by Nelson Rodriguez


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In this story based on true events, author Nelson Rodriguez explores the effects of an online game called Mobster on its players. Rodriguez examines how people interact with others when they are involved-or even obsessed-with online gaming, delving into the relationships that are built through the game-sometimes with others who live a completely different part of the world

For Sam, the game Mobster became an extremely personal and real experience; he began acting out his crimes in real life, without giving any thought to the law or the lines that he was crossing. To "win," he did everything in his power, regardless of the consequence-making bribes and intimidating anyone he perceived was in his way. But would he take to ultimate step and actually kill someone?

Mark was committed to his job as a police officer, and so he never imagined that one day he would have to engage in the very acts that he had sworn to fight. It seemed that destiny had a different path for him-a life he never imagined for himself.

Despite their strong personal relationships, once these players get caught up in the game, all that matters to them is the game-and everything they cared about before is in jeopardy.

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ISBN-13: 9781426962707
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 05/17/2011
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.20(d)

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By Nelson Rodriguez

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2011 Nelson Rodriguez
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4269-6270-7

Chapter One


"911, what's your emergency?" said the operator. There was silence. "Hello, are you there?"

Hello "hello",

Yes! Said the operator and the caller replied, "Hello, yes, I'm calling because there are three men across the street in front of my neighbor's home."

Just as the operator began to ask the old lady on the phone if the men were engaged in of any suspicious acts or movements, the frantic woman cut into the operator's question as if she already knew what the operator was going to ask. The woman on the phone her, so she continued on in describing the color of their clothing. They wore, though not confident in a definite color she said the clothing is dark, with what seems to be and they seemed to wearing a hooded sweatshirt or jacket. "Please send someone over. I have a bad feeling about this," she pleaded.

"Ok," responded the operator, "But do you still see the three men out front?" The woman returned her focus to the house across the street from her, and she observed that three individuals were gone.

, and so she continued to sort the individuals out, Just then she hears a scream that sounded as if it came from a greater distance beyond the house is. Deep inside she felt a strange feeling. So she began to plead with the operator on the other end of the phone to send someone to check the neighbor's home. The Operator said to the elderly woman, "Ma'am, calm down. I need you to focus here with me right now, okay? Just relax for a moment; I need for you to give me the address. Take a breather first. Ok ma'am, are you ready to tell me the address now can you tell me the address?"

"Yes, I can," replied the caller.

"; Ok, let me get the address and I will send someone out and have them take a look around the premises," said the operator. "They will and knock on the door to ensure all is well at that residence. Ok, now give me the address."

The address is: the old lady goes started to tell the operator the address, but she clearly became so nervous she begins began to stutter. "Ok the address ... uh ... uh ... n" o. dear! Let me see, ok! It's Ahm "is 157 North, Seventh Street."

"Operator said Ma'am," said the operator, "Please stay on the phone! I am

Going to contact the Garden City police department and they will dispatch the police over, okay Ma'am?"

, "and the old lady replied Ok, thank -you so much. I hope everyone in that home is safe. Please get here as soon as you can, please old Lord; please watch over that family, please." Tears began to run down the surface of her cheeks. Overpowering the strength that she once possessed holding them back; the more she tried to stop, the more the tears came, as if they were immune to the fight.

Once the police got to the address given to them and arrived, the old lady rushed towards one of the marked vehicle as it came to a stop, pointing and explaining her story as she cried and gasped for air. One of the officers exited the car through on the passenger side, and; as she continued to talk to the other officer, he walked towards her to get more information. Suddenly there was another scream that derived from the exact location of the house.

Taking the gun off his holster, one of the officers' moved towards the house. Then He banged on the front entrance of the house and yelled "Police, open the door!" There was no response. And a lot flurry of movement from inside the house caused him to kick the door in as he yelled "Stop! Don't move or I'll shoot?" The other officer was outside, waiting for back up to arrive when he heard his partner yelling. And giving a command He ran into the house to cover his partner as well as apprehend a potential suspect.

Once inside the house the police officer already in the house told the other one, "that just came in, I got this one! Go for the other two that ran through the back! "Hurry up" The other two culprits were fleeing the scene at great speed. The officer had to stop and listened; hearing branches break and footsteps rumbling across the terrain through the backwoods drove him to pursuit pursue the suspects north. There he discovered another parking area at the bottom of the hill below, with no sign of the men.

