)" Real Miracle" by Susan Saxx A great story and super sweet ! You will love this couple! I want to read more of this author. 6.) "The Fourteen Days of Christmas" by July Dawson Just another example on how good it is this bundle! Wonderfuly written. 7.) "Bottom of the Ninth" by Kimberly Readnour I really loved this story and characters! This is so sweet! 8.) "No Reservations" by Natalia Banks Cindy and Gavin have a great chemistry and are so adorable! This is a great book! 9.) "Silver Bells" by Ev Bishop This romance was a surprise! I did not know anything about this author and the book had me at the first line... Wonderful!
D-does-reviews 6 days ago
This Christmas collection is delightful in every way! The stories all reflect the true meaning of the holiday as well as the heartfelt connections that we all hope to find, especially at this most wonderful time of the year. Whether these characters are a superstar actress, an NHL superstar jock, an overworked lawyer, a Marine on leave, an MLB star, an arrogant restauranteur or a stranded motorist, they all have vulnerabilities that shine through every page of this fabulous romanctic collection that will definitely put you in the mood for Christmas! I read a complimentary copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
Penny42058 7 days ago
I have only read two of the these stories so far, but wow, they were both fantastic. Maria Luis gives us Hat Trick from her Blades series. I loved Gwen and Marshall's story so much. I haven't read a book of hers that I didn't love and I think each of her books just keeps getting better. The second story I read was No Reservation by Natalia Banks. This is the story about Cindy and Gavin. I loved how feisty Cindy was and the lengths she went to to protect her dad. If you want a fantastic set of books to read, you should definitely grab these. Reading just one of these books is well worth the price, but you get nine in this ser.
Naty 7 days ago
A great box set of Christmas's stories. You can't help but fall in love with all characters, Flora and Wally in Finding Flora, Casey and Jack in One Last Gift, and all the wonderful love stories in a magic time of the year. I received an ARC copy of this book and voluntarily reviewed it
ytcruz 8 days ago
I have to confess I am not a fan of novellas, but who can overlook an anthology about Christmas? The stories were cute. Some better than others, but the price was right. You will always come out a winner with such talented authors like Nancy Stopper, Ev Bishop etc. I am sure you will find many stories you will love. I was gifted this copy. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
ButtonsMom2003 8 days ago
A very sweet and moving story. My 5-star rating is based on Silver Bells. These days my reading preferences tend towards more spicy stories and mostly in the M/M Romance genre. That said, I have a few favorite authors whose stories I will always read and Ev Bishop is one of those authors. I've been a huge fan of her River's Sigh B & B since the first book came out in January 2015. I've only had time to read Ev's story (Silver Bells) in this collection of novellas from nine different authors and just this one story is well worth the cost of this anthology (99 cents when I bought it). Bryn and Sean meet on a snowy night just before Christmas. They are both stranded in a snow storm and end up sharing the only cabin available at River's Sigh B & B. Bryn is suffering from very low self-esteem due to her jerk of an ex-husband. Sean is tired of the treatment he's received from his off-again-on-again girlfriend. Something almost magical seems to happen to them while they are at River's Sigh. This story had me in tears at many places; sad tears at times for Bryn and Sean and sometime happy tears for them; that's my favorite kind of story. While I would classify Silver Bells as mostly a sweet story it also has a hint of spice in places. For a relatively short novella the story really packed a punch for me. Sean and Bryn are perfect for each other but a relationship between them just can't be that easy; a bit of conflict is inevitable but the ending to this story is perfect. And, if you like epilogues as much as I do, Ev Bishop has written a wonderful one for Bryn and Sean; it was just perfect! I'm ready for more River's Sign B & B stories, Ev. Are you listening? I wish that River's Sign B & B was a real place that I could go visit.