Molly Hacker Is Too Picky!

Molly Hacker Is Too Picky!

by Saberlee Books


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780981583631
Publisher: Saberlee Books
Publication date: 12/01/2011
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Lisette Brodey is also the author of Crooked Moon; Squalor, New Mexico; Mystical High; Desert Star; and Drawn Apart. (The last three titles are part of her YA paranormal trilogy, The Desert Series.)

Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, she lived many years in New York, and now resides in Los Angeles.

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Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
11Carolyn11 More than 1 year ago
I found Lisette Brodey's book "Molly Hacker Is Too Picky!" to be convincingly real. It drew me in as if I were there in person and an ear for Molly to confide in, sharing information as if my best friend was speaking to me. I felt privileged to be accepted into Molly's life; that is how the book made me feel. Lisette Brodey's characters are so broad, diverse, and distinct that when reading the dialogue, I knew who was speaking without having to read "he said" or "she said" and it never faulted. Brodey shows her talent and knowledge of people exceptionally well in this area. How easy is it to read a book where you "hear" each character speaking as if they were there in the room with you. Lisette Brodey reaches a real depth in her understanding of human nature and behavior. She is very perceptive, hilariously funny, and "spot on," which makes reading "Molly Hacker Is Too Picky!" pure entertainment from the beginning to the amazing end, when it all just comes together flawlessly. If you love reading books about friendships, male/female relationships, love, humor, personality clashes and the feeling of being a part of something special, then you will thoroughly enjoy "Molly Hacker Is Too Picky!" and maybe like me, you will reach the end and be sad it is over. I would really like to know how Molly is doing now!
Lovz-Books More than 1 year ago
Known as “Picky Molly Hacker” to meddling friends and family, she refuses to let anyone dictate her life. So what if she can’t seem to find “the one?” Still, she aims to prove to them that she can find someone all on her own. In fact, she found four. Molly is brazen, witty, smart, and not afraid to say something. She’d rather write obituatiers for the newspaper than cover weddings. Me too! Her story is a rollercoaster of lover’s lane—from prospective loves to past loves. Readers will enjoy Molly’s analytical shenanigans. It’s amazing how many men she juggles in this hilarious tale. Who will she choose in the end? Alan is an annoying schizo who could be a pawn by the she-devil; Tony is a past crush that recently got divorced and could be on the rebound; Cody could just be a R&R player; and Max just seems to be this perfect specimen that landed right smack-dab in the middle of this triangle. And then there's Leo, a ghostly love from the past that still haunts her to this very day. “I believed that I had all my demons neatly lined up like laundry, each one held up by a clothes pin, basking on a line in the afternoon sun. And now [the] windstorm had blown everything off the line, across splintered fences and into the neighbors’ yards, where everything I thought I knew lay twisted and unrecognizable on soiled grass.” (64) Loved this analogy! Funny and relatable! I love her fast-talking, biting wit. It’s like listening to Billy Crystal. She’s kooky, quirky, and cute.
c_snow1 More than 1 year ago
I enjoy a lot of books, but “Molly Hacker Is Too Picky!” was something truly a special read for me. After I finished it, the story stayed in my head for many days and I asked myself why. Finally, it dawned on me. The characters in this book are all so real. Molly is so relatable. I laughed out loud in so many places because when Molly spoke I could hear myself or one of my many friends saying exactly the same thing. Molly is not only funny but she is honest about her vulnerabilities. For me, Molly is a modern-day folk hero for women seeking true love. I also loved Molly’s interaction with the men she was dating. They were all so different from one another, and yet I could see her attraction to and her confusion with each one. I loved the stories within the stories and the book had such a satisfying ending that really brought everything full circle. Molly’s ongoing feud with the town socialite Naomi Hall-Benchley was hysterical. And her friendship with her co-worker, Randy, was touching, funny, and real. One last thing I love about this book: it made me laugh. Lots.
Sheri-A-Wilkinson More than 1 year ago
Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! (Lisette Brodey) Beautiful Molly Hacker is 32 years old and works as a newspaper reporter in an affluent town of Swansea. She had been told she is too picky and that is why she is still single. Now with her younger sisters wedding approaching her friends determined to find her the perfect man. With her girlfriends trying to give her advise, four men pursing her, one ex love that won't leave her mind and her male BFF (and coworker) trying to help her along the way. Add to the drama a vixen of a woman, the she-devil Socialite Naomi Hall-Benchly who is forever trying to "set up" Molly with the "perfect man". A fast paced original laugh out loud read. Told in a memoir/diary type form I was drawn right into Mollys mind, feeling her emotions and frustrations along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this read from the beginning up until the shocking, unexpected perfect ending.
petxpert More than 1 year ago
Not your typical chick lit, "Molly Hacker is Too Picky" is at once poignant and hilarious. You'd be hard-pressed to find a single woman who can't relate to Molly. So well-written by Brody that I felt as if I knew the characters and was invested in them. If someone is really smart they'll option this book for a movie. It has all the right elements. Meanwhile, read it, laugh, love, enjoy! A Great book for book club discussions. And, yes, I want to read more of Brody's work.
cpolkinhorn More than 1 year ago
As so many of Lisette Brodey's fans, I "met" Molly Hacker on her blog and was very curious to "connect" with her again in the novel. She is quite a character, witty, spunky, and a good sport. However, when it comes to finding Mr. Right, she has to overcome quite a few obstacles: her own somewhat confused ideas and feelings about love, her well-meaning but somewhat pushy friends, an important woman (the she-devil) in the media industry who is out to sabotage her. To say that the book is entertaining is an understatement. It is a real page-turner, devilishly funny, engaging, and sensitive. It deals in an insightful way with problems of love, friendships, and relationships we all struggle with sometimes. And it gives us a fascinating, tongue-in-cheek picture of the world of journalism and the media. Molly for all her blunders is someone you just have to like. All the characters are well-developed, vivid, and genuine. I particularly enjoyed the exchange between Molly and her best buddy, Randy. What a riot! Another successful story by a very talented author!
Rosco More than 1 year ago
Lisette Brodey's latest novel once again highlights her admirable flexibility as a writer, and her exceptional skill as one of today's great character-driven storytellers. From the opening chapter I was drawn to Molly Hacker's delightful wit as she sets out in pursuit for her ideal man. The group of colourful and often peculiar characters all play an important role in Molly's life. I found myself laughing (many times) as the story develops. The story spans over a 12-month period ending with a spectacular party where all pieces of this exciting tale fall into place. I have no hesitation in recommending, `Molly Hacker Is Too Picky!' to everyone who enjoys clever, witty, and fun reading. From the front cover to the back, it is very deserving of five stars.
Carolyn1111 More than 1 year ago
At thirty-two, newspaper reporter Molly Hacker vows to never attend another wedding until she has had her own. And that¿s a problem because Molly¿s younger sister, Hannah, is going to be married in one year. Armed with snark, wit, and fabulous good looks, ¿Picky Molly¿ embarks on a quest to find Mr. Right in her hometown. Things get complicated fast. In no time at all, Molly has four ¿men of interest¿ and the memories of a lost love to send her overanalytic, befuddled mind into serious overdrive. Determined not to let her ¿helpful¿ girlfriends help her right out of another relationship, Molly tries to keep mum on the state of her love life. Her BFF male coworker, Randy, becomes her closest confidant as he stumbles over romantic issues with his new Mr. Right, Kyle. Meanwhile, Molly¿s BFF gal pals aren¿t too happy about being left out of the loop. Tweaking Molly¿s last nerve is the town¿s most visible socialite, Naomi Hall-Benchley, who, for self-serving reasons, is hell-bent on setting up ¿Picky Molly Hacker¿ and she doesn¿t care who she has to manipulate or hurt to do it. Just how far will she go? ¿Molly Hacker Is Too Picky!¿ takes the reader on a yearlong romp through Molly¿s mind and a joyride through her life. Her dating life, town secrets, a group of quirky, crazy characters, and Naomi¿s machinations collide head-on at a holiday gala that will change the social landscape of Swansea forever. As the New Year rolls in, Molly gets earth-shattering news. Can she go on? Will life ever return to abnormal again?