Modern Art Adventures: 36 Creative, Hands-On Projects Inspired by Artists from Monet to Banksy

Modern Art Adventures: 36 Creative, Hands-On Projects Inspired by Artists from Monet to Banksy

by Maja Pitamic, Jill Laidlaw


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Bold and experimental art activities and for children who love to draw outside of the lines
Modern Art Adventures introduces young artists to groundbreaking masterpieces and fresh techniques, then lets them loose to create their own works of art. Authors and educators Maja Pitamic and Jill Laidlaw explore the stories and meanings behind 18 well-known works of modern art—including Frida Kahlo’s Self-portrait with Small Monkey, Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Jackson Pollock’s Lavender Mist, and Banksy’s Flower—giving readers inspiration for these kid-tested, exciting, and creative projects. Children create two artworks based on the techniques and visual effects of the each featured piece of art and the projects cover a wide range of media, from tissue paper mosaics to stencils to comic cut-outs, with a variety of difficulty levels, always encouraging and expanding the child’s natural creative abilities. No prior knowledge of modern art is required, just enthusiasm for the subject and a willingness to discover.

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ISBN-13: 9781613731772
Publisher: Chicago Review Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/01/2015
Pages: 160
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About the Author

Maja Pitamic has taught art to young children for nearly 20 years. She is the author of the popular Art Adventure books, Child’s Play, and I Can Do It. Jill Laidlaw is the author of several books, including Frida Kahlo, Paul Klee, and other works on the history of Western painting and sculpture. They both live in New York City.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

How to use this book 9

1 Impressionism 10

Play of light

Claude Monet, Water-Lily Pond 12

Project A fleeting impression 14

Project Capturing the light 16

Colorful dancers

Edgar Degas, Dancers at the Barre 18

Project Black and white 20

Project Mixing it up 22

Summertime scenes

Peder Severin Kroyer, Summer Evening Skagen, 1908 24

Project Dark into light 26

Project Hues of blue 28

2 Expressionism 30

Scream dream

Edvard Munch, The Scream 32

Project Scream screen 34

Project Screaming hair 36

The blue horse

Franz Marc, Little Blue Horse 38

Project Blue hand horse 40

Project Leaping blue horse 42

Homeless and hungry

Ernst Barlach, The Destitution 44

Project Black and white printing tile 46

Project White on black 48

3 Portraits 50

My monkey friend

S2 Frida Kahlo, Self-portrait with Small Monkey

Project Mirror drawing 54

Project Animal silhouette portrait 56

A two-sided face

Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Dora Maar 58

Project Cubist portrait 60

Project Portrait gallery 62

I am a painter

Vincent van Gogh, Self-portrait as a Painter 64

Project Make an easel 66

Project Swirly self-portrait background 68

4 Abstract 70

Color crazy

Robert DeLaunay, Nude Woman Reading 72

Project Abstract gallery 74

Project Color wheels 76

Drips of lavender

Jackson Pollock, Lavender Mist 76

Project Drip a picture 80

Project Texture painting 62

A world without curves

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Blue and Yellow 84

Project Make a Mondrian 86

Project Pocket Mondrian 88

5 Graphic Art 90

A dream world

Aubrey Beardsley, How Sir Bedivere Cast the Sword Excalibur into the Water 92

Project Border bookmark 94

Project Border patterns 96

The teardrop

Saul Bass, Bonjour Tristesse 93

Project Newspaper face 100

Project Pop-eye 102

6 Pop Art 104

The silver cowboy

Andy Warnoi, Double Elvis 106

Project Double-outline portrait 108

Project Self-portrait tile 110

Pop Art and dot art

Roy Lichtenslein, Stepping Out 112

Project Benday dot picture 114

Project Comic book cutout box 116

7 Street Art 118

Graffiti or art?

Banksy, Flower 120

Project Perfect stencils 122

Project Muffin-cup sunflowers 124

Nature in the city

Roa, Birds 126

Project: Big animal drawing 128

Project: Shading effects 130

Artist biographies 132

Where to see the art in this book 138

Glossary 139

Tools of the trade 142

Index 143

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