Modern Day Shapeshifting: Living by Soul Design

Modern Day Shapeshifting: Living by Soul Design

by Rhonda McFarland


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Modern Day Shapeshifting: Living by Soul Design by Rhonda McFarland

A powerful and thought provoking read on how to transform ourselves from our baggage-laden past and shift into the perfect part of ourselves: our souls.

This step-by-step book marries a relationship between modern psychology and modern spirituality. It addresses powerful topics necessary to deliberately direct life experiences to achieve healthy and favorable outcomes. It includes learning life manifestation skills from both a psychological and soulful point of view. It gives the individual the knowledge and guidance to stay on course while consciously directing their life's journey. This is the manual needed for individuals struggling physically, emotionally and mentally to create healthy focus and direction. It is a practical guide for individuals to access their innate and individual wisdom. It teaches you the Art of Shapshifting and how consciousness creates the nature of reality. It gives you effective strategies to design more of what you desire in life. It also helps you create a personal mapping system that keeps you on course. If you do the exercises and follow the advice, your life will change!

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ISBN-13: 9781504352833
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/11/2016
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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Modern Day Shapeshifting

Living by Soul Design

By Rhonda McFarland

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Rhonda McFarland
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-5283-3


Why Bad Things Happen to Everyone

Life is a earn as you grow process, rather than learn as you go process.

Most individuals do not consciously create negative events. At the core of our being there is wholeness. It is invalid to say a sick person, rape victim, unhealthy baby, or child consciously attracted illness or misfortune. No one is to blame. No one should be faulted for these challenges, which happen in all of our lives. Most individuals are not at fault when bad things happen, because they did not intentionally create the situation. When we look at the linear perspective of the individual experience, there are accidents, challenges, winning, and losing, and that is simply part of life!

We can, however, find ourselves in some circumstances because we made poor conscious decisions. This book is about making better choices and decisions and taking deliberate actions, to the best of our abilities, which lead to more positive life experiences.

We inherit our predominant consciousness from our environment and our education. Biological and ancestral imprints give us our DNA coding. The holistic picture of our existence is our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious presences. This includes the whole of our existence down to our DNA and cellular encoding. Understanding this theory makes it easier to recognize if a subtle or subconscious communication underlying an issue is wreaking havoc in our lives.

As we go along in life, we may find ourselves in a resonate field of illness, disease, dysfunction, and tragedy based on predominant vibrations. Our reality is being influenced by these factors but also includes our immediate surroundings. There are not always clear, definitive answers as to why something bad or good happens.

With that being said, I believe we can inadvertently attract situations from the conscious and subconscious observation of our surroundings. Our surroundings support our belief systems, and we can attract a similar vibrational resonance. The reason for deliberate shapeshifting is to attract more of what we desire soulfully.

Since your birth, you may have found yourself in a resonate field of love, bliss, passion, romance, safety, security, financial stability, health, and well-being. You may have also found yourself, at times, in a resonate field of religious, spousal, sexual, or relationship abuse and possibly life-threatening violence. Many of us have undergone the entire spectrum of the human experience.

Today many of us are engaging in a tremendous amount of spiritual and physiological conscious work on ourselves. We're meditating, praying, and attending workshops, seminars, and retreats. This is good news because if humankind is going to evolve, it's going to take a lot of conscious people to lead the way. Yet the vast majority of us who are engaging in these practices are making the same mistakes. I believe we tend to put far too much emphasis on the need to work out our personal psychological issues as part of our spiritual path.

Here is the way this plays out practically. Let's say you take up an inner-child healing practice in earnest. In the course of that practice, you connect to the situations where you were deeply hurt, harmed, and abused. Upon uncovering these circumstances in life, as psychologically informed people, our tendency is to go further inward and deeper into our past. We start plunging into the depths of our psyches while trying to find and uproot the causes of our issues, fears, insecurities, and so on. Some of us find ourselves going back to digging through not only the circumstances of this lifetime, but also potential past lives. I am not saying that doing this is right or wrong. But at some point, if you continue to engage with disempowered and painful situations of suffering, it perpetuates your suffering. I believe this is not the only way to heal pain and dysfunction.

