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Only CHUKWU the Supreme GOD knows it, something has gone wrong in Obodo, an Island
where monkeys are Kings. The Almighty summons other deities � Amadioha, Ofonogu,
Igwekala and Chukwuobioma; granting each a Star and a strange public Puzzle is created.
Four Princes are born at same time to Eze Ojike Adaka the new King who committed a secret
wrong but who claims to be a righteous man, and he must declare among the sons a first born
heir, before the people. Afraid of being wrong the Eze decides to send the boys to the World
to look for Ojemba a traveller Horse who knows the first, as confirmed by the priests of the
deities, while public agitation grows higher into social divisions and societal unrest.

The four monkey boys leave the Island, instructed to go together and to return all together with
with the traveller. But King, boys and the entire people do not know that the World is far much
bigger than their imagination. Eventually in the World, boys meet strange people, places, new
languages. The World is endlessly large and full of unimaginable numbers of people who do
not know Ojemba. Yet the struggle to keep together becomes so impossible. The World against
all efforts, forced them apart and the social tides take each away to extreme ends where they
get completely lost from one another. The World even changes their names, each taking to a
profession, rising and becoming what they never would have thought nor imagined. They have
forgotten to go back and they neither remember the assigned mission of their Father and the
Obodo People. Each is so mentally and physically changed not to recognise rest of his brothers.

At peak, come great successes but with series of tragedies. Fate and circumstances make each
cause the death of own brother before knowing it. Attempts to return home lead to greater
catastrophes. The lofty heights so attained are clashed and destroyed out of cruel habits and
ambitions so learnt and practiced in the World. One who becomes a singer megastar of the
World dies of sexual disease. Another who becomes the richest man of the World loses his
Money Empire to die by the word of his brother Conqueror of the World. The Conqueror is
mistakenly killed by his own mother at home. The last is the Professor who returns after years
as a Prisoner in the World, where he meets Ojemba and both hastily come home to meet the
devastation of the Conqueror�s soldiers.

The story ends with the King�s unconscious revelation of his past wrong at the worst stage
of public disorder and national calamity. Eze Ojike Adaka had seen own Father Okoro
Adaka commit suicide but looked away, refusing to save his late Father because Ojike wanted
to ascend the throne, as voice of CHUKWU had told the deities, who report at last that men
have now known the Truth, the Almighty had seen and Obodo may have