Molly's Misadventures

Molly's Misadventures

by D. E. Haggerty


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I'm having the suckiest day ever. First, my father, aka Mr. Grumpy Pants, calls to say his nurse just walked out on him. Likely story. I rush home to pack, only to walk in on my husband getting it on with his younger, skanky secretary. Unfortunately, my quick weekend trip home to fix Dad's problems turns into a stay of a few weeks. Luckily, I've got Danny, the neighbor boy I've had a crush on since I was a dorky, braces-wearing, nose-buried-in-a-book teenager, and a brand-spanking new blog to keep my mind off things. Before I know it, I'm writing product reviews of vibrators and getting questioned by a store rent-a-cop at the world's worst date ever. All while trying to figure out how to take things with Danny to the next level. Not to complicate things or anything, but my boss decides to give me an ultimatum-come back in four weeks or don't come back at all. How in the world did my life get so complicated?

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ISBN-13: 9781523236169
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/08/2016
Pages: 194
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)

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Molly's Misadventures 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Lovz-Books More than 1 year ago
This is the story of Molly Smith—soon-to-be recently divorced from her cheating husband. Then she goes home to care for her sick father, who’s as loud and rude as they come. And trying to hire a nurse to care for the chauvinistic, old bastard sounded grueling enough. Of course, coming home doesn’t seem all that bad, especially when her old school crush hottie was still living next door. Imagine how ecstatic Molly felt when she learns that he had a crush on her, too. Oh, and he’s single again! Story takes on a diary format, detailing the angst, stress, and sheer awkwardness of Molly. It was interesting how she started off each entry with a Facebook emoticon and post. Readers will surely get a kick out of her candid and wry humor. Also, the notion that Molly’s deemed as “weird” makes her all the more relatable. Things certainly take on a more interesting turn when her friend pushes her into starting a dating blog. Yeah, that’s all Molly needs—to be airing out her dating fiascos to the world. It’s Molly’s Misadventures, so sit tight, buckle up, and enjoy the bumpy ride. Her blog posts are a riot! Quick, simple, and easy. Molly’s Misadventures includes fumbling scenes in getting caught stealing a Kama Sutra book, a topless snafu, and a blind date that ends with a pair of crushed balls. Molly’s so enjoyable that you’ll seek out more of her misadventures.
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a thoroughly entertaining romantic comedy that will keep you stitches, then look no further, Molly's Misadventures is the book for you! Author D.E. Haggerty weaves a delightfully humorous tale written in the first person narrative that follows the trials and tribulations in thirty-something Molly's life. Molly's life was going well: a great job and family in NYC, who could ask for more ... that is until her life got turned upside down when she received an urgent call from her father in Wisconsin, oh and she just happened to catch her husband cheating with his secretary on their living room couch! Can it get any worse for Molly? Molly takes a leave from her job and travels to Wisconsin to take care of her dad because the home health nurses keep quitting due to his obnoxious behavior. While seeking a replacement nurse to take care of her dad, Molly starts a blog called "Molly's Misadventures," detailing her woeful dating experiences with all the Mr. Wrongs; while also renewing her crush on Danny, the boy next door who happens to be very single! Molly's misadventures eventually leads her on a personal journey of re-evaluating her life and rediscovering herself. Molly's Misadventures was such a fun book to read! I loved Molly's snarky humor and sassy demeanor, she's my kind of girl! The reader can't help but get drawn into the quirky trials and tribulations that occur in Molly's life, it has a sense of reality that anyone can relate to, especially when life gets a tad bit crazy. I found myself snickering as I followed Molly's blog, there is a lot of humor and wit to what she writes about that simply made me smile. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Molly's obnoxious dad provides a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, and reconnecting with best friend Dianne and Danny was just what Molly needed to help her rediscover herself. Molly's Misadventures is a fast-paced romantic comedy about dealing with life's complications and rediscovering oneself along the way. Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
IReadWhatYouWrite More than 1 year ago
Molly is on the fast track to success and if she has given up on her childhood dreams she has a nice home, a great job in New York City and solid marriage or so she thought until she came home in the middle of the day to find her husband and his secretary. Needing to fly home to Wisconsin to help her ill father, she finds that she needs to re-evaluate her life. She suddenly realizes that her dreams may not be something she has moved on from and if that isn’t enough. She finds out the boy next door that she spent her childhood crushing on is once again living next door and is still completely crushable. I use the word fun a lot on this blog, but rarely does a book personify a term as completely as this one. Hilarious, Humorous, and Witty also leap to mind. Told in first person and as series of quirky Facebook updates and witty blog posts, this story had me laughing quite literally until I cried. In going back home, her goal is to get her dad situated with a home nurse and get back to her life as soon as possible and move on from her suddenly disastrous marriage. Her plan is complicated by the fact that her obnoxious dad has a reputation with home health care services and hiring a private nurse is not as easy as it would seem. It is complicated further by a pushy, but well meaning, best friend who has decided that the best thing for a broken heart is to get right back in the saddle, as she sets Molly on course that leads to several hilarious dating fiascoes. She also sets Molly up with a blog and a blogging class as she sees an opportunity to convince Molly that what she really wants is what she has always wanted, to be a writer. Muddying up the waters more, is the really hot guy next door and his adorable daughter, who seem to really want to be a part of her life. As Molly reels from one hilarious disaster to the next, she finds that her life may not be what she thought it was and that she has options she never dreamed of. The characters and relationships in this story are incredible. From the ease at which Molly reconnects with the boy next door to dealing with the strained relationship with her mother, the characters jump off the page and become real to the reader. Everyone knows or should know an irascible group of ‘mature’ ladies like Molly’s blogging class. Everyone has or needs a best friend like Dianne, a polar opposite who still has your back after all the years years. Every girl wants the boy next door. Molly’s story is a how to on how to meet life’s “little” challenges head on with laughter and introspection. Also if you want to start a blog this is a great place to get advice. 5 stars I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
Favorite Quotes: “I used the word ‘run’, but really it’s more like a slow jog. Seriously, small children overtake me all the time.” “‘Well, I’m Mildred,’ says the last of the ladies. ‘I want to start a book blog so I can write about the erotic romances I read without my grandchildren having a conniption fit… I’m old, not dead.’” “‘Spammers – you do know what spammers are?’ He looks at the front row in question. They all nod in response. ‘Yes, those emails that ask me if I want a penis enlargement.’ Mildred shouts before turning to the other ladies. ‘I need to find a man who remembers what to do with his penis, not get an enlargement,’” “‘I get emails telling me they’ve found several female dating matches for me in the area. Do they know something about me I don’t know? I mean, I’ve always been curious, but that’s as far as it’s gone,’ Ruth remarks and I nearly swallow my tongue trying not to laugh.” “Be mine. Be mine until I’m old and gray. Be my lungs when I can no longer breathe. Be my eyes when I can no longer see. Be my ears when I can no longer hear. Be my heart. Always.” My Review: I was delightfully entertained and maintained a near constant smirk while reading this book. Molly’s Misadventures was a fun, relevant, and humorous read that was well crafted, highly enjoyable, and exactly what I needed. Written from the point of view of a 30 something woman who turns to blogging while in the process of rediscovering herself - and her old high school crush – when she was forced to return to her childhood home to care for her curmudgeon of a father. As an added wrinkle, when rushing home to pack, she finds her husband entertaining his secretary - with his pants at his ankles. I could not put my kindle down. I adored the snarky humor, inner musings and keenly observant revelations. Although, I wonder – being a cougarish and platinum tressed book blogger - should I be a bit piqued that she depicted the rest of her blogger class to be populated by “gray and white headed” ladies? Hmm, I have decided to let that pass, as I am totally enamored by this talented author and plan to follow her career – even if I eventually need the assistance of a scooter or a handsome and strapping male nurse to do so.
ChristineLee More than 1 year ago
***THIS BOOK WAS PROVIDED BY THE PUBLISHER/AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW** D.E. Haggerty has done it again. Molly's Misadventures is a wonderful romp through the ups and downs of Molly, a character that is so real, she feels like one of your friends. It contains the completely believable ups and downs of a woman in her mid-thirties, who seemed to have it all, only to have it all crash down. You laugh and you cry; you get angry and you get crazy. Molly's (Mis)adventures keep you turning page after page. **Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fan Site:***