Moments of Peace in the Presence of God

Moments of Peace in the Presence of God

by Baker Publishing Group

NOOK Book(eBook)

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Wisdom and inspiration from the Psalms come to life anew in this collection of more than 170 meditations. Each two-page spread presents a devotional thought and encouraging Scriptures. The unique crafting and blending of words and illustrations ensures appeal to Christians young and old. Ideal for year-round gift-giving--including Mother's Day, Father's Day, and graduations.

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ISBN-13: 9781441233080
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/01/2004
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 718,696
File size: 2 MB

Table of Contents

The Light of God's Love16
Mended Heart18
A Flame Rekindled20
Never Alone22
A Personal Passage24
Plenty of Time26
Hope and Humility28
Promises to Keep30
Someone to Count On32
True Happines34
A New Song36
Woven in Secret38
Searching for Answers40
Safe and Sound42
An Enduring Peace46
A Steady Guide48
Second Chances50
Seeking Success52
Sharing God's Compassion54
Settled in Heaven56
Beginning Again58
God's Fix for Fear60
Facing the Sunlight62
God's Majesty64
Someone to Live For66
Answered Prayers68
The Kite String70
God Shares Your Cares72
True North76
The Master Plan78
A New Way of Thinking80
Questions and Doubts82
What Really Matters84
Wonder and Awe86
A Bright New Day88
Simply Believe90
Winning Over Worry92
The Work of Waiting94
Pausing for Power96
Taking Hold of Grace98
Returning to Life100
More Than Enough102
Desert Streams106
The Cost of Commitment108
The Eyes of Understanding110
Divine Destiny112
A Wealth of Wisdom114
Mysterious Ways116
Facing the Future118
Rising to the Challenge120
Songs for the Soul122
Ice Storms124
Leaping for Joy126
Autumn Leaves128
Staying Steady Through Tough Times130
God Is on the Throne132
A Pattern of Patience136
Wings of Mercy138
Sure Footing140
The Source of Hope142
God's Faithfulness144
Seeking and Yearning for God146
God's Joy and Delight in Your Life148
Comfort in God150
Loving God152
God's Mercy and Compassion154
God's Power, Presence, and Peace156
God's Greatness and Majesty158
God Listens to Your Prayers160
Prayer Banishes Worry and Fear162
Prayer Helps You Make Decisions166
The Lord Wants to Use Your Talents168
Faith, Hope, and Love170
God Is in the Details172
The Kingdom of God Is Now174
God Is Love176
God Reveals Himself in Your Daily Life178
Your Hope Is in God180
Patience as You Wait on the Lord182
The Gift of Giving184
Making a Sanctuary for the Spirit186
The Lord Renews and Refreshes Your Life188
All Creation Praises God190
Prayer in a Dry Season192
The Divine Mystery at the Heart of Life196
God's Love Makes You Wealthy198
Accepting the Lord's Guidance200
Finding Your Life in God202
Believe in Miracles204
Shh, Listen206
At Peace With the World in God208
The Forgiving Heart210
God's Tender Mercies212
A Time for Rest214
Your Thankfulness and Praise to God222
God's Direction and Correction224
God Lightens Your Cares and Burdens226
The Discipline of Daily Prayer228
Inviting God Into Your Home230
God Dispels Confusion and Doubt232
Grace Sufficient for the Hour234
Claiming God's Blessings236
People Are to Be Helped, Not Shunned238
The Healing Power of God240
When Clouds Come242
Taking the Roll244
A New Name246
Out of Harm's Way248
God's Eraser250
Everywhere You Are252
A Steadfast Heart256
The Beauty of Change258
Stoking the Fire260
A Childlike Contentment262
The Gift of Forgiveness264
A Decision to Trust266
No Fear!268
The Confidence of Answered Prayer270
An Eternal Perspective272
God Satisfies the Soul274
Finding Favor With God276
Strength and Courage278
The Shepherd's Leading280
Rest for the Weary282
Inspiration on High286
Thirsting for God288
The Blessedness of Helping290
The Refiner's Fire292
Hope's Reward294
Delight in His Will296
Reaping the Joy298
Fortified in Spirit300
The Divine Gatekeeper302
Healing the Broken Heart304
Waiting for God's Timing306
Praise in the Evening308
The Amazing Grace of God310
Traveling Mercies312
Growing Wiser316
Divine Nourishment318
Taking Refuge in Strength320
Distinct and Beautiful322
Hidden in the Secret Place324
Nature: God's Herald326
Joy of the Bridegroom328
The Blessings of Long Life330
Reason for Rejoicing332
Sweeter Than Honey334
God's Perfect Plan336
The Message in the Gates338
Lord of the Light340
Lord of the Light342
Renewed Vigor346
Tears in a Bottle348
Personal Memorials350
God's Awesome Deeds352
Words That Restore354
Joy in Lowly Tasks356
The Teachable Heart358
God's Strength Is Enough360
God's Answer Is on the Way362
God's Mercy364
A Bountiful Crop366
A Time to Be Loud368
Along the Footpath370
A Lasting Heritage372
Wholesome Preservatives374
Someone Better Than Before376
God's Night Watch378
Skillfully Wrought380

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