Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Calcium in Plant Development

Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Calcium in Plant Development

by A. J. Trewavas


This volume summarises the lecture and poster sessions of a NATO advanced workshop held in Edinburgh, July 15th-19th, 1985. The workshop was held to bring together plant scientists of many different disciplines but who share a common interest in the regulatory role of calcium in plant development. Although this volume covers the formal proceedings, an equal length of time was devoted to discussion both in large and small groups. A little of the flavour of the directions and character of the discussions will be found in the final article by David Clarkson which was written to cover this other­ wise uncovered area of the workshop. The volume reflects much of the current excitement in the field of plant calcium research. Many of the participants are pioneers in their res­ pective areas and the extent to which the last five years has seen a drama­ tic unfolding, a complete inversion of the role of calcium from simple macro­ nutrient to major metabolic and developmental controller is recounted here. The material is new and much of it unpublished. In plant physiology, the eighties may yet be designated the decade of calcium.

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The Role of Calcium in the Regulation of Plant Metabolism.- Sub-Cellular Responses to Calcium. Calcium Receptors and Sub-Cellular Calcium Regulated Processes.- Molecular Mechanisms of Calmodulin Action.- Aluminum-Induced Changes in Calmodulin.- Ca2+ Binding to Calmodulin and Interactions with Enzymes.- Calcium and Calcium-Binding Proteins in Phloem.- A Novel Plant Calciprotein as Transient Subunit of Enzymes.- Role of Ca2+ in the Regulation of ?-Amylase Synthesis and Secretion in Barley Aleurone.- Cellulose Microfibril Synthesis and Orientation in Oocystis Solitaria: Evidence for the Involvement of Calcium.- Effect of Calcium on Lipid Metabolism During the Growth of a Calcifuge Plant (Lupinus luteus L.) or a Calcicolous One (Vicia faba).- Sub-Cellular Responses to Calcium: Calcium-Regulated Enzymes.- Plant Leaf Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinases.- The Role of Calcium and Calmodulin in Hormone Action in Plants: Importance of Protein Phosphorylation.- Plant NAD Kinase: Regulation by Calcium and Calmodulin.- Calcium-Dependent Protein Phosphorylation in Suspension-Cultured Soybean Cells.- Roles of Calmodulin Dependent and Independent NAD Kinases in Regulation of Nicotinamide Coenzyme Levels of Green Plant Cells.- Modulation of Enzyme Activities in Isolated Pea Nuclei by Phytochrome, Calcium and Calmodulin.- Calcium/Calmodulin Dependent Membrane Bound Protein Kinase.- Ca2+-Dependence of Callose Synthesis and the Role of Polyamines in the Activation of 1,3-?-Glucan Synthase by Ca2+.- Estimation of Cytoplasmic Calcium.- The Definition and Measurement of Intracellular Free Ca.- Measurement of Cytoplasmic Calcium Activity with Ion-Selective Microelectrodes.- NMR and X-ray Microanalysis Methods for Measurement of Calcium in Plant Cells.- Physiological and Cellular Responses to Calcium: Long Distance Transport of Calcium.- Calcium Regulation of Mitosis: The Metaphase/Anaphase Transition.- Calcium and Calmodulin as Regulators of Chromosome Movement During Mitosis in Higher Plants.- Calcium Mediation of Cytokinin-Induced Cell Division.- Uptake and Release of Ca2+ in the Green Algae Mougeotia and Mesotaenium.- Calcium Pools, Calmodulin and Light-Regulated Chloroplast Movements in Mougeotia and Mesotaenium.- Calcium and Polarity in Tip Growing Plant Cells.- Transduction of the Gravity Stimulus in Cress Roots: A Possible Role of an ER-Localized Ca2+ Pump.- Electrical Events in Growing Lepidium Root Tips Seem to be Correlated with Gravitropic Dynamics.- Localization of Calcium in the Sensory Cells of the Dionaea Trigger Hair by Laser Micro-Mass Analysis (LAMMA).- Long Distance Transport of Calcium.- Regulation of Free Cytosol Calcium Entry.- Controls on Calcium Influx in Corn Root Cells.- ATPases and Membrane Properties in Relation to Ecological Differences.- Function of Calcium-Calmodulin in Chloroplasts.- The Role of Intracellular Organelles in the Regulation of Cytosolic Calcium Levels.- Calcium Involvement in Plant Hormone Action.- Calcium Modulation of Auxin-Membrane Interactions in Plant Cell Elongation.- Evidence for a Mechanism by which Auxins and Fusicoccin May Induce Elongation Growth.- Poster Abstracts.- The Concentration of Calmodulin Alters During Early Stages of Cell Development in the Root Apex of Pisum Sativum.- Intracellular Localization of Calmodulin on Embryonic Axes of Cicer Arietinum L.- Activation of Plant and Animal Calmodulin-Dependent Enzymes by Plant, Animal, Protist and Fungal Calmodulins.- The Control of Calmodulin Synthesis and Localisation in Pea Root Tissue.