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Modern Azerbaijani Women's Prose by Vagif Sultanly, Iraj Ismaely

This anthology presented to reader consists of the artistic prose of the last thirty years. As this period covers the collapse of the Soviet Union and Azerbaijan's independence, the literature reflects the influence of these momentous changes of that period. This book contains the works of writers representing a wide literary generation to include the likes of Aziza Jafarzade, Sara Oghuz, Manzar Nigarli, Afag Masud, Nushaba Mammadli, Mehriban Vazir, Gunel Anargizi, Zumrud Yaghmur, Nazila Isgandarova, Aygun Hasanoghlu, Eluja Atali, Khumar Alakbarli, Shalala Abil and others. It consists of the best examples of Azerbaijani women's prose created during this period .
Azerbaijani female writers' works have certain artistic licenses from the point of view of content and style. These writers' works contain various topics, starting from the social and political problems up to moral, ethical and family issues. Besides, the written works are based upon various creative styles. The stories selected in the anthology were based on their relevance to the world readers' interest and taste. Thus, there are epic-analytic, lyrical psychological and conditional-metaphorical works among these stories. All of these aspects express the wide variety of genre, style, and topic that represents the female writers' artistic research.

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Publication date: 02/28/2014
Pages: 698
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