MISUNDERSTOOD: Difficult Concepts of The Bible

MISUNDERSTOOD: Difficult Concepts of The Bible

MISUNDERSTOOD: Difficult Concepts of The Bible

MISUNDERSTOOD: Difficult Concepts of The Bible



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I wanted to write a book that answered some of the confusing questions that nag Christians and which the answers seem difficult to come by. By answering some of these questions I hope to bring edification and spiritual growth, strength and maturity so readers may intern answer these same questions for others. God wants all of us to have peace of spirit as well as peace of mind. The first four chapters cover the subject of “covenant” especially as the topic relates to the rapture, rest and tithing. Chapters four and five cover God’s covenant as it pertains to scriptural prosperity.In subsequent chapters you will walk away fulfilled with insights about the ´Lord´s Prayer´ Psalm 91 ´the secret place´ and much more. The rapture has been a topic that is still not a point of full assurance for many Christians. This 173 page book ties the rapture to God’s covenant that provides logic and in so doing much assurance about the rapture for the born again believer. Tithing is still a point of debate among Christians some adherents believing the tithe is a concept from the Old Testament and this misunderstood topic is discussed from scripture. You wont be disappointed. The topic of rest is another area that Christians may struggle with and this book ties spiritual rest to the covenant of God. Comfort is a topic that needs to be discussed and a subject that needs to move from mental ascent to a reality for many. God’s covenant has provision for rest. This book discusses God’s covenant in such a manner to the degree that we understand a provision of God’s covenant misunderstood which is God’s covenant requires Him to seek out even the backslider when they stray. In our covenant with God, God is married to the backslider during the worst times of rebellion and works to seek reconciliation. God’s covenant is a full proof covenant. This understanding is often misunderstood. God’s covenant is so perfect and airtight it makes the best prenuptial contract seem like a toy. The topic of prosperity is most misunderstood but from scripture is discussed in a refreshing manner. I hope you enjoy this book and I believe it will strengthen you spiritually. Book Video Preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPkYerYFVtQ

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Publication date: 04/12/2012
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