- Immunocytochemical Localization of Calmodulin in Plant Tissue.- Aluminium-Induced Deformations and Malfunctions of Calmodulin.- Calcium and Calcium-Binding Proteins in Phloem.- Calcium Nutrition, Calmodulin Content and Susceptibility to TMV in Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L, c.v. Xanthi).- Role of Ca2+ in the Induction of the Phytoalexin Defense Response in Soybean Cells.- Ca-Stimulated ?-Amylase Secretion from Barley Aleurone Protoplasts.- Calcium Uptake and Exchange in Barley Aleurone Layers and Protoplasts during Ca-Stimulated Amylase Secretion.- The Control of ?-Amylase Synthesis by Calcium in the Barley Aleurone.- Tyrosine Specific Protein Kinases in Plant Tissues.- Protein Phosphorylation in Normal and Transformed Cells: Effect of Cytokinin on Calcium Regulation In Vivo and In Vitro.- Properties of a Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinase from Silver Beet Leaves.- Calcium-Dependent Protein Phosphorylation in Germinated Pollen.- In Vitro and In Vivo Protein Phosphorylation in Oat Coleoptiles: Effects of Calcium, Calmodulin Antagonists and Auxin.- Phosphorylation of Tonoplast Proteins in Acer pseudoplatanus Cell Suspension Cultures.- Calcium-Calmodulin Requirements of Phosphatidyl Inositol Turnover Stimulated by Auxin.- Isolation of Plasma Membrane and Tonoplast from the Same Homogenates of Plant Cells by Free-Flow Electrophoresis.- Phosphorylation of Membrane-Located Proteins of Soybean: In Vitro Response of Purified Plasma Membranes to Auxin and Calcium.- Distribution of Calmodulin-Dependent and Calmodulin-Independent NAD Kinase during Early Cell Development in the Root Apex of Pisum sativum.- Ca2+, Calmodulin Dependent NAD Kinase: Regulation by Light.- Ca2+-Dependent Generation of a Membrane-Borne Proteinase Involved in Volume Regulation of Poterioochromonas.- The Regulation of Plant Peroxidases by Calcium.- In Vitro Reversible Association of the Regulatory and Catalytic Subunits of Quinate: NAD+ Oxidoreductase.- Plant Aspartate Kinase Is Not Activated by Calmodulin or Calcium.- An Assessment of the Usefulness of Quin-2-AM for Cytoplasmic Calcium Measurements in Plant Cells.- Some Practical Aspects of the Application of Quin-2 to Plant Systems.- Calcium Ions and the Dynamics of the Microtubular Cytoskeleton During the Initiation and the Progression of Mitosis in Endosperm Cells.- Mitosis and Cytokinesis in Funaria Are Accompanied by Inward Current Localized at the Nuclear Zone.- Quantification of Mesotaenium Calmodulin by Improved Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase Test.- Calcium Effects on Stomatal Guard Cells.- Calcium and the Current-Voltage Relations of Stomatal Guard Cells.- Abscisic Acid, Calcium Ions and Stomatal Function.- Calcium Regulation in Apple Fruit.- Ca2+ Contributes to the Signal Transduction Chain in Phytochrome-Mediated Spore Germination.- A Change in Intracellular pH Does Not Contribute to the Signal Transduction Chain in Phytochrome-Mediated Spore Germination.- Localization of Potential Ca2+-Binding Sites in Lily Pollen Tubes and Maize Calyptra Cells.- Ca2+ Regulation of Myosin Sliding Along Characeae Actin Bundles.- Mechanism of Ca2+-Control of Cytoplasmic Streaming in Characeae.- The Effect of Segment Orientation and Cell Growth on the Acropetal Flux of Calcium.- The Role of Calcium in the Phototactic response of Chlamydomonasreinhardtii.- Calmodulin Antagonists Inhibit Adventitious Root Growth of Tradescantia.- Direct Estimation of Plasmodesmatal Conductivity.- Current-Voltage Analysis as a Means to In Vivo “Separation” of Primary Electrogenic and Coupled Secondary Transport.- The Role of Ca++ in Char a K+ State.- The Role of Ca++ in the Excitation of the Single Membrane Samples of Chara.- Control of Plasma Membrane Permeability of Chara by Cytoplasmic Calcium.- Properties and Distribution of ATPases in Oat and Wheat with Special Reference to the Plasmalemma.- A Calcium Antagonist Binding Site in Plants.- Characterization of Calcium Channels in Carrot Cells.- Binding of Verapamil to Maize Root Membranes.- The Influence of Calcium on Mitochondrial Membrane Transport and Fluidity.- Effect of Photoperiod on the Calcium Uptake by Microsomes and Mitochondria from Green Leaves.- The Calcium Content of Chloroplast, Mitochondrial and Cytosolic Fractions of Pea Leaf Cells.- Limits on a Role for Calmodulin in Chloroplast Metabolism.- Effects of Calmodulin Antagonists on Transmembrane Auxin Transport in Cucurbitapepo L. Hypocotyl Segments.- Growth Control by Transplasmalemma Redox: Evidence for a Calcium Role.- The Effects of Fusieoccin and Indole-3-Acetic Acid on the Cytosolic pH of Zeamays Cells.- Calcium in the Agriculture of Turkey.- Calcium Complexing Ligands Derived from Cystine: Exploratory Work.- Future Development of Calcium Studies: Evidence in the Support of Concepts.

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