The Mobile Marketing Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaigns

The Mobile Marketing Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaigns

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Information Today, Inc.

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The Mobile Marketing Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Focusing on the continuing integration of mobile marketing into the daily lives of consumers—locally, nationally, and globally—this updated second edition reflects the most current trends in mobile marketing and offers step-by-step guidelines to creating and maintaining successful moblie-marketing campaigns. Based on 20 years of experience in the field, this reference shows how this cost-effective strategy can be used successfully by businesses of any size and includes detailed information on legal implications and tracking, avoiding common mistakes, and the most current online resources for mobile marketers. The easy-to-follow tips on building stronger consumer relationships through apps and social networking will help any company put their message in the palms of customers’ hands.

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ISBN-13: 9780910965828
Publisher: Information Today, Inc.
Publication date: 01/26/2009
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xv

Foreword Michael J. Becker xvii

Interact With This Book xix

Introduction xxiii

Part 1 Mobile Marketing Strategy and Implementation 1

Chapter 1 The Basics and the Big Picture 3

What Is Mobile Marketing? 3

How Big Is the Mobile Market? 7

Opportunities in Mobile Marketing 9

Why You Need to Take Action Now, Even If You're Not Ready 10

Who Is Using Mobile the Most: The Savvy Markets 11

The Big Picture 14

Chapter 2 Five Steps to Creating a Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaign 17

The Secret of Being Dynamic 17

Step 1: Figure Out What Your Target Market Wants and Offer It 20

Step 2: Align What Your Target Market Wants with Your Desired Outcome 27

Step 3: Follow the Mobile Marketing Checklist to Build Your Mobile Strategy 30

Step 4: Launch Your Mobile Marketing Campaign and Market It 30

Step 5: Track What Is Working and Make Any Necessary Adjustments 32

Chapter 3 Legal Issues and Implications of Mobile Marketing 35

Why Legal Issues Are Strategic Issues 35

Best Practices Are Not Optional 36

Mobile Messaging Meets the Law 37

And the Lucky Winner Is 39

What Your Users Generate and How It Affects You 40

The Under-13 Crowd 40

May I See Your ID, Please? 41

Privacy, Sweet Privacy 41

Location-Based Legal Requirements 42

Consequences of Ignoring Legal Implications 42

Tips for Getting Your Mobile Campaign Through Your Legal Department 43

Chapter 4 Launching Your Campaign 45

Three Paths to Your Mobile Launch 45

Working With an Agency 46

Working Directly With a Vendor 47

Do-It-Yourself Guerrilla Tactics 49

How to Choose a Mobile Agency, Vendor, or Consultant 53

Part 2 Mobile Marketing Toolbox: Tactics, Campaign Ideas, and Resources 57

Chapter 5 Calling 59

What Is Calling? 59

When to Use Calling as a Marketing Tool 60

How to Use Calling: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques 60

Chapter 6 Text Messaging 67

What Is Text Messaging? 67

When to Use Text Messaging as a Marketing Tool 67

How to Use Text Messaging: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques 68

Types of Text Messaging 70

Text Messaging Best Practices 74

Types of Text Message Campaigns 75

Choosing a Text Message Company 86

Chapter 7 Creating a Mobile Web Presence 91

What Is the Mobile Web? 91

When to Use the Mobile Web as a Marketing Tool 91

How to Use the Mobile Web: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques 92

Content Strategy for Your Mobile Website 95

Building a Mobile Website 100

Driving Traffic to Your Mobile Website 102

Chapter 8 Mobile Search 105

What Is Mobile Search? 105

When to Use Mobile Search as a Marketing Tool 105

How to Use Mobile Search: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques 106

Business Listings 106

Mobile SEO Tactics 111

Chapter 9 Mobile Advertising and Mobile Apps 117

What Is Mobile Advertising? 117

When to Use Mobile Advertising as a Marketing Tool 117

How to Use Mobile Advertising: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques 118

Mobile Advertising and Appvertising 118

Types of Mobile Advertising Units 123

Mobile Apps as a Business Marketing Tool 127

Chapter 10 Social Networking Meets Mobile 131

What Is Social Networking? 131

When to Use Social Networking in Conjunction With Mobile Marketing 132

How to Use Social Networking: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques 133

Using Social Networking to Market Your Mobile Campaign 133

Using Mobile Marketing to Build Your Social Network 136

Chapter 11 Location-Based Marketing 143

What Is Location-Based Marketing? 143

When to Use Location-Based Marketing as a Marketing Tool 143

How to Use Location-Based Marketing: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques 144

Local Mobile Search 144

Check-In Tools 145

Interactive Signage 147

Augmented Reality 148

Bluetooth Marketing 150

Geo-Fencing 152

Chapter 12 More Mobile Methods 155

Mobile Email 155

Mobile Commerce 157

Mobile Bar Codes (QR Codes) 158

Mobile Video 162

Mobile for Nonprofits 162

Mobile Marketing Awards 163

Part 3 Marketing and Tracking Mobile Campaigns 165

Chapter 13 Marketing Your Mobile Campaign 167

Why You Need to Market Your Mobile Campaign 167

Integrating Mobile Into All Other Marketing 168

Online Marketing 169

Signage 173

Business Cards/Marketing Cards 175

Advertising 170

Trade Shows/Consumer Events 181

Social Networking 182

Product Packaging 183

College Marketing 184

Mobile Marketing for Your Mobile Marketing 184

Word of Mouth 186

Educating Your Customers on Using Mobile 187

Chapter 14 Tracking Your Mobile Campaign 189

Why You Need to Track Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns 189

Calling Campaigns 190

Text Message Campaigns 190

Mobile Web 191

Mobile Advertising 192

Mobile Apps 192

Mobile Bar Codes (QR Codes) 193

Social Networking 193

Afterword: Moving Ahead in Mobile 195

Appendix: How to Start a Mobile Marketing Business 197

Glossary 201

About the Author 205

Index 207

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