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Modern Dental Assisting / Edition 12

Modern Dental Assisting / Edition 12

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Prepare for a successful career as a dental assistant with Modern Dental Assisting, 11th Edition! Using an easy-to-understand approach, this book provides a complete foundation in the basic and advanced skills you must master to achieve clinical competence. Full-color photographs and clear, step-by-step instructions make it easy to learn dental assisting procedures. This edition includes content on the electronic health record, impact of the new health care law, and the new hazard communication standard. And as a complete learning package, it also includes an Evolve companion website with new videos demonstrating key procedures, practice quizzes, interactive games and exercises, and flashcards. Written by the expert dental assisting team of Doni Bird and Debbie Robinson, this is the leading text in dental assisting — the most trusted, the most comprehensive, and the most current.

Comprehensive coverage makes this your single, start-to-finish source for dental assisting training.
A highly approachable writing style presents the latest information and procedures in a way that makes it easy to understand and apply the material.
Concise chapters presented within short parts move from profession basics and sciences to infection control, safety, clinical dentistry, radiography, materials, specialty dental practice, and dental office administration.
Superb, full-color illustrations and photographs show procedures, equipment, and instruments.
Illustrated, step-by-step procedures show the skills that dental assistants must master, detailing for each the goal, equipment and supplies needed, chronological steps, and rationales.
Expanded Functions procedures boxes describe special dental assisting procedures allowed only in certain states.
Procedure icons alert you to issues relating to core procedures, e.g., that you should make notes in the patient's record, don personal protective equipment, or watch for moisture contamination.
Key terms are accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, highlighted within the text, and defined in boxes on the same or facing page.
Critical thinking questions end each chapter with mini-case scenarios and application-style questions.
Learning and performance outcomes in each chapter set goals for what you will accomplish and also serve as checkpoints for comprehension, skills mastery, and study tools for exam preparation.
Summary tables and boxes make it easy to review key concepts and procedures.
Recall boxes appear after sections of text and include questions to ensure that you understand the material.
CDC boxes cite the latest recommendations for infection control and summarize regulations.
Eye to the Future boxes introduce cutting-edge research, future trends, and topics.
Legal and Ethical Implications boxes focus on the behaviors that you will need to practice to protect yourself, your patients, and the practice for which you work.
Patient Education boxes summarize content within the context of patient education take-away points.
A glossary provides a quick and handy way to look up terminology, with chapter references indicating where terms are introduced and discussed within chapters.
Interactive Dental Office program on the companion Evolve website provides 25 case studies with integrated radiographic mounting and dental charting exercises to help you problem-solve your way through a wide variety of dental conditions and procedures; games help you review and study in the areas of pathology, radiation safety, business office activities, workplace safety, oral anatomy, and dental instruments.
Canadian Content Corner on the Evolve site highlights Canadian-specific dental information.
A student workbook corresponds to the textbook and offers review and practice of essential tasks that dental assistants perform every day, plus competency skill sheets and detachable flashcards for on-the-go review. Sold separately.

content addresses the electronic patient record, impact of the new health care law, preventive techniques, and the new hazard communication standard.
NEW, full-color photos show the latest technology, instruments, and procedures.
NEW video on the companion Evolve websiteincludes 10 new and 20 reshot video clips of dental assisting procedures, focusing on prevention, dental materials, and imaging; theEvolve websitealso includes review questions and answers to test your readiness for clinical experiences.
EXPANDED! Online chapter quizzes on the Evolve companion website provide additional opportunities to assess your comprehension, along with rationales to reinforce concepts.