, never even getting to see the individuals they got away, After searching for ten minutes, the officer returned to the house and mentioned to the other officer that the others men got away.!! The officer in the house replied "Oh," fuck it! We got one of them; we'll catch the others later!" Once Steve was arrested, who was one of the three men inside the house, the officer took Steve into the patrol car and drove him away to police headquarters as back-up began to arrive at the scene. The other officer entered the house to collect evidence. Once the police was finish in the house they went to the old lady that made the 911 call to let her know that they capture one of the suspects, but the other got away. But not to worry that they neighbors' and her were safe. One of the police officer thanked the old lady and left the premises. While all this is taken place; the two men that got away ran into a Chinese restaurant and call a taxi from pay phone, once inside the restaurant they Oder something to eat and waited for the cab to come. Louis and Greg sat down and starting to enjoy the meal that they Oder during the meal a taxi pulls up and honk the horn, Greg tells Louis to hurry up that the taxi was outside. Louis gets up and exited out the door jumps in the taxi and tells the driver to take them to the nearest airport.

Inside the police station in the interrogatory room they got Steve asking him all kinds of questions to build up their case against him. But Steve isn't saying anything about nothing. One of the officers giving the interview tells Steve that he is going to jail for a very long time unless you cooperate with us to capture the other two guys and if you do so we may reduce the time and give you a better deal. Steve make believe that he is willing to give information and ask he officer if he can make a phone call before he's start to tell them anything. Ok, said the officer I just got to verified with my superior and I'll be back for your phone call Ok. Twenty minutes later the officer come back in to the room and tells Steve to go ahead with the phone call. Steve gets up and walk to the hallway to make the call, he call Sam and tells him to listen carefully get someone over the Garden City police department, that's where I'm at right now they got me in custody. Sam said I got you men don't sweat it and hung up; Steve return back to the room and sits down. The officer tells him you finish: Ok let's do this, Steve lean forward into the table and ask do what? What are you talking about officer? The police officer gets up and tells Steve, Oh so I see you want to play games now, well fuck you then you ignorant piece of shit ,I'm going to make sure the you rot in jail you stupid fuck!. Steve replied you are talking about stupid 'hum', you better take a good look at you're self before you judge me, ass hole. The officer grabs the chair and slams it on the wall and leaves the room.

While these event are taken place; Louis and Greg are inside the airport waiting to get tickets to fly back to Arizona; Louis met Greg in high school, Greg was getting his ass kick by two other students after school was over when Louis got in to help Greg in the fight. Ever since then they became real close to each other, like brothers

As they waited at the airport, Greg asked Louis, "; Men, what do you think is going to happen to Steve?"

Louis answered, I don't know "But one thing I know for sure is that Sam is going to do whatever it takes to get him out."!

Greg "How you know that?"

Louis "Because Sam's ass is in it too," Louis replied. "I mean, come on, man, how you think we get all those jobs, bro? Yeah! You right."

Minutes after they get their boarding pass and fly back home! Back in the Garden City police department, the officer who is still furious at Steve for what he's done, said, "to Steve' we got the girl that you assaulted. She's coming to give a written statement against you and your buddies. Oh, and did I forget to mention, we have an eyewitness who can place you directly at the location where we apprehended you? Yeah, the lady that called the police on your little gang. You have no choice but to rot in jail and become Bubba's bitch!"

The officer begins began to laugh hysterically as he envisions envisioned the culprit crying like a baby. ; You can bet on it!! After the officer left the room, it was while Steve's in return was laughing at the officer himself turning to laugh.

In Arizona, Sam waited for his dad to come home so he could explain what took place earlier with his best friend Steve. Sam is the son of a big-time drug dealer. In Sam's eyes, his dad knew a lot of judges. In the States He figured that by lying to his dad he was going to get Steve out of jail. Sam was the only son; he knew that he was going to get whatever he asked of his dad.

Sam was had been very spoiled ever since he was little boy. He had everything and then some! Sam made up a story, hoping his dad was going to believe it, and get Steve out jail. Sam made up a story that he was going to tell his dad. While Sam is making a story, Jason, Sam's father, is in Dallas on a business trip, he is working on the drug shipment that is going to Miami to one of his associates. Jason is taking all the precautions and giving the workers the details and instructions to about take their trip to Miami.

Jason is Sam father, Jason was always in or and out of the Country frequently making drug deals; he was doing this type of business since Sam was in diapers. Sam rarely had the opportunity to enjoy his father's presence. That was the price they, both had to pay. It, that came with the business.

Once Jason had everything under control, he went to Miami to meet with his associates. During his trip to Miami, Jason gets got a phone call from Sam, who was desperate to find out where his dad was Jason answered the phone, "Yes?"

And Sam said, "What's up, Dad? When are you coming home?"

"Jason says I'm flying into Miami as we speak, why?"

"Sam" it's just that I need to talk to you about something that happened to Steve!"

"Jason said! So" is not that important then! Listen, son. ' I'll make this trip short and try to be at home as soon as possible. Is that, ok, with you, Sam?"

Sam says; ok" Dad, I'll see you later then."

When they were on the plane during the flight home, Greg had asked Louis you think if he thought Steve is was going to talk to the police?