Even though there is truly a benefit from inner-child healing, there is also trouble with too much "archaeological digging" into the past-life depths of your psyche. Although it might lead to some degree of greater self-understanding of the experience, it won't necessarily make it any easier for you to move forward. It might even take you further away from reality and get you stuck in confusion and the mind's misinterpretations of the far distant past. In some cases this can perpetuate more subconscious self-dysfunction than before.

It's important to recognize that this tendency toward self-preoccupation isn't our fault. This habit grew out of our overpsychologized culture, which basically told us that we were all damaged by our childhood, birth, and ancestral history and that we had inner wounds that needed to be healed in order for us to become happy and fulfilled adults.

As the world's eastern traditions of wisdom have been imported to the West, this pathology-focused worldview has gradually become superimposed onto the spiritual path. But when we let go of this compulsion to work out our problems and instead begin to directly engage in a path of authentic evolutionary transformation, we begin to discover that we also have access to a part of ourselves that is already free from our past limitations and issues — the soul.

We discover the soul connection within us, which has never been wounded or traumatized and doesn't need to be healed, because it is already whole and complete. This part of the self has access to boundless energy, creativity, and positivity. It is completely ready to participate in life fully, boldly, and passionately.

When we step into this part of ourselves, we feel instantly connected to the heart of life and energized by connection. Miraculously, what we find when we do this work is that when we connect to it and begin to act from this deeper, truer part of ourselves, the many psychological issues, blocks, wounds, complexes, and neuroses that previously seemed so concrete suddenly seem to dissolve.

The fact is that they haven't dissolved. They can still be reactivated if we step back into the perspective of pain and suffering. But in the light of powerful potential and the profound sense of purpose and meaning that comes with it, we discover a powerful intention to no longer fall back into our issues.

We are defined by the stories we consistently tell ourselves. As our awareness of this healthy self grows, our old habits and issues become less and less interesting to us. They gradually lose their power over our psyche. It can make a big difference! In this alignment, we begin to discover the real meaning of disengaging from the old story. We learn that this is not something we have to wait for. It can happen now if we're willing to give it our attention.


My Personal Journey to Shapeshifting

My soul always wants me to be fulfilled and is always leading me in that direction.

I know I have been on a spiritual quest all of my life. My spiritual journey didn't begin until 1981, but my religious journey began before I was born. I was baptized twice, once as a young girl and along with my mother while still in her womb.

I was born and raised in a small Indiana town to a happy, conservative family. Very little fussing or fighting ever took place in our home. I guess that meant we had been well trained to be respectful and to behave ourselves. We loved each other very much, which was a great big plus. I remember my parents always striving to do the right thing. They were earnest about raising happy, healthy children. I was the third child born of six siblings — five biological and one adopted. I am grateful that I was blessed with wonderful parents, brothers, and sisters. I was fortunate in that respect.

I was also raised and indoctrinated into a religious structure where the ministers based most of their teachings on a God we should fear rather than a God of love. As I grew into adulthood hearing fear-based teachings, I could not figure out how a God of love would choose to destroy all of humankind. That seemed extremely arrogant and downright evil to me. The ministers often taught us about God's wrath and violence and the deaths of men, women, children, and animals, which were biblically recorded as ordered by God. I believe the sermons were based on the rulership of the ministers and how they chose to interpret the Bible. However, my innate and respectful connection with God never allowed me to buy into the fear. I believed in my heart, the way they represented and viewed God was somehow misinterpreted or skewed.

Until the age of twenty-five, I was actively involved in this religious organization. In all fairness to my specific Christian upbringing, over the years, many have adopted more integral points of view.

I was taught that my religion was the only true religion and all other religions were wrong. So that I wouldn't be corrupted, my religious upbringing restricted me from worldly sins. I was not allowed to listen to non-Christian music or to watch television. I was kept from social and school functions to shield me from the real world. I was hammered with rules that were mostly geared toward women. A woman's body was to be covered from her neck to below her knees. We were not allowed to expose our shoulders but were allowed to show our calves and toes. Go figure! Women could not cut their hair or wear makeup, pants, or jewelry. We understood the consequence of the law that said no sex before marriage! We were inundated with rules. This rule probably made some of us more neurotic than ever. I could not attend sporting events and was not allowed to dance, roller skate, or to go to the movies, and the list went on.