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ISBN-13: 9780323430302
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 04/17/2017
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 1184
Sales rank: 63,007
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Table of Contents

Section 1The Dental Assisting Profession
Chapter 1History of Dentistry
Early Times3
The Renaissance5
Early America6
Educational and Professional Development in the United States6
Chapter 2The Professional Dental Assistant
Characteristics of a Professional Dental Assistant11
Professional Organizations13
Chapter 3The Dental Health Care Team
Dentist and Dental Specialists19
Registered Dental Hygienist21
Dental Assistants21
Dental Laboratory Technician22
Supporting Services23
Chapter 4Dental Ethics
Basic Principles of Ethics26
Professional Code of Ethics27
Ethics versus Law27
Sources of Ethics28
Steps for Solving Ethical Dilemmas28
Chapter 5Dentistry and the Law
State Dental Practice Act31
Expanded Functions and Supervision32
Dentist-Patient Relationship33
Categories of Law34
Risk Management35
Patient Records37
Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect38
Section 2Sciences in Dentistry
Chapter 6General Anatomy
Body Directions and Planes43
Structural Units44
Body Cavities48
Body Regions49
Chapter 7General Physiology
Skeletal System51
Muscular System55
Cardiovascular System57
Nervous System61
Respiratory System64
Digestive System65
Endocrine System67
Urinary System68
Integumentary System68
Reproductive System70
Chapter 8Oral Embryology and Histology
Oral Embryology73
Oral Histology82
Chapter 9Head and Neck Anatomy
Regions of the Head97
Bones of the Skull97
Temporomandibular Joints102
Muscles of the Head and Neck105
Salivary Glands107
Blood Supply to the Head and Neck110
Nerves of the Head and Neck112
Lymph Nodes of the Head and Neck113
Paranasal Sinuses116
Chapter 10Landmarks of the Face and Oral Cavity
Landmarks of the Face119
The Oral Cavity121
The Oral Cavity Proper124
Chapter 11Overview of the Dentition
The Dentitions129
Dentition Periods129
Dental Arches131
Types and Functions of Teeth132
Tooth Surfaces133
Anatomic Features of Teeth134
Angles and Divisions of Teeth135
Occlusion and Malocclusions136
Stabilization of the Arches138
Tooth-Numbering Systems139
Chapter 12Tooth Morphology
Anterior Permanent Dentition144
Posterior Permanent Dentition149
Primary Dentition157
Section 3Oral Health and Prevention of Dental Disease
Chapter 13Dental Caries
Bacterial Infection167
The Caries Process168
The Role of Saliva170
Diagnosis of Caries170
Methods of Caries Intervention171
Risk Assessment for Caries172
Chapter 14Periodontal Disease
Signs and Symptoms184
Chapter 15Preventive Dentistry
Partnership in Prevention Program186
Patient Education187
Dental Sealants188
Nutrition and Dental Caries195
Plaque Control Program197
Chapter 16Nutrition
Food Guide Pyramid207
Fats (Lipids)210
Diet Modification216
Dietary Analysis216
Reading Food Labels217
Eating Disorders218
Healthy Habits219
Chapter 17Oral Pathology
Making a Diagnosis222
Oral Lesions225
Diseases of the Oral Soft Tissues227
Conditions of the Tongue230
Oral Cancer231
Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome234
Developmental Disorders237
Miscellaneous Disorders243
Section 4Jnfection Control in Dentistry
Chapter 18Microbiology
Pioneers in Microbiology249
Major Groups of Microorganisms251
Chapter 19Disease Transmission and Infection Control
The Chain of Infection258
Types of Infections259
Methods of Disease Transmission259
Disease Transmission in the Dental Office261
The Immune System262
OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard263
Personal Protective Equipment270
Latex Allergies274
Waste Management in the Dental Office275
Other Infection Control Guidelines277
Chapter 20Principles and Techniques of Disinfection
Dental Treatment Room Surfaces280
Surface Barriers283
Precleaning and Disinfection283
