Moment of Clarity

Moment of Clarity

by Karen Stivali

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BN ID: 2940151645423
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: 05/06/2015
Series: Moments in Time , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 768,050
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Moment of Clarity 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ButtonsMom2003 More than 1 year ago
OMG – this is so HOT. Don’t miss this story about Collin and Tanner This is the third story about Collin and Tanner. As with the other two stories I don’t really think you need to have read the others to enjoy this one. I loved the other two books but IMHO Moment of Clarity is the BEST!! The Moments in Time series has been so good and sizzling HOT. I believe Moment of Clarity is the final book with Collin and Tanner as the main characters and what a send-off they get. It wouldn’t be a NA story without some angst and trials for these two but it is so worth it. Collin is reunited with his estranged brother, Sean, and gets to see his nieces and nephews for the first time in ages. When a fire in their dormitory leaves them without a place to live, Collin and Tanner move in with Sean; unfortunately an unforeseen complication results from this. To try and fix things, Collin makes a bone-head move that he believes is the best for everyone but just ends up making people miserable. Any more details will give the story away but I will say there is what I consider a HEA to this story rather than the HFN that the other books had. If you read and enjoyed the first two Moments in Time books you HAVE to read this one. If you haven’t read the other two, what are you waiting for!
kirstyviz More than 1 year ago
I must admit that I am gutted that Tanner and Collin’s story comes to an end in Moment of Clarity, although it is my favourite of the three novellas. In Moment of Impact the couple began their romance a little tentatively, mainly because of the attitudes of outsiders. Moment of Truth revealed their vulnerabilities, even though they had the freedom to explore their sexual relationship. In Moment of Clarity Collin and Tanner’s choice to publically admit they are a couple is taken away from them at college and both young men face a new round of homophobia. Karen Stivali takes us to the point where we really doubt whether their relationship will survive, especially when the possible outcomes of Collin’s supposedly unselfish decisions could result in Tanner finding love with someone else. Although I think the narrative concentrates on Collin, again it is Tanner who I found the most intriguing character. He loves Collin unconditionally and is almost reckless with his emotions. Despite the guilt he feels over the situation with Collin’s family he places complete trust in the fact that they can overcome the prejudice together. Clearly the events of Collin and Tanner’s relationship have enthralled me and I have been lucky to receive advanced copies of the last two books. Yet the story would not have worked so well without Karen Stivali’s very open and human representation of her two protagonists. I have laughed with, cried with and sympathised with Collin and Tanner and feel as though I am saying goodbye to old friends!
InkedRainbowReads More than 1 year ago
FourStars When Tanner and Collin arrive back on campus for their final year, a fire in their dorm disrupts their careful plans. We’ve watched the boys’ relationship progress through the first two books, but old insecurities soon surface. Collin still struggles with Tanner’s bisexuality - will he ever be enough for Tanner? Will Tanner be strong enough to make it through his first experience of homophobia? All sorts of relationships expand and contract, tear and repair in the this book. After their free and happy summer on Fire Island, Collin and Tanner find being a homosexual couple isn’t easy in their town, or at their school. Collin’s family, the staff at Gino’s and the guys in the dorm all come to terms with the relationship in their own ways. Stivali’s character development has been subtle. It is only a quick glance back at book one that makes me realise how far the two boys have come. And as they finally finish college and fight for their places in the world, I’m no longer sure that ‘boy’ is the right word for either Collin or Tanner. I’m not sure if this is the end or only the beginning for Collin and Tanner, but as this book progresses, it is wonderful to watch two favourite men become stronger, braver and ultimately happier. I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads. Sarah
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
With Moment of Clarity the rocky romance of Tanner and Collin comes to a tumultuous conclusion full of emotional ups and downs that kept me engaged from the first page to the last. Touching on internal doubts as well as pressures from a not always understanding society, the boy's future was far from certain and kept me on the edge of my seat rooting for them to overcome everything. After spending a whole summer together, with their relationship put to the test, Tanner and Collin seem more committed than ever. They're both comfortable with their being a couple and they're slowly revealing their sexuality to others. In an instant though their happiness comes crashing down as bigotry from those in their dorm and from relatives have both of them feeling doubts. This leads to some heartbreaking moments full of tension and sacrifice that was a bit over the top at times but ultimately made a big emotional and thought-provoking impact. Since the first book in this series Collin has been the heart of each story for me as he's struggled to come out in a very religious family. He's a truly good young man, smart and respectful, and you can't help but want him to be happy. After being disowned and abandoned by his family he made his own little family with Tanner, the people at Gino's restaurant, and those he met during the summer. He's a survivor with a big heart who, after all the recent anger and upheaval directed at him and Tanner, has finally broken. He's tired of hurting people because of his sexuality, and in his usual way of putting everyone else first, he makes some decisions that frustrated me but proved once again how caring he is. Tanner's always been the cool guy, popular and going through life with ease. The ladies are drawn to him and the guys want to be him. His relationship with Collin though, and the recent discovery of their pairing, has changed all that and he finally understands Collin's early fears of being discovered. Tanner's never been judged before and found to be lacking and it's thrown him for a loop, bringing out feelings of uncertainty and fear which saddened me as he's usually so self-assured. These newfound feelings lead to some poor choices that put even more dents in his and Collin's suddenly fragile relationship that disappointed me and kept me on edge hoping love would prevail. Ultimately Tanner renewed my faith and proved himself a young man to admire in a sweet, sexy, and sentimental reminder of what's truly important. From beginning to end this book kept me on an emotional rollercoaster through its vividly depicted feelings of doubt and uncertainty perpetuated by society's judgements. At times the emotions and actions revolving around their relationship became a bit melodramatic, but the immense likability of Collin and Tanner kept me fully immersed and invested in their compelling relationship. Along with intense emotions were numerous steamy scenes, almost too many, that showed a maturing relationship becoming more serious. The secondary characters were a colorful assortment too with some friend and some clearly foe. Some left a lasting mark as they had a big impact on the story/series and I'd ultimately love to see more of Bryan, Wendy, and even kindhearted restauranteur Gino. Fans of the m/m genre will be drawn to this tale that's realistic in its tone and speech as well as charmed by the sweet and endearing main characters. Here's hoping for more from Ms. Stivali in the futur
PaulBerry1 More than 1 year ago
Moment Of Clarity-Moment In Time Series-Book 3 by Karen Stivali! It is recommended to read the series in order!  When Collin and Tanner spent summer together on Fire Island, it was amazing and they got really close. Now they're back in their uptight college town and the challenges they once faced are back full force. Collins brother Sean came to their rescue when they most needed it but when word got out about their relationship is when things got very messy with family and friends. Collins relationship with Tanner becomes a huge problem in his brothers custody battle and Tanner also has some issues with Wendy. Now Collin is thinking that maybe the people he loves will be better off without him.  It was really nice to see Collin re-connect with his brother Sean even though his sexuality comes to be an impact on Sean's life. I just love the sexual and romantic connection that Collin and Tanner have as its creates a beautiful love story. The way these characters have grown from book one to the current novel is quite beautiful and very organic. The sub-characters add so much to the series and makes for a very realistic and brilliantly written story.  The fact that Tanners mom was so open and accepting of his sexuality and then Collins family are so against his sexuality, brings a raw and honest view to what these characters face and what so many gay men face. Karen Stivali completely nailed the honesty in such a realistic way and was beautifully told. I have loved all the books in this series and the author doesn't disappoint at all with Moment Of Clarity! I completely fell for Collin and Tanner and you will too. I highly recommend this novel as well as the entire series.....Moments In Time by Karen Stivali!!! "Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review." Reviewed by Paul at Gay Media Reviews 
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This third and final installment in the Moments in Time series starts off with Tanner and Collin returning back to school from their summer together. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the series as they adjust to life at school again, and the difficulties in being a gay couple in a small town, particularly in a college dorm environment. Collin's point of view is spot on and I really felt a connection to him. His thoughts and actions ring true. It was great to see him reconnecting with his brother Sean, even as that new found relationship adds to the tension of the story. I think both Tanner and Collin are well described, interesting and likeable characters, each with their own foibles and charms. The sexual attraction between them leads to some well written, steamy and touching scenes. The relationships they have with friends and family highlight all the nuances of being young gay males and made for an interesting and enjoyable read. 4.5 stars for this, and the series overall.