Molecular Functions of Electroactive Thin Films

Molecular Functions of Electroactive Thin Films



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ISBN-13: 9781566772204
Publisher: Electrochemical Society, The
Publication date: 04/01/1999
Pages: 274

Table of Contents

Section 1Conducting Polymer Films
Electrochemical Interaction Among Organosulfur Compounds, Metal Ion and Polyaniline at Cu Electrode Surface1
Electrochemical Formation of Ir Oxide/Polyaniline Composite Films11
Metal-Modified Polyaniline Schottky Barriers22
Controlling Electroactive Polymer Film Solvation35
Polypyrrole-Poly(Styrene-Alt-MaleicAcid) Blend: Electrogeneration and Kinetic Study for a Tailored Synthesis48
Use of Conducting Polymers as Conducting Matrix and Binder for Preparation of Positive Electrodes of Metal Oxide Particles in Lithium Secondary Batteries65
Enhanced Halide Electrochemical Oxidation at Overoxidized Polypyrrole Thin Film Electrodes80
In Situ Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Oscillator Studies on Polypyrrole in Hydrochloric Acid Solutions91
Electrochemical Formation of Polyethylenedioxithiophene in Aqueous Micellar Solution97
Polyterthiophene and Polypentathiophene S,S-Dioxides: New N-Dopable Polymers105
In-Situ Ir and UV-V Spectroelectrochemistry of Prussian Blue Analogues: Cupric Hexacyanoferrate114
Ac Electrogravimetry on Electroactive Thin Films122
Section IIMetal Oxide Thin Films for Electrochromic and Capacitive Applications
Electrochemistry of Sol-Gel Derived Ir Oxide Films134
Preparation of Hydrous Ru-Ir Oxides for the Electrochemical Capacitors By Cyclic Voltammetry144
Electrochemical Behaviour of Amorphous Tungsten Oxide Thin Films At Cathodic Potentials152
Tungsten-Vanadium Oxide Sputtered Films for Electrochromic Devices158
A Study of Lithium Insertion into Vanadium-Titanium Oxide by Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance170
Section IIIThin Films for Sensor and Ion Gating Applications
Iridium Oxide/Glucose Oxidase Biosensors and Microprobes176
Silica Gells as Electrode Membranes in the Hydrogen Peroxide Potentiometric Biosensor184
Single-Molecule Electrodes Based on Composite Dendrimer Monolayers194
Preliminary Electrochemical Studies of the Permeation of Mesoporous Films Of the "Molecular Square" Compound [Re(CO)[subscript 3](CI)([mu]-pyrazine) subscript 4], by Redox-Silent Cations: Redox-Active Counter Anions as Reporters on the Cation Size Dependence of the Permeation Process208
Section IVModified Metallic Surfaces and Electrocatalysis
The Quantum Dot View of Mediated Electron Transfer at Noble Metal Electrode Surfaces215
Reactivity and Electrosorption of Functionalized Small Molecules at Single-Crystal Pt Surfaces225
Redox and Electrocatalytic Activity of Copper in Base at Unusually Low, Premonolayer Potentials246
Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Ni--Alloys Stabilized by H-Adsorption259

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