Modern-Day Psalms: Praise Songs and Love Messages

Modern-Day Psalms: Praise Songs and Love Messages

by Richard Vincent Rose


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ISBN-13: 9781491712030
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/15/2013
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Praise Songs and Love Messages


iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2013 Richard. Vincent. Rose
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-1203-0




Whether by accident, illness, or military casualty, to have one's child taken, by any means, is the most difficult tragedy of all to face. However, it seems so much harder to accept when it is an infant or a young child, meaning also that the parents will be very young, and often, this is the first real tragedy of their lives that they've had to face.

"Acceptance" was written as a result of the loss of an infant, who never left the hospital. She never arrived home, where a nursery had been lovingly prepared by her two overjoyed parents.

While I was grieving for their child, God gave me this poem. I wrote it, in one sitting, early one morning, while sitting in my van, in our driveway. For the first time, I couldn't think of a title for a poem. I think it was because I was still in shock over the child's death, and "Why?" I struggled with the question of the title for several days. A few days later, Carol and I were staying on Cape Cod, a weekend getaway. I still hadn't come up with a title, even though I couldn't stop thinking about it. This had just never happened before.

In the middle of the night, I was abruptly awakened ... God spoke to me, clearly and plainly, and He only spoke one word: "Acceptance."

It is the only time I have ever written a poem, in which the title is not included within the body of the work.


Even though I never knew you
I won't forget you
Even though I never knew you
I loved you
Even though I never knew you
I'll miss you

Even though you left so soon
I won't forget that you were here
Even though you are gone
I'll still hold you near

All at once you were our little girl
All at once you became Heaven's pearl
Did the angels create such a fuss
That you would have to suddenly leave us?
To go, help prepare a place
Tidy up a bit
To help make ready a place
Where so much love could fit

As my loving parents
You went before
But now, as your loving child
I've gone ahead to stand at Heaven's door

For, I have gone to prepare a place
In the very presence of God's grace
Now, I wait for you to join me
The first glimpse of you I am waiting to see

How big? How tall?
The color of your hair
Will you have any hair at all?
I don't care how you look
It doesn't matter, you see
For I love you
And want to spend all my time with thee

I'll have so much to show you
There'll be so much to learn
But, I'll place you under my wing
And, in just a moment
You will know everything

The answers to questions
You've always had
How life can sometimes be so sad
How something called life
Can even contain death
And, Why? Why? Why?

Some answers you will only learn here
That is why this place
You should hold so dear
To get here, to see me
Should be your career

To get here, on your list, should be first
Believe me, there are places worse
For it is here that I stand waiting for you
My cheeks are still chubby, my eyes are still blue
The only thing missing is both of you

You must accept that the reason I'm here
You may never know
But somehow, not knowing
Will, it must, make your faith grow
For, faith is believing in what you can't see
Even if what you can't see ... is me

So, hold to your faith
And accept what must be
And believe that one day
Once again, you'll be holding me

A Dictionary, a Primer, and a Blue Back Speller


Many of the articles and features I've done contain at least a parting reference to how, here in the United States, "times have changed," or "it doesn't seem like that long ago."

I wanted to write something to honor three of the great textbooks/ reference books used in the early history of the United States.

Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary, An American Dictionary of the English Language, was the first American dictionary published, written by the man called "The Father of American Christian Education." Noah Webster used the Bible as the foundation for his definitions, and the writing was consistent with the documents and books written during that time.

David Barton's 1777 New England Primer was the first textbook ever printed in America, and was used to teach reading and Bible lessons in our schools until the twentieth century. It has been called "The single most influential Christian textbook in history." It was first published in 1690.

Noah Webster's Blue Back Speller, titled A Grammatical Institute of the English Language, was published in 1783. "Old Blue Back" provided a Christ-centered approach to teaching children.

These textbooks proved that moral truths could be taught in every school subject.

A Dictionary, a Primer, and
a Blue Back Speller

Oh, that I could turn back the hands of time!
Before the penny was wheat
And the stores were not dime
The money was silver
Or even gold
When we ruled the world
Or, so I am told

I read of a time
When the New England Primer
Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary
And the Blue Back Speller
Were the textbooks of choice
It seemed the whole world
Loved and admired us
And, in our freedom, did rejoice

Was it really that many years back?
Nestled firmly away in Father Time's sack

A dictionary, a primer, an old blue book
Paired with the Bible and prayer
A great nation educated and forged
We must go back, to return there

I remember, and have read of a time
When our nation was so great
Founded in faith
Let's return before it's too late

In God we trust
Was on every coin
We stood alone, independent
Organizations we didn't need to join

When we trusted in God
We were kings of the world
Nations would stand in respect
When our flag was unfurled

God is still God
Jesus is still King
When did we start to think
That we ruled everything?
Our nation used to get down on her knees
Now, we kneel to every sin and disease

God puts them down
And sets others up
Nations are His agents
Sometimes made to drink from a bitter cup

If we turn back to God
Just like how we'd begun
We would again rule the world
Just like our Father's only Son

Our future can be bright
Once again
If we'll just turn from sin
And turn back to Him

Our founding fathers were not perfect
And neither am I
But what they used
I am willing to try

Yes, I want to be proud of our nation again
I also need to set aside every sin
My own foundation needs to ring true
Like my fathers before me
I need to trust only you

A Bible with textbook
I need to have on my shelf
I need to serve others
And not just myself

To my nation's original creed
I must be true
But, to do that
I'll have to turn back to you

Let's return to a time
When we were the greatest of great
There is still time
But, let's return before it's too late



This is the poem which I wrote on board an airplane, somewhere between Atlanta, GA, and Newport News, Virginia.

Once again, I had not followed my own advice, meaning that I had no paper when the poem came to me. At least I had the ever-present pen. Looking around, or more realistically, looking in front of my knees, at the pouch on the back of the seat in front of me, I searched for something to write on.

Airline magazines, shopping mall, but no paper. Then ... what's this? White paper! Someone must have left some pages from a notepad, or the airline had thought to supply writing paper for its passengers. As I pulled out the paper, I realized it wasn't from a notebook. In fact, it wasn't writing paper at all ... It was some sort of paper bag, with a slick, lined interior ... Then, I realized what the bag was ... I looked around to make sure no one was watching, and then applied pen to bag, and the ink took! I looked around again, making sure no one had noticed ... However, you should have seen the look on the person, sitting next to me, when, after I had "filled" both sides of the bag with poetry ... I asked him if I could please use his bag ...

I was so grateful that God had given me my partner for life. Don't worry: I checked, and I honestly can't find anywhere in Scripture where it's not ok to love your wife. In fact, we are supposed to love them! We are supposed to be deeply in love with them! It's even ok to show them that you love them! It's even ok to write them a love letter, or poem!

Enjoy the feeling of being "Airborne."


All the faces look the same
As I hurriedly board the plane
I wonder, as we get ready to split the clouds above
I can't help but think, "Is anyone else so much in love?"

The feeling in my stomach
As we lift off the ground
Still not as thrilling
As this love that I've found

You are all I can think about
As my plane gets aloft
Your eyes, your lips
Your skin, so soft

Row 16 on the 3-seat side
I buckle up and prepare for the ride
10,000 feet, when the clouds we break through
Still, all I can think of is you

Flight attendants breeze by asking
"Is there anything I can get?"
I think, "No, thank you, all I need
Is at home, in Connecticut"

The sound of your voice
Lifts me higher than any jet
The way you hold me so tight
Something I just can't forget

For, when you said yes
On that fate-filled night
It was then that my whole, entire life
Took flight
20,000 feet and the sky is so blue
Still ... nothing as beautiful as you

God is so wonderful
To give you to me
To serve Him, to love you
Is the best life can be

The landscape below
As I peer over the wing
I hear the way that you danced
And started to sing

The engine hums loudly
I'm lulled to sleep by the view
If I hurry and nap, maybe, just maybe
I'll dream about you

33,000 feet
Smooth as the morning dove
Not fear of flying
Fear of being in love

But, you changed all that
And brought me around
In the game of life
Super Bowl won! Winning touchdown!

Below, all white cotton
Above, all clear skies
Still not as pretty
As the look in your eyes

We tilt to the left
We tilt to the right
Still not as airborne
As I was that night

Four miles up
I'm still in love with you
Counting the days until
We both say "I do"

I look out my window
And stare into space
And yet, all I can see
Is the love on your face

Lakes and rivers
Look like puddles and streams
37,000 feet brought me
The girl of my dreams

Highways and roads
Look like x's and o's
I start at your head
And end at your toes

The whole world looks like golf courses
As we turn to land
The gold in your heart as pure
As your wedding band

Seat belt sign on
As I buckle back in
I'm thinking as we kiss the ground
"When will I kiss you again?"

The lady behind me says "Jesus" and "Thank you, God"
As she claps her hands
My words exactly, and I'm so thankful
That God heard my prayers, and that He understands

Amazing Grace: The Jesus Amendments


Two years after completing Amazing Grace-The John Newton Story, God laid it on my heart to write a brand new verse to "Amazing Grace." So I tried, and I tried, to write something "good" that would fit, but I couldn't find the right words. Then, God showed me that John Newton did not "make up" the song; he wrote it from his own personal experience.

Like so many of us, I have been knocked completely off my feet, stunned beyond imagination by betrayal, tragedy, and personal loss. Knocked down ... face down ... not having the strength or will-power to even make it back up to my knees. When friends or family fall into sin and desert us, it is Jesus' hand that reaches down, and lifts us up ... I don't mean up to the top of the mountain, or up to a pedestal ... it's Jesus' hand that reaches down, and lifts us up ... to our knees.

I ended up writing three new verses to "Amazing Grace."

Put simply, these three new verses glorify and honor Jesus. The first verse tells us what Jesus does, the second verse tells us who Jesus is, and the last verse just lifts up His holy name.

Amazing Grace: The Jesus Amendments
(Traditional Melody)

Though friends and fam'ly 'round me fall
Stricken by sin's disease
It's Jesus' hand that reaches down
And lifts me to my knees

Jesus, Savior, is Lord of Lords
Jesus, the King of Kings
Jesus, the Prince of Peace is Lord
And God of Every Thing

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Amazing Grace: All Known Verses


God's "Amazing Grace."

Perhaps, next to the 23rd Psalm, there is no other song ever written that is used so widely to bring comfort and peace to troubled souls. Even the tune, without words, brings the same relief and consolation.

Time and again, our forefathers publicly acknowledged that it was God's grace that gave us our country, our liberty, and our freedom. From Washington to Adams to Lincoln, and almost every leader between or since, it has been recognized that it is only God's grace that will allow us to keep it.

Today, the only true source of our healing, the only real hope we have is through the exact same source. These men knew that true greatness, for an individual or for a nation, begins from the knees. It is the measure, the allotment, and the sheer endurance of His grace that is amazing.

We are going to present all known existing verses of the song, "Amazing Grace."

For our historians: Note that when John Newton wrote the first six verses, the song was not entitled "Amazing Grace." And, another verse, verse seven, known as the "10,000 years" verse, was added by an unknown author, and first appeared as early as 1829, in a hymnal that was published by a Mr. R. Winchell, from Wethersfield, CT.

So, adding another verse to "Amazing Grace" has already been done, and accepted. It is an "amazing" coincidence that now, 184 years later, a new verse has been written and added to the original ... also written, and first appearing, in Connecticut.

Now, for the first time ever published, here are the known verses to "Amazing Grace," with "Amazing Grace: The Jesus Amendments" included. We started with the "Praise God" and "I'm Saved" choruses, as these are such widely accepted additions to the song, in many churches today. Please enjoy!


Excerpted from MODERN-DAY PSALMS by RICHARD, VINCENT, ROSE. Copyright © 2013 Richard. Vincent. Rose. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Introduction, ix,
Dedication, xv,
Acceptance, 2,
A Dictionary, a Primer, and a Blue Back Speller, 5,
Airborne, 9,
Amazing Grace: The Jesus Amendments (Traditional Melody), 13,
Amazing Grace: All Known Verses, 15,
A Vision from the Lord, 18,
By This Time Next Year, 24,
Connecticut-Land of My Love, 28,
Deal!, 31,
Dear God, I Just Don't Understand, 34,
Don't Weep For Me (Original Version), 37,
Don't Weep For Me (Mama Version), 40,
Goodbye Abraham, 43,
He Saw All the Way to Me, 45,
How Can I Go On?, 50,
I Believe, 52,
I Dreamed About Mama Last Night, 54,
I Love You Jesus, 59,
I Never Did, 62,
In Praise of Pastor's Wife, 64,
I Stopped by Your Place for Christmas, 66,
It Took a Judas, 69,
I Walk (Song of the Walkathon), 71,
I Went to the Altar a Sinner, 74,
Jesus Came and Got Me from Cellblock # 9, 79,
Jesus in the Storm, 83,
Jesus Meant What He Said, 85,
Just Say the Word, 91,
Just Wait (The Streets of Nain), 95,
Letter to Assistant Pastor (Full Version), 101,
Letter to Assistant Pastor (Plaque/Print Presentation Version), 103,
Letter to Pastor's Wife, 105,
Lord, I Want to Thank You for a Mama That Prayed, 107,
Love Notes, 111,
Master of the Sea, Master of Me, 115,
Millions, 119,
Not Since Judas, 123,
Our Love Was Meant to Be, 126,
Panic, Prayer, Preparation, 130,
Rock Music, 133,
So Many Memories in so Short a Time, 139,
The Ark and the Covenant, 142,
The Bottomless Sea, 147,
The Eagle Still Flies, 151,
The Kind of Guys I Want to Be, 154,
The Mold of Gold, 159,
There Was a Man Who Took a Stand, 163,
The State of Missing You, 171,
The Sweetest Sound I've Ever Heard, 174,
"We", 178,
Why, Jesus, Why, 181,
Why, Pastor, Why, 185,
Why, Pastor, Why (The Song), 187,
You're My Yuletide Carol (Full Version), 191,
You're My Yuletide Carol (Christmas Carol Version), 195,
You, Yes You, Are There, 197,
Betrayal Confirms "It Took a Judas", 199,
Grieving and "Acceptance" of Losing One's Child, 202,
It Was True: "Dear God I Just Don't Understand", 205,
Now We Know "Why, Pastor, Why", 209,
The Story of "Don't Weep For Me", 212,
The Wrong Restaurant Leads to "The Sweetest Sound I've Ever Heard", 216,
Writing "I Stopped by Your Place for Christmas" at the Cemetery, 220,
Heroes ... the Alamo ... and Jesus, 223,
John Newton: Who Am I?, 229,
Letter to Mama, 232,
Personal Thoughts on Pastor Appreciation, 234,
Presenting "Why, Pastor, Why" to Pastor for First Time, 237,
September 11 Anniversary Memorial Speech Transcript, 241,
The Eagle Still Flies: Mail Call, 245,

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The words touch one's very soul and bring tears, smiles and comfort. These works of poetry come from the raw emotions found only deep within one's heart. It is a special person who is willing to write down what we have all felt and then share it with the world.