Modern Paint Effects: A Guide to Contemporary Paint Finishes from Inspiration to Technique

Modern Paint Effects: A Guide to Contemporary Paint Finishes from Inspiration to Technique

by Annie Sloan


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Modern Paint Effects is a colorful exploration of the newest paint products and how to use them to achieve exciting effects in the home.

Illustrated with dozens of specially commissioned full color photographs, Modern Paint Effects is materials-based and technique-oriented and opens with a detailed examination of the newest materials:
Pearlized Paint; Matte Paint; Glossy Glaze Paint; Metallic Paint; Sparkly Paint; Graphite Paint; Mid-sheen Paint; Marmorino.

Annie Sloan then demonstrates various decorative techniques using the new paint products, suggesting innovative applications and dynamic color combinations including:
Colorwashing; Sparkle paint; Combing; Sponge rollers; Dragging; Spotted stone; Glazing checks; Stamping; Hand-painted stripes; Stencilling and reverse stencilling; High gloss paints; Incising; Stippling; Masking; Using a long-pile roller; Matte paints; Using crackle medium; Rubbing back; Using pattern and (distressing) texture; Semi gloss paints
and many more.

A glossary and a list of suppliers of these new products round out this excellent and inspirational decorating resource.

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ISBN-13: 9781552094884
Publisher: Firefly Books, Limited
Publication date: 09/02/2000
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 9.25(w) x 12.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Annie Sloan is one of the world's most respected and innovative experts in the field of color and paint finishes for the interior. She produces her own paints and teaches in the United States and Europe. She has written many best-selling books, including The Practical Guide to Decorative Antique Effects and The Complete Book of Painting Techniques for the Home. She lives in England.

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Paint is today's essential home accessory. More and more designer paint ranges are being launched, and a wonderful array of innovative new products is available now, from pearlized paints to colored plaster. Knowing how to make the most of these provides the quickest and easiest way to upgrade your home. Whether you prefer richly subtle shades or excitingly vibrant colors, velvety flat finishes or colorful pattern, there are many exciting new ways you can personalize your surroundings.

This book explores the decorative potential of the latest paint techniques, products and trends, bringing interior decoration with paint right up-to-date. The paint effects are grouped into two sections. The first covers textured effects using the latest paints and colored plaster, while the second comprises modern approaches to pattern.

As well as detailed step-by-step instructions for using the new products and techniques, there are specially commissioned photographs showing each finished effect, and suggestions for innovative variations on that technique. In addition, there is guidance on finding inspiration for your own ideas and then translating your ideas into paint. Each paint effect in the book is compared with similar effects found in nature, textiles, art, architecture-even manufacturing and electronics. By becoming aware of the similarities, you will develop an "eye" that will enable you to use the textures and patterns all around you as inspiration for original designs of your own.

In our homes we are now surrounded by new, high-tech materials and designs, not only found in the latest gadgets but also introduced by architects and designers. Only equally modern paint finishes can live up to them, and fortunately technology has obliged, with a wonderful array of brilliant new products, including sparkle, pearlized, and metallic paints and polished plaster.

Paradoxically, our homes have become refuges from the fast pace and pressures of modern living. As a result, peaceful, uncluttered, minimalist homes, often influenced by Eastern design, have become popular. In minimalist interiors, texture is all the more important, and this is another reason the latest paint finishes look so good in the modern home.

The basic textures of nature, whether in the veins of a leaf or in the layers of a rock, are admired-and emulated using paint effects. Materials that were once dressed and covered are now left unadorned and raw, to be seen as they are. Simple woods, undressed stone, metal girders, and bare concrete all make frequent appearances in contemporary homes.

Nature has, of course, been an inspiration to designers since time immemorial. In the past, however, this involved only what the eye could see, whereas the advent of sophisticated telescopes and microscopes revealed patterns that were previously invisible to the naked eye. For example, molecules and cells, the most basic units of life, were found to be made up of dots, chains, and grid patterns. At the opposite extreme, pictures brought back from space show us other galaxies, nebulae, and comets. Space travel and aerial photography have also provided a dramatically different way of viewing our own landscape.

Table of Contents


Using paint & plaster
- Matte paint
- Medium-luster paint
- Glossy translucent paint
- Metallic paint
- Pearlized paint
- Sparkle paint
- Polished plaster

Using pattern
- Stripes
- Squares & rectangles
- Spots, dots, & circles
- Offbeat designs
- Patination

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