Modeling with AutoCAD 2004

Modeling with AutoCAD 2004

by Bob McFarlane



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ISBN-13: 9780750664332
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/01/2004
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.62(w) x 10.78(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Bob has been writing AutoCAD books since 1993, the first being published for AutoCAD Release 12. Outside of work, Bob’s interests include Bonsai trees, stamp collecting, remote control aircraft and kite flying. At present Bob spend most of his time with his wife Helen, his children Linda and Stephen and his granddaughter Ciara.

Table of Contents

The basic 3D standard sheet.
2 1/2D models.
The UCS and 3D co-ordinates.
Creating a 3D wire-frame model.
The UCS.
The modify commands with 3D models.
Dimensioning in 3D.
Hatching in 3D.
Hatching in 3D.
3D Views (Viewpoint).
Model space, paper space and untiled viewports.
Updating the A3 standard sheet.
Surface modelling.
Ruled surface.
Tabulated surface.
Revolved surface.
Edge surface.
3D polyline.
3D objects.
3D Geometry commands.
Using blocks, wblocks and xrefs in 3D.
Dynamic viewing.
Viewport specific layers.
Shading and 3D orbit.
Introduction to solid modelling.
The basic solid primitives.
The swept solid primitives.
Boolean operations and composite solids.
Composite model 1 - a machine support.
Composite model 2 - a backing plate.
Composite model 3 - a flange and pipe.
The edge primitives.
Solids editing.
Inquiring into models.
Slicing and sectioning solid models.
Profiles and true shapes.
Solid model dimensioning in model and paper space.
A detailed drawing.
Blocks, wblocks and external references.
The setup commands.
The final composite.
Publishing to the web.

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