Molecular Building Blocks for Nanotechnology: From Diamondoids to Nanoscale Materials and Applications

Molecular Building Blocks for Nanotechnology: From Diamondoids to Nanoscale Materials and Applications

by G. A. Mansoori



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ISBN-13: 9780387399386
Publisher: Springer London, Limited
Publication date: 01/01/2007
Pages: 426

Table of Contents

Preface     v
List of Contributors     ix
Introduction     1
Thermodynamic Properties of Diamondoids   G. R. Vakili-Nezhaad     7
Development of Composite Materials Based on Improved Nanodiamonds   P. Y. Detkov   V. A. Popov   V. G. Kulichikhin   S. I. Chukhaeva     29
Diamondoids as Molecular Building Blocks for Nanotechnology   Hamid Ramezani   G. Ali Mansoori     44
Surface Modification and Application of Functionalized Polymer Nanofibers   Renuga Gopal   Ma Zuwei   Satinderpal Kaur   Seeram Ramakrishna     72
Zinc Oxide Nanorod Arrays: Properties and Hydrothermal Synthesis   Kian Ping Loh   Soo Jin Chua     92
Nanoparticles, Nanorods, and Other Nanostructures Assembled on Inert Substrates   Xue-Sen Wang     118
Thermal Properties of Carbon Nanotubes   Mohamed. A. Osman   Aran W. Cummings   Deepak Srivastava     154
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Organized Architectures of Carbon Nanotubes for Applications   Robert Vajtai   Binqing Wei   Thomas F. George   Pulickel M. Ajayan     188
Online Size Characterization of Nanofibers and Nanotubes   C. J. Unrau   R. L. Axelbaum   P. Biswas   P. Fraundorf     212
Theoretical Investigations in Retinal and Cubane   G. P. Zhang   Thomas F. George     246
Polyhedral Heteroborane Clusters for Nanotechnology   Fabio Pichierri     256
Squeezing Germanium Nanostractures   K. L. Teo   Z. X. Shen     275
Nanoengineered Biomimetic Bone-Building Blocks   R. Murugan   S. Ramakrishna     301
Use of Nanoparticles as Building Blocks for Bioapplications   Yong Zhang   Feng Wang     353
Polymer Nanofibers for Biosensor Applications   S. Ramakrishna   Neeta L. Lala   Hota Garudadhwaj   Ramakrishnan Ramaseshan   V. K. Ganesh     377
High-Pressure Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructured Superhard Materials   V.D. Blank   S.G. Buga   G.A. Dubitsky   K.V. Gogolinsky   V.M. Prokhorov   N.R. Serebryanaya   V.A. Popov     393
Index     419

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