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Ambra Verlag
Modern Construction: Roofs / Edition 1

Modern Construction: Roofs / Edition 1

by Andrew Watts


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9783211240717
Publisher: Ambra Verlag
Publication date: 09/01/2005
Series: Modern Construction Series
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 8.46(w) x 11.96(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

ANDREW WATTS, born 1957. Over fifteen years experience working as an architect in facade and roofs detailing.

Table of Contents

Modern Construction Series.-
Aims of this Book.-

An overview of roof systems:
Metals; Glass; Concrete; Timber; Plastics; Fabrics.-
Working with manufacturers, fabricators and installers.-
Performance testing of roofs:
Air infiltration test; Water penetration tests; Wind resistance tests; Impact resistance test; Dismantling of sample.-
Roof-mounted maintenance systems: Davits and monorails; Trolley systems:
Davit systems; Monorails; Trolley systems.-

Metal standing seam:
Site-based method; Prefabricated methods; Sealed and ventilated roofs; Roof openings; Ridges and valleys; Eaves and parapets.-
Profiled metal sheet:
Profiled metal decks as substrates; Profiled metal roof sheeting; Sealed and ventilated methods; Twin skin construction; Ridges; Openings; Eaves and parapets; Ridges and valleys.-
Composite panels:
Single wall composite panels; Twin wall panels; Ridges; Verges; Eaves; Parapets and valley gutters.-
Panel arrangement; Parapets; Monopitch ridges and verges; Roof geometry; Roof soffits.-
Metal canopies:
Bolt fixed panels; Fixed metal louvre canopies; Electrically operated louvers.-

Greenhouse glazing and Capped systems:
Greenhouse glazing; Modern roof glazing; Capped systems.-
Silicone-sealed glazing and Rooflights:
Silicone-sealed systems; Junctions; Use of capped profiles; Rooflights.-
Bolt fixed glazing:
Generic structural support methods; Supporting brackets; Bolt fixings; Arrangement of bolt fixings; Glazed units.-
Bolt fixed glazing: Pitched roofs and rooflights:
Base of glazed roof; External and internal folds; Small glazed rooflights; Larger rooflights.-
Bolt fixed glazing: Twin wall roofs.-
Bonded glass rooflights:
Generic conical rooflight; Generic rectangular rooflight; Generic monopitch rooflight; Glass roof decks.-
Glazed canopies:
System assembly; Four edge restrained canopy; Bonded glass canopies

Concealed membrane:
Materials; Structural joints; Parapet upstands; Balustrades and plinths, Rainwater outlets; Penetrations for pipes and ducts.-
Exposed membrane:
Polymer-based membranes; PVC membranes; FPO (TPO) membranes; Mechanically fixed method; Bonded fixing method; Parapets and upstands; Ballasted roofs.-
Planted roof components; Soil depth; Overflows; Roof junctions; Rainwater outlets; Balcony planters.-

Flat roof: Mastic asphalt coverings:
Warm and cold roofs; The material; Warm roof build-up; Solar protection; Upstands; Eaves and verges; Penetrations; Gutters and rainwater outlets.-
Flat roof. Bitumen-based sheet membranes:
The material; Roof build-up; Solar protection; Fixing methods; Parapet upstands; Junction with tiled roof; Eaves and verges.-
Pitched roof: Tiles:
Plain tiles; Interlocking tiles; Ventilation; Eaves; Ridges; Verges; Hips and valleys; Abutments.-
Pitched roof: Slates:
Roof folds; Vents; Monopitch ridges; Dormer windows; Abutments Pitched roof: Metal:
Standing seam cold roofs; Eaves and valley gutters; Ridges and abutments; Penetrations; Metal tiled roofs.-

GRP rooflights:
Eaves and upstands; Verges; Abutments; Sliding roof panels.-
GRP panels and shells:
Smaller panels and shells; Larger panels and shells.-

ETFE cushions:
Cushions; Air supply; The material; Fabrication; Durability; Performance in fire.-
Single membrane: Cone-shaped roof:
Fabric roof principles; Fabric types; Comparison of types; Thermal insulation; Acoustics; Durability; Performance in fire; Condensation.-
Single membrane: Barrel-shaped roof:
Membrane roof fabrication; Membrane roof edges; Suspension points; Membrane folds.-

Photo references; Authorship; Bibliography; Index

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