Model Sex Life (Adult Erotica)

Model Sex Life (Adult Erotica)

by Piper Firebrand

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Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include taboo and forbidden elements including incest and BDSM. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.
Karen Christopher, model, slouched in her bed, her arms folded across her chest. Carl Barrows, her lover, her agent, licked slowly up and down the inside of one of her smooth thighs. She stared down at the top of his head, but didn't react to the pleasant stimulation inching toward her dark-haired snatch.
"Okay. What's wrong?" Carl asked, raising his head.
"My career. That's what!"
"Oh, baby. Can't we save this for the office? This is no time to be talkin' business," he complained, his fingers moving up to tickle the trimmed hairs covering her box.
"Carl! I'm 32 and still struggling! If I was going to make it, I should have made it by now."
"Thirty-two ain't dead, baby! I'm workin' on it. Just relax and spread your legs, honey."
Karen didn't move.
Carl's fingers slipped into her gash and tried to open her cunt. She resisted. He pulled. Her pussy remained unavailable to his wanting tongue.
"Dammit, Karen! I can't do anything about it now! At the moment, I happen to be your fuckin' lover, not your agent."
"Just promise you'll try real hard to find me something permanent. Get me some steady work. That's all I want," Karen said, her voice softer than before.
"I will, baby, I will. Can we get back to where we were? I've got a busy day tomorrow, and you've got a photo shoot. Whadaya say, honey? Can we stop talkin' now?"
Karen responded by opening her legs and relaxing the strong muscles of her cunt. His fingers dove in between the folds of her cunt and parted her pussy for his lowering mouth.
His tongue flattened into her gash and lapped up to her clit and down to her asshole. He tasted the tender flesh of her pussy and aggressively licked her slit from top to bottom.
Karen moaned above him and pumped her hips to press her pussy against his active face. Her hands fondled her tits as Carl's tongue fondled her box. Heat and pleasure rose within her body, her mind totally given over to sex.
With his fingers manipulating the soft contours of her cunt lips, his mouth traveled through her narrow bush and onto the flat plane of her stomach. His tongue dipped into her navel as his fingers worked their magic within her warming snatch.
His lips kissed over to her hip, his tongue leaving a wet trail along her skin. He nibbled and licked across her abdomen, lightly skimming her flesh, tickling her body with his feathery caresses.
Karen squirmed beneath his tongue, her body filling with carnal desires, her pussy thumping for his hot cock. They had only been lovers for three months, and she wasn't yet completely knowledgeable about his dick. It seemed she learned something new about his mighty organ each time his prick was buried within the juicy interior of her cunt.

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ISBN-13: 9781548030261
Publisher: Palimpsest Publishing
Publication date: 06/29/2017
Series: Manipulation, Big Breasts, Interracial Cuckold,Pregnant,Size And/Or Triple Penetrations Erotic Sex Stories , #159
Sold by: StreetLib SRL
Format: NOOK Book
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