Moments with God for Kids: 100 Devotions to Answer Your Questions about Our Amazing God

Moments with God for Kids: 100 Devotions to Answer Your Questions about Our Amazing God

Moments with God for Kids: 100 Devotions to Answer Your Questions about Our Amazing God

Moments with God for Kids: 100 Devotions to Answer Your Questions about Our Amazing God


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Kids have a lot of questions about God: Does God know what I’m thinking? Do animals go to heaven? Is the Big Bang Theory in the Bible? They’ll find the answers to these questions—and more—in this engaging 100-day devotional. Each entry begins with Scripture to introduce a big question and then invites kids to think deeper about what they’ve learned. Plus, they’ll be equipped with language to talk with others about God and His amazing creation. For ages 8 to 12.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640701731
Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing
Publication date: 08/02/2022
Series: Moments with God
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Becky Kopitzke is the author of several books for Christian parents including The Cranky Mom Fix and The SuperMom Myth. As a writer, speaker, and family cheerleader, Becky is on a mission to encourage and equip parents and kids alike to live out God’s Word in their everyday lives. She and her husband, Chad, live in northeast Wisconsin with their two daughters, Clara and Noelle, and a houseful of pets. Find Becky online at

Table of Contents

Questions About God

1 Is God real?

2 Does God have a beginning?

3 How can God be everywhere at once?

4 Is God good?

5 Is God in control of everything?

6 Does God know what I'm thinking?

7 Does God hear my prayers?

8 How does God experience time?

9 Who is Jesus?

10 What is the Trinity?

11 Does God have emotions?

12 Does God make mistakes?

13 Is God loving?

14 Does God ever get mad?

15 What is God's kingdom?

Questions About Creation

16 Who created nature?

17 Why did God create people?

18 Why did God create animals?

19 Did God really create the world in only six days?

20 Why did God make the universe so big?

21 Are people still made in God's image?

22 Did God make me male (or female)?

23 Is it a sin to change my body?

24 What is a soul?

25 How can God live inside people?

26 Does God live inside animals too?

27 Why did God create pests like mosquitos and ticks?

28 Why does God allow natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes?

Questions about Sin and Salvation

29 What is sin?

30 What does God think about sin?

31 How did sin come into the world?

32 Why doesn't God just wipe out sin?

33 Is everybody God's child?

34 Why did Jesus have to die? Couldn't God have saved us another way?

35 What does it mean to be "born again"?

36 Why doesn't God just beam people up to heaven as soon as they become Christians?

37 If God took away my sins, why do I have to keep confessing them?

38 Why do people still sin after they're saved?

39 Is it okay to sin if God is just going to forgive me anyway?

40 Is sickness caused by sin?

Question about the Bible

41 Who wrote the Bible?

42 How do we know the Bible is true?

43 Who decided what books would go into the Bible?

44 Do the Bible and science disagree?

45 Does the Bible talk about dinosaurs and cavemen?

46 Why was the God of the Old Testament so harsh?

47 Why did people in Genesis live so long?

Question about you and God

48 Why did God create me?

49 Does God care about me?

50 Does God see everything I do?

51 What does God want from me?

52 Does God still speak to us today?

53 Why does God give us free will?

54 What's the point of praying if God already has a plan?

55 Can I mess up God's plan for my life?

56 Why does God tell us to forgive people?

57 Can I love God but not people?

58 Why did God create families?

59 Why does God tell me to obey my parents?

60 Why should I respect authority?

61 Does God want me to be friends with everybody?

62 How does God want me to treat friends who don't know Him?

63 What does God mean when He says, "Love your enemies"?

Questions about Suffering

64 Does God know how it feels to suffer?

65 Why doesn't God stop trouble from happening to us?

66 Where is God when I'm hurting?

67 Does it bother God to see people suffer?

68 Why does God allow disabilities?

69 Does suffering result in anything good?

70 How can God use my pain to help others?

Questions about Angels

71 What is an angel?

72 Where do angels live?

73 Are angels perfect?

74 Can I pray to angels?

75 Do people become angels when they die?

Questions about Heaven and Hell

76 Is heaven real?

77 Where does God live?

78 What does heaven look like?

79 Is there sin in heaven?

80 Does God want me to be in heaven?

81 What happens when we die?

82 Does God know when I'm going to die?

83 Is there really only one way to get to heaven?

84 If Jesus is the way to heaven, where did Old Testament people go when they died?

85 Where will I live when I get to heaven?

86 What will our bodies look like in heaven?

87 Are there animals in heaven?

88 Is anyone sad in heaven?

89 Can people in heaven see what's happening on earth?

90 Will I recognize my family in heaven?

91 What will we do all day in heaven?

92 Will we be rewarded for good behavior in heaven?

93 Can I die and go to heaven, then come back to life?

94 Is hell real?

95 Who is Satan?

96 Is Satan as powerful as God?

97 Did God create hell?

98 If God is good, why does he allow people to go to hell?

99 Who wins in the end?

100 How do I accept Jesus?

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