"Louis answers with an attitude you've got to be kidding me," said Louis. "If you don't know him like I do, just don't even ask a dumb- ass questions like that again. You stupid, damn men. I thought you knew better." You fucking ass hole, and by the way. Enough with your stupid questions you got that! Or should I tell you in a different way. Greg says "nah, I don't know why you get so worked up over a simple question anyways. Louis tells Greg; Men please just shut the fuck up you are getting in my nerves; just keep your mouth shut men. Back in Garden City; Steve is now in the holding cell, he is waiting to go on front of the Judge, who is going to read the charges against him and set a date for arraignment. Steve is nervous because his prior record, he is afraid that it will show all his felonies. While Steve is thinking about his future inside the cell; Louis and Greg arrived in Arizona, they got out of the airport and got in a taxi, Louis ask Greg to call Sam; Louis then tells the cab driver to take them to 1640 East Valerie street in Casa Grande, Greg is calling Sam as the taxi drove away, Sam answers the phone and began to ask questions to Greg; Greg didn't know what to said to him so he gave the phone to Louis; and Louis ask Sam, hey what up dude Sam ask Louis, how you guys made out of town and Steve didn't?

Louis said "that's why I'm calling you to tell you what happen!

Sam ask Louis, where are you now? Louis answers; we are in town here we are going to you as we speak, "Sam" Ok, when you guys get close to the house call me again and please stay out of trouble, can you handle that? Louis said to Sam don't worry bro! When all this is happening Jason arrived in Miami and goes to meet with his associates, once he's inside a warehouse Jason to discuss how and where the shipment is going to work and details of how he is going to get pay for it. Once the deal is made and the instructions were given to he's associates.

Jason said to them, hey it is a pleasure to do business with you guys again, I'll see you later ,I will love to stay for a couple of days, but I have to leave. After Jason left to the airport he check his bank accounts to be sure that everything is in order, once everything is clear he call his son Sam;

Sam picked up the phone and says what do you need know not knowing how is calling him,

Jason says to Sam you better be talking to someone else son; Sam realizes that he is talking to he's Dad and apologize real fast saying, I thought you were one of my friends calling, I am sorry Dad. Jason tells Sam hey I was calling you to tell you that I'm on the way back home. Within a couple hours that's all and Sam said ok, I'll see you soon and hung up the phone, two minutes pass when the phone rings again and this time Sam picks up the phone and says yes dad?

Louis is laughing in the other side and whispers to Greg to listen to get close to the phone while he was on it so Louis kept playing around with Sam, Louis changed his tone of voice to sound like Sam's dad and said didn't I tell you to stay out of trouble son? Sam knew right away and he got mad and said you stupid fuck, you think this shit funny? What the fuck is it now?

Louis said my bad I didn't know you were going to get this pissed off. Can you just relax and have some fun Sam?

Sam says no with assholes like you two who's going to relax when you always fucking up, Luis says all right man you are so uptight, what you need is some pussy man. That will make you calmer, for real men.

Sam says fuck you and fuck Greg too Louis says why don't you come outside and tell me to my face. Sam said" I'll see you, give me like five minutes I'll be outside so Louis and Greg started laughing at Sam for a few minutes. When Sam came outside saw them laughing he told them to stop goofing around and asked Louis explain to him what had happened in Kansas.

Louis stops fooling around and says' man, I don't have a clue everything was going according to plan. Then the cops showed up, man! I tell you, everything got screwed up! all I know is that Greg ran out and one of the cops told Steve to hit the ground, man I didn't know what to do my mind was going 100 miles an hour, I didn't know if I should help Steve with that cop or run, and so once I made of my mind to help him that's when the other cop came in the house, so the only thing it was left for me to do was run right out the house and follow Greg to a Chinese joint man. Steve didn't have a chance to escape he just got caught the cop came out of nowhere and got him first so we ran out the back door. Sam said he called me.

Louis asks! Who called you?

Sam says man! Steve did but he didn't mention much all I know is that I made up a story to tell my dad and if he bites the story I know he is going to go over there and get Steve out of jail. The police officer that was the first on the scene and arrested Steve went into the house again to make sure that the girl was Ok and to convince her to do the right thing and go to court when she's called in, he told her to testify against Steve and to not be afraid that no matter how scared she was he was going to be with her all the way that she didn't have to worry at all. Once the officer took her statement, he left to the old lady, across the street to get her statement too!

And he told her that she did the right thing for making the phone call to the 911 dispatcher, the officer told the old lady, and we need more people like you out here, with people like you. Our communities would be a much safer place. So he got her statement and left. Jason is just arriving in Arizona and now heading home after a long trip, one hour pass and Jason gets out the car and is walking home when one of the security walks up to him and tell him everything that happened when he was out the house. Jason walks in his mansion and put the cell phone, keys and brief case on the table close to the front door and sits down to relax, once he is relaxed he calls one of the house keeper and ask them to service him with a drink :"what you will like to drink sir"


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