The simplest things I desired, which by today's standards are considered normal, I was not given permission to enjoy. My religious leaders would not consider the differences in my understanding and when I opposed them they thought it could be the Devil influencing me. I dealt with my religious upbringing by not rocking the boat. However, internally, I was having my own personal dialogue between me and me. In spite of all the rules, they were never able to keep me from experiencing all the natural progressions of life. I just learned how to become a deceiver and kept secrets. My authority figures thought they were teaching me one principle, when in-fact, I was learning another.

At a young age, I knew I was different. Knowing this and the fact that I believed something different from what my religious upbringing considered mandatory to go to heaven was frightening to me. My self-identity and my desires were certainly not acceptable and definitely not respected by my religion. Most people I confided in could not handle my truth. I often felt like a misfit and would lie. I knew if I told the truth, someone would be upset and I would be punished. It usually wasn't worth being truthful. Telling the truth often led to social and religious conflict. Not wanting to fight or be harshly judged, I learned that lying enabled me to avoid this conflict. I learned to present myself in an acceptable manner in order to be given approval. As a result, I did not solidly ground or deeply root myself and lying became natural for me.

My actions made sense under the circumstances. The drive for acceptance is a human need. Therefore we often tend to fall into its conditioning. All of our communities teach us their definitions of what is correct by giving us long lists of rights and wrongs. I don't have to tell you what they are, because you have heard them. In the bigger picture, have we created societies of politically correct organizations that would rather hear a lie than deal with pure facts? I believe we know this intellectually, but who is brave enough to incite change? It's easier to just go along. As a whole, we have decided that a false compromise is safer than the truth. For many of us, it has become easier to lie than to face the challenges of being honest.

Do you know someone with whom you can be completely honest? If you know one person, you may be the exception. If you don't, it could mean you don't have anyone you can trust who allows you to be yourself. We say relationships are built on trust but, when it comes to it, we judge and are judged. This creates permanent barriers for real relationships. The actors show up and the games begin.

We lose self-esteem and self-respect when we constantly choose dishonesty. Without honesty, we have no solid personal foundation. This is what happened to me. I was getting away with dishonest behavior but was destroying my inner world. This left me feeling lost and disconnected from my soul.

When the external representation of the self becomes so important that we resort to lying to ourselves and to others, we are weakened. Deceptively defining limits according to the external world cannot restore self-confidence and self-esteem. It only weaves more webs of confusion.

Because I had been told that my innate desires were bad, dealing with my deepest thoughts and emotions was extremely difficult. Most people never really got to know me. I had learned to put on an act in order to avoid judgment. I played the game for my parents, teachers, spouse, children, ministers, employers, and others. My lack of truthful self-expression for acceptance led to a secret self.

Our deepest spiritual consciousness cannot survive long term if we constantly lie. It becomes confused. I became confused. I didn't want to hurt anyone, because when others hurt, their pain became mine. I didn't want to make others or myself uncomfortable. When I eventually came to the conclusion that there was no point in creating relationships where I could not be honest, I found myself alone.

If you are like me, during lonely times, you may wonder why you are here and what the purpose of life is. You may think and ask questions like "Where did I come from?" and "Where am I going?" I looked to educators, parents, friends, psychics, and ministers as I searched to find answers to the true meaning of existence.

My search led me to books such as Man's Search for Meaning, Think and Grow Rich, Siddhartha, the Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita, A Course in Miracles, and other self-help books on how to set goals, dream big dreams, and live an exceptional life. With all the books and education, I still found myself desperately needing answers. In my desperation, I screamed, cried, and pleaded for God to support me but often felt I stood alone. Then one day I stumbled upon Illusions written by Richard Bach. This book changed my life's direction forever. I ultimately came to understand that every person's journey is quite different and there are no single definitive answers or truths for everyone. It was up to me to find my own path. I was twenty-seven years old, had three small children, and was contemplating divorce. My deep, introspective, soul journey had begun.


On My Own

Life needs you now, not when you are perfect!

