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Springer Vienna
Molecular Magnets Recent Highlights / Edition 1

Molecular Magnets Recent Highlights / Edition 1

by Wolfgang Linert, Michel Verdaguer


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9783211838914
Publisher: Springer Vienna
Publication date: 04/08/2003
Series: Special Edition of "Monatshefte fur Chemie/Chemical Monthly"
Edition description: 2003
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

Invited Reviews: Clément, R., Decurtins, S., Gruselle, M., Train, C.: Polyfunctional Two- (2D) and Three- (3D) Dimensional Oxalate Bridged Bimetallic Magnets Mihailovic, D.: Ferromagnetism in Metallocene-Doped Fullerenes Marvaud, V., Herrera, J. M., Barilero, T., Tuyeras, F., Garde, R., Scuiller, A., Decroix, C., Cantuel M., Desplanches C.: High Spin and Anisotropic Molecules Based on Polycyanometalate Chemistry Létard, J.-F., Chastanet, G., Nguyen, O., Marcén, S., Marchivie, M., Guionneau, P., Chasseau, D., Gütlich, P.: Spin Crossover Properties of the [Fe(PM-BiA)2(NCS)2] Complex – Phases I and II van Koningsbruggen, P. J., Grunert, M., Weinberger, P.: Spin Transition of 1D, 2D and 3D Iron (II) Complex Polymers – The Tug-of-War between Elastic Interaction and a Shock-Absorber Effect Boca, R., Linert, W.: Is There a Need for New Models of the Spin Crossover? Leuenberger, M. N., Meier, F., Loss, D.: Quantum Spin Dynamics in Molecular Magnets Ressouche, E., Schweizer, J.: Ab Initio Calculations Versus Polarized Neutron Diffraction for the Spin Density of Free Radicals Contributions: Stassen, A. F., Ferrero, E. M., Giménez-Saiz, C., Coronado, E., Haasnoot, J. G., Reedijk, J.: A New Layered Compound Containing [PMo12O40]3- and Both 5- and 6-Coordinated Homoleptic (1-(2-Chloroethyl)tetrazole)Copper(II) Cations Gerbier, P., Ruiz-Molina, D., Domingo, N., Amabilino, D. B., Vidal-Gancedo, J., Tejada, J., Hendrickson, D. N., Veciana, J.: Synthesis and Characterization of a [Mn12O12(O2CR)16(H2O)4] Complex Bearing Paramagnetic Carboxylate Ligands. Use of a Modified Acid Replacements Synthesis Approach Champion, G., Arrio, M.-A., Sainctavit, P., Zacchigna, M., Zangrando, M., Finazzi, M., Parmigiani, F., Villain, F., Mathonière, C., Cartier dit Moulin, C.: Size Effect on Local Magnetic Moments in Ferrimagnetic Molecular Complexes: An XMCD Investigation Gaspar, A. B., Muñoz, M. C., Moliner, N., Ksenofontov, V., Levchenko, G., Gütlich P.,Real, A. J.: Polymorphism and Pressure Driven Thermal Spin Crossover Phenomenon in [Fe(abpt)2(NCX)2] (X = S, and Se): Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties Paulsen, H., Duelund, L., Zimmermann, A., Averseng, F., Gerdan, M., Winkler, H., Toftlund, H., Trautwein, A. X.: Substituent Effects on the Spin-Transition Temperature in Complexes with Tris(pyrazolyl) Ligands Rodríguez-Fortea, A., Ruiz, E., Alemany, P., Alvarez, S.: Magneto-Structural Correlations in Trinuclear Cu(II) Complexes: A Density Functional Study Massobrio, C., Ruiz, E.: Localized Orbitals vs. Pseudopotential-Plane Waves Basis Sets: Performances and Accuracy for Molecular Magnetic Systems

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