Chapter 21Principles and Techniques of Sterilization
Classification of Instruments and Equipment289
Instrument Processing Area291
Precleaning and Packaging Instruments293
Sterilization Monitoring297
Methods of Sterilization300
Handpiece Sterilization309
Section 5Occupational Health and Safety
Chapter 22Regulatory and Advisory Agencies
Associations and Organizations315
Government Agencies316
Chapter 23Chemical Safety
Hazardous Chemicals320
Hazard Communication Program324
Dental Office Waste Management330
Waste Disposal332
Chapter 24Dental Unit Waterlines
Microorganisms in Dental Unit Water336
Biofilm in Dental Waterlines337
Methods for Reducing Bacterial Contamination338
Infection Control and Dental Unit Water339
Chapter 25Ergonomics
Ergonomics in the Dental Office342
Repetition and Force344
Muscle-Strengthening Exercises346
Section 6Patient Information and Assessment
Chapter 26The Patient Record
Purpose and Additional Functions351
Initial Patient Contact353
Patient Forms in the Record355
Chapter 27Vital Signs
Factors Affecting Vital Signs369
Blood Pressure375
Chapter 28Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Examination and Diagnostic Techniques383
Recording the Dental Examination386
Clinical Examination of the Patient395
The Treatment Plan401
Recording the Dental Treatment402
Chapter 29The Medically and Physically Compromised Patient
The Rights of All Patients405
Role of the Dental Assistant405
The Aging Population406
The Medically Compromised Patient408
The Physically Compromised Patient415
Assistance from Organizations416
Chapter 30Principles of Pharmacology
Overview of Drugs419
Dispensing of Drugs420
Administration of Medications421
Drug Dosage and Forms423
Controlled Substances Act423
Safety Issues423
Classification of Drug Actions424
Drug Reference Materials425
Chapter 31Assisting in a Medical Emergency
Preventing a Medical Emergency431
Emergency Preparedness431
Recognizing a Medical Emergency433
Emergency Care Standards433
Emergency Equipment and Supplies438
Emergency Responses441
Postural Hypotension444
Cardiac Emergencies445
Asthma Attack445
Allergic Reaction445
Epileptic Seizure446
Diabetes Mellitus447
Documentation of an Emergency449
Section 7Foundation of Clinical Dentistry
Chapter 32The Dental Office
Office Environment452
Reception Area453
Administrative Area453
Treatment Area454
Clinical Equipment454
Care of Dental Equipment459
Central Sterilization460
Dental Laboratory460
Dentist's Private Office460
Evening and Morning Routines for Dental Assistants460
Chapter 33Delivering Dental Care
Knowing Your Patients464
Reviewing the Patient Record464
Preparing the Treatment Area464
Greeting and Seating the Patient465
Team Dentistry465
Operating Zones467
Principles of Team Positioning468
Instrument Transfer469
Expanded-Functions Dental Assistant472
Working as the Operator473
Chapter 34Dental Hand Instruments
Identifying Hand Instruments480
Examination Instruments482
Hand (Manual) Cutting Instruments486
Restorative Instruments489
Accessory Instruments and Items489
Preset Cassettes (Trays)489
Chapter 35Dental Handpieces and Accessories
Evolution of Rotary Equipment497
Low-Speed Handpiece498
High-Speed Handpiece499
Ultrasonic Handpiece500
Laser Handpiece500
Air Abrasion Handpiece501
Laboratory Handpiece501
Handpiece Maintenance502
Rotary Cutting Instruments503
Dental Burs503
Diamond Rotary Instruments506
Finishing Rotary Instruments506
Abrasion Rotary Instruments506
Laboratory Rotary Instruments509
Chapter 36Moisture Control
Oral Evacuation Systems513
Rinsing the Oral Cavity517
Isolation of Teeth519
The Dental Dam521
Dental Dam Preparation526
Dental Dam Placement529
Chapter 37Anesthesia and Pain Control
Anesthetic Agents536
Injection Techniques539
Local Anesthesia Setup540
Complications and Precautions542
Electronic Anesthesia546
Inhalation Sedation (Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Analgesia)546

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