Modern Germany

Modern Germany

by V. R. Berghahn


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ISBN-13: 9780521231855
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 10/28/1982
Pages: 326
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Table of Contents

List of maps;
Part I. Wilhelmine Germany, 1900-1914: Rapid Industrialisation and its Impact on Society;
1. Stratification and social mobility;
2. The Prusso-German political system and its political culture;
3. Weltpolitik and the spectre of encirclement;
Part II. War and Civil War, 1914-1923: The Political and Military Situation at the Beginning of the War;
4. The strains of total war;
5. Reaction, reform and revolutionary ferment;
6. The Revolutions of 1918-19;
7. Economic dislocation and counter-revolution, 1919-1923;
Part III. The Weimar Republic Between Stabilisation and Collapse, 1924-1933: Intellectual and Cultural Activity;
8. Party politics and the problem of parliamentary government;
9. Weimar foreign policy;
10. Economic tensions and the rise of the Nazis;
11. From Brüning to Hitler;
Part IV. The Third Reich, 1933-1945: The Face of the Nazi Dictatorship;
12. Economic conditions and mobilisation for war;
13. Nazi foreign policy and war aims;
14. Occupation, exploitation and extermination;
15. Resistance and collaboration during the final years;
Part V. Occupation and Division, 1945-1960: Economic and Political Life in the Western Zones of Occupation;
16. The Russian Zone of Occupation, 1945-1949;
17. The shaping of the Federal Republic of germany, 1949-1960;
18. Soviet Western policy and the consolidation of East Germany;
Part VI. The Two Germanies Since the 1960s: The Development of the East German Economy, 1960-1985;
19. Society ad politics in contemporary East Germany;
20. West German capitalism and the international economy;
21. Problems of political stability;
22. Culture and society in West Germany;
Statistical tables;
Chronological table;
Select bibliography;

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