MOHS Surgery: Fundamentals and Techniques / Edition 1

MOHS Surgery: Fundamentals and Techniques / Edition 1

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Elsevier Health Sciences


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MOHS Surgery: Fundamentals and Techniques / Edition 1

Explore in detail the essential surgical, dermatopathological and laboratory aspects of Mohs surgery, a precise method of skin cancer removal. This full-color, visual, how-to guide includes illustrations depicting excision, specimen handling and expected results of surgery. You'll learn to create perfect frozen section slides and review Mohs mapping techniques for identifying the location of remaining cancer tissue. Sample documents, a list of suppliers and a glossary of Mohs terms are included in the appendixes for physicians who are new to the procedure.

Practical, illustrated how-to advice covers every aspect of Mohs surgery Provides instrumentation lists, office set-up and equipment lists for physicians new to the procedure Gives comparisons of vertical and horizontal histopathology of skin Describes how to create perfect frozen section slides Reviews Mohs mapping technique for identifying the exact location of remaining cancer tissue Discusses the new use of Mohs surgery for aerodigestive tumors

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ISBN-13: 9780323000123
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 07/01/1998
Pages: 369
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.98(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1 History of Mohs Surgery and Mohs Training 2 Basic Mohs Technique 3 Indications for Mohs Surgery 4 Office and Laboratory Set-Up and Instrumentation for Mohs Surgery 5 Patient Preparation for Mohs Surgery 6 Mohs Surgical Techniques 7 Mohs Micrographic Surgery of Fat, Mucosa, Muscle, Nerve, Cartilage and Bone 8 Mohs Micrographic Surgery of Genitalia, Eyelids and Nails 9 Mohs Mapping 10 Specimen Transport and Preliminary Tissue Processing 11 The Cryostat and Cryostat Technique: Obtaining Quality Mohs Slides 12 Mohs Slides: Trouble Shooting and Quality Assurance 13 Staining and Coverslipping Mohs Slides 14 Special Stains Applicable to Mohs Surgery 15 Basic Approach to Interpreting Mohs Microscopic Slides 16 Normal Cutaneous Histology for Mohs Surgery 17 Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinomas in Mohs Sections 18 Mohs Surgery for Unusual Tumors 19 Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Melanoma 20 Potential Pitfalls and Abuses of Mohs Surgery 21 Mohs Surgery for Large and Difficult Tumors and in Special Clinical Situations 22 When Not to do Mohs Surgery and What to do When Tumor Free Margins Are Not Attainable 23 Quality Assurance for Mohs Surgery 24 Fixed Tissue Mohs Surgery 25 Otolaryngology Perspective of Mohs Surgery 26 The Plastic Surgeon and Mohs Micrographic Surgery 27 The General Pathologist's Role in Mohs Surgery 28 Assessing Cancer Surgical Margins 29 Training Mohs Technicians 30 Mohs Cure Rates 31 Record Keeping and Documentation Edward H. Yob 32 CLIA and OSHA Regulations Pertaining to Mohs Surgery 33 Building a Mohs Surgical Practice and Networking with Other Specialists 34 Closure Considerations and Adjunctive Therapy After Mohs Surgery 35 Scheduling Mohs Surgery in the Office 36 Mohs Coding and Reimbursement Issues 37 A New Practitioner's Perspective of Mohs Surgery APPENDIXES A Sample Documents B Suppliers C Glossary of Selected Mohs Terms

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