Molecular Interventions in Lifestyle-Related Diseases

Molecular Interventions in Lifestyle-Related Diseases

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Taylor & Francis

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Molecular Interventions in Lifestyle-Related Diseases

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, officially recognizing that various risk factors for disease are present in our environment, has proposed the concept of lifestyle-related diseases. These include those diseases that are tied to such lifestyle choices as excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, exposure to stress, and poor diet.

Ongoing attention to this issue led to an International Symposium on Free Radicals and Health: Molecular Interventions and Protection of Lifestyle-Related Diseases bringing together the top experts in that area. With the belief that the recognition of the occurrence of risk factors and their identification are important to overcoming lifestyle-related diseases, three of those experts invited prominent participants at the symposium to contribute to a book. Molecular Interventions in Lifestyle-Related Diseases is the result of that effort.
This book is divided into three main sections:

  • Free Radicals, Lifestyle-Related Diseases, and Their Protection
  • Free Radicals, Brain Diseases, and Their Protection
  • Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods, Micronutrients, and Pharmacological Interventions

    When bad lifestyle choices cause oxidants and free radicals to have a negative influence on cell signaling and gene expression, lifestyle-related diseases are set into motion, which in turn lead to further oxidative stress.

    Molecular Interventions in Lifestyle-Related Diseases addresses the molecular basis of free radicals and lifestyle-related diseases and preventive/therapeutic approaches including the use of nutraceuticals, functional foods, and pharmacological interventions. Each section contains several chapters addressing critical molecular mechanisms, therapeutic interventions, and other issues of relevance to human health that will be of interest to students and researchers in the health professions including nutritional and environmental scientists, molecular and cell biologists and others in the biomedical community

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    ISBN-13: 9780824729585
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis
    Publication date: 11/28/2005
    Series: Oxidative Stress and Disease Series
    Pages: 376
    Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

    Table of Contents

    SECTION I Free Radicals, Lifestyle-Related
    Diseases, and Their Protection
    Redox Regulation as an Underlying Factor in Health and Disease: Junji Yodoi, Norihiko Kondo, Yasuyuki Ishii, Junko Sakakuara, and Hajime Nakamura
    Diet and Lifestyle in Cancer Prevention: David Heber
    The Gene Regulatory Mechanism of Thioredoxin and Thioredoxin Binding Protein-2/VDUP1 in Cancer Prevention: Hiroshi Masutani, Yumiko Nishinaka, Yong-Chul Kim, and Junji Yodoi
    Coenzyme Q10, Free Radicals, and Heart Disease: Yorihiro Yamamoto
    Wine, Alcohol, and a Healthy Heart: Dipak K. Das and Nilanjana Maulik
    Diabetes Treatment by Alpha-Lipoic Acid: Modulation of Glucose Uptake and Adipocyte Differentiation: An-Sik Chung, Kyung-Joo Cho, and Lester Packer
    The Mechanism of Immune Suppression by GIF and Cysteinylated MIF at Cys-60: Yasuyuki Ishii, Aoi Son, Norihiko Kondo, Junko Sakakura-Nishiyama, Yoshiyuki Matsuo, and Junji Yodoi
    Role of Free Radicals in Cellular Damage and Its Modification by Antioxidants: Implications for Cancer Therapy: K.P. Mishra
    Free Radical, Cigarette Smoke, and Health Scavenging Effects of Pycnogenol® on Free Radicals Generated from Cigarette Smoke and Its Detoxification Effects: Baolu Zhao
    Free Radicals, Brain Diseases, and Their Protection
    Free Radical Scavengers and Neuroprotection: Midori Hiramatsu
    Oxidative Adaptation in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease: The Roles of Amyloid and Tau: Hyoung-gon Lee and Xiongwei Zhu, Kelly L. Drew, James A. Joseph, Akihiko Nunomura, Keisuke Hirai, Atsushi Takeda, George Perry, and Mark A. Smith
    Coenzyme Q10 Stabilizes Mitochondria in Parkinson's Disease: Manuchair Ebadi, Sawitri Wanpen, Shaik Shavali, and Sushil Sharma
    The In Vitro and In Vivo Molecular Mechanisms of Neuroprotection by the Major Green Tea Polyphenol, (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, with Special Reference to Parkinson's Disease: Orly Weinreb, Silvia Mandel, Tamar Amit, and Moussa B.H. Youdim
    Kainic-Acid-Induced Neurotoxicity: Involvement of Free Radicals: Akitane Mori, Toshiki Masumizu, Isao Yokoi, and Lester Packer
    Prevention of Cerebral Oxidative Stress Using Traditional Chinese Medicines: A Model of Antioxidant-Based Composite Formula: Tetsuya Konishi
    Analysis of the Oxidative Stress State in Disease Development of Senescence-Accelerated Mouse: Seiichi Matsugo, Fumihiko Yasui, and Kazuo Sasaki
    SECTION III Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods, Micronutrients, and Pharmacological Interventions
    The Antioxidant Evolution: From Free Radical Scavenging to the Antioxidant Network and Gene Regulation by Flavonoids and Bioflavonoid-Rich Extracts from Pine Bark and Gingko Biloba Leaf : Lester Packer
    New Horizons in Vitamin E Research: Etsuo Niki
    Gastrointestinal Inflammatory Diseases: Role of Chemokine: Toshikazu Yoshikawa and Yuji Naito
    Oxidative Stress Involvement in Diabetic Nephropathy and Its Prevention by Astaxanthin: Yuji Naito, Kazuhiko Uchiyama, and Toshikazu Yoshikawa
    Preventive and Therapeutic Effects of Plant Polyphenols through Suppression of Nuclear Factor-Kappa B: Navindra P. Seeram, Haruyo Ichikawa, Shishir Shishodia, and Bharat B. Aggarwal
    Ascorbic Acid and Oxidative Damage to DNA: Interrelationships and Possible Relevance to Lifestyle-Related Diseases: I.F.F. Benzie, C.K. Chan, S.W. Choi, and Y.T. Szeto
    The Role of Lipid Peroxidation in Chromosomal DNA Fragmentation Associated with Cell Death Induced by Glutathione Depletion: Yoshihiro Higuchi, Hideji Tanii, Yuji Mizukami, and Tanihiro Yoshimoto
    Antioxidant Properties of Select Indian Medicinal Plants in Relation to Their Therapeutic Effects: J.C. Tilak, S. Adhikari, B. Lakshmi, K.K. Janardhanan, and T.P.A. Devasagayam
    Antioxidant Activity of Tendai-Uyaku Extract: Tosiki Masumizu, Takao Kaneyuki, and Akitane Mori
    Detection of Active Oxygen Species in the Decomposition Process of Peroxovanadium (V) Complexes: Seiichi Matsugo, Shingo Hayakawa, Chie Mihara, and Kan Kanamori
    Structural Determination and Antioxidative Activity of Oxidation Products of Flavonoids with Reaction Oxygen Species: Yuko Hirose, Toshiyuki Washizu, Yuzo Uchida, and Seiichi Matsugo
    Reactivity of Anthocyanin toward Reactive Oxygen and Reactive Nitrogen Species: Takashi Ichiyanagi, Yoshihiko Hatano, Seiichi Matsugo, and Tetsuya Konishi

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