I screwed everything up and seemed to do all the wrong things I had been taught not to do. For a while, it appeared as if I was making the worst decisions possible. I was not comfortable trusting myself since I was afraid and feared the future. I regularly felt anxious, depressed, and lonely. I was an emotional and psychological wreck. I had divorced, married, and divorced again in my search for a deep connection but still felt unfulfilled. I had experienced the failure that my religious upbringing had told me would come my way.

I recall great bouts of desperation as I lost my confidence. I remember looking in the mirror through tear-swollen eyes, wondering who and what I had become and feeling torn up by personal tragedies that left me nothing but bits and pieces of what once was a life. Lying on the bare ground, I would beg to God to die so I could escape the pain. I tasted the bitterness of the sweetest love that had gone sour and was emotionally shaken by the thought that I was growing further and more distant from the person I wanted to be. I missed the innocent child who always had a smile on her face and who knew she was special and divine. It was hard to remember the contentment I had felt when I had experienced some of life's sweetest moments.

Fear delayed my path. I was afraid to trust my feelings, as most of my training had been against any kind of self-exploration. I had been told, over and over, what to do, how to do it, and not to ask questions. I had learned not to trust what my inner voice was saying. However, divine expression would not leave me alone. I knew I had to reconnect with my soul.

One of my paths to reconnection became meditation because it was a safe place for me to become centered and to learn how to listen to my deepest inner being. I was amazed how much easier life became when I began to trust myself. I could feel positive strength growing within me. Its power expanded with each small step I took toward personal guidance. Re-embracing some of my childhood traits was one of the first steps I took toward conscious awakening. I began daydreaming and using my imagination again. I thought like a child, asking myself what would make me happy, what would fulfill me, and what would bring me joy. I remember smiling because I still felt like a kid at heart. Realizing that I had not changed much, I played with the idea that life could be much more fulfilling than what it had become. I imagined the quality of life I knew I wanted. There was no doubt I wanted unconditional love and to play a role in the evolution of awareness. Love seemed to be an important theme in all my imaginings. I was more peaceful when I meditated with love.


Excerpted from Modern Day Shapeshifting by Rhonda McFarland. Copyright © 2016 Rhonda McFarland. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface, ix,
Acknowledgments, xi,
1. Why Bad Things Happen to Everyone, 1,
2. My Personal Journey to Shapeshifting, 5,
3. On My Own, 9,
4. My Mother the ShapeShifter, 13,
5. Results versus Survival Consciousness, 18,
6. Director of Your Experiences, 21,
7. A Brief Look at Quantum Physics, 26,
8. ShapeShifting, 28,
9. Conscious-Intent ShapeShifting, 31,
10. Collective-Consciousness ShapeShifting, 33,
11. Performance ShapeShifting and Hypnotherapy, 38,
12. Integration ShapeShifting, 45,
13. Kinetic-Intent ShapeShifting, 50,
14. Tools for ShapeShifting, 52,
15. Your Core Being Is Intact, 54,
16. Your Central Nervous System and Brain Function, 56,
17. Understand How You Communicate, 62,
18. Masculine and Feminine Characteristics, 70,
19. Masculine and Feminine Body Language, 73,
20. Personal Growth and Stage of Development, 75,
21. Change Your Habits, 80,
22. A Brief Look at Vibrational Energy, 84,
23. Who I Was, Who I Am, and Where I am Going, 91,
24. Define the Unacceptable and Set Results for the Future, 93,
25. Define the Way You Think, 101,
26. Character and Emotional Guidance Scale, 103,
27. Change Your Reactions to Responses, 107,
28. Change Your Reactions to Responses (Meditation), 112,
29. Clear Your Emotional Blocks, 116,
30. Change Your Beliefs, 120,
31. Keep Believing, 125,
32. Shift Your Point of View, 130,
33. Bond with Empowered Emotions, 135,
34. Recognizing the Many Parts of Your Personality, 140,
35. A Brief Look at Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality, 144,
36. Good versus Bad and Right versus Wrong, 147,
37. Relationships, Happiness, and the Law of Attraction, 150,
38. Your New Reality, 154,
39. Surrender and Faith, 157,
40. Trust and Coping, 160,
41. My ShapeShifting Journey Continues, 165,
Bibliography, 167,
About the Author, 175,

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