Moments of Truth: The New Zealand General Election of 2014

Moments of Truth: The New Zealand General Election of 2014




The 2014 general election was surely the most bizarre election campaign in New Zealand’s history. Moments of Truth tells the story of a campaign in which NSA leaker Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange join Kim Dotcom in New Zealand for a televised ‘moment of truth’ that threatens the future of Prime Minister John Key’s government. At the end of the day John Key remains the country’s prime minister – how, after all the tumult and confusion, did that happen? The contributors to Moments of Truth seek to provide some answers and insights into an election unlike any before it.

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ISBN-13: 9781776560493
Publisher: Victoria University Press
Publication date: 01/01/2016
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Pages: 416
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About the Author

Jon Johansson is a senior lecturer in political science and international relations at Victoria University of Wellington. He is the author of Two Titans and US Leadership in Political Time and Space, as well as editor of a special issue on ‘political leadership in New Zealand’ for Political Science. He has contributed to four previous books in this series. Stephen Levine is a professor of political science at Victoria University of Wellington. He has co-edited (and contributed to) books about each of New Zealand’s elections under MMP.

Table of Contents

List of Images, Figures and Tables 8

Foreword David Carter 11

Preface Jon Johansson Stephen Levine 13

Overview of the Election

1 Moments of Truth: the 2014 New Zealand general election Stephen Levine 29

2 Election in a bubble Colin James 70

3 Leadership in a vacuum: Campaign '14 and the limits of 'followership' Jon Johansson 88

4 In other news: forming a government in 2014 Stephen Church 104

Political Party Perspectives

5 National: the Prime Minister's perspective John Key 117

6 The 2014 campaign: working for New Zealand Steven Joyce 123

7 Labour 2014: lessons from the campaign Andrew Little 134

8 The 2014 Labour campaign: a party perspective Tim Barnett David Talbot 138

9 Stable in the storm: the Green campaign Russel Norman 147

10 Losing an 'unloseable' election Winston Peters 153

11 Tu Maori Mai: the Maori Party campaign Te Ururoa Flavell 158

12 Houdini ACT: the 2014 escape David Seymour 168

13 United Future and the future of MMP Peter Dunne 175

Media Perspectives

14 Parachuting into a political no man's land: a journalist's perspective on a character-building campaign Jane Clifton 183

15 Bloggers, bottom feeders and disruption: technology and the 2014 general election campaign Corin Higgs 191

16 #Peakcray: making current affairs television during the strangest election in New Zealand's history Nicola Kean 203

17 Black ops, glove puppets and textual relations: the media's campaign 2014 Kate McMillan 214

The 2014 Parliamentary Elections - The Campaign and the Results

18 Voter targeting: developments in 2014 Rob Salmond 239

19 The search for stability Morgan Godfery 252

20 Survey findings and the 2014 election Stephen Mills 264

21 Social media in the 2014 general election Matthew Beveridge 287

22 Standing back and looking forward: the 2014 election in perspective Therese Arseneau Nigel S. Roberts 300


23 Looking towards 2017 Jon Johansson 323

Notes 333

References 349


1 2014 Confidence and Supply Agreement with ACT New Zealand 377

2 2014 Confidence and Supply Agreement with United Future New Zealand 381

3 2014 Relationship Accord and Confidence and Supply Agreement with the Maori Party 385

4 MPs in the 51st Parliament 389

5 The Government 393

Contributors 397

Index 405

Contents of Moments of Truth DVD 416

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