Modern Pterosaurs: Human encounters with living

Modern Pterosaurs: Human encounters with living "pterodactyls"


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Modern Pterosaurs: Human encounters with living "pterodactyls" by Jonathan David Whitcomb, Eskin Kuhn, Patty Carson

First edition - This fully supports the literal Flood of Noah in the Bible, although the genre is nonfiction cryptozoology.

For countless years, an old photograph has been seen on the internet, and some persons report they had seen it in a book decades before there was an internet. Now two scientists share their astonishing discovery: This is a genuine photograph of an actual animal that appears to have been a modern pterosaur, perhaps even a Pteranodon.

Share in the excitement as one piece of evidence after another accumulates in favor of "Ptp" being a pre-1870 photograph of a modern pterosaur. Some evidences were independently discovered by two men (a physicist and a forensic videographer) who later shared their similar findings with each other, verifying the authenticity of Ptp.

Was this photo created by a hoaxer who used Photoshop? See for yourself, as time and again the Photoshop conjecture is shot down. The missing-fingers of one of the soldiers in the photo is answered soundly, in a number of ways. The apparent "halo" near part of the head of another soldier-that is also answered.

Not only did Photoshop have nothing to do with those details but there would have been no reason to use Photoshop in that way, if somebody wanted to create a hoax photo with some kind of model looking like a recently-deceased "pterodactyl." This is explained, in the book, by a videographer who has used Photoshop and knows how a hoaxer would and would not have used digital image-processing software.

Don't confuse two photos that resemble each other. An imitation was created around the year 2000, apparently with Civil War reenactors, and that hoax-photo was made to look old, probably with software like Photoshop. It was then used in promoting a television show, but that IS NOT the photo examined in this book.

Learn how others have been fooled by the similarity between those two photos. How much more credible is the Ptp photo!

How could such an astonishing photograph have eluded scientific discovery for so long? That is also explained by the author, Jonathan Whitcomb, who has spent more time in the investigation of eyewitness reports of apparent extant pterosaurs than probably an other person in the world.

Why did it take Whitcomb so many years to fully come to believe in the authenticity of Ptp? That is also explained, for this photograph has escaped the serious attention of almost everybody until January of 2017.

Several introductory chapters include many sighting reports of large flying creatures, some of the accounts being published here for the first time. The descriptions of those apparent pterosaurs are compared with the apparent Pteranodon in Ptp. You'll learn why at least some of the sightings must have been encounters with actual extant pterosaurs.

Above all, you'll learn why the animal shown in Ptp was a real pterosaur, probably shot by one or more of the soldiers shown in the photo.

Support the continuing research by purchasing your own copy of "Modern Pterosaurs."

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Publication date: 04/02/2017
Pages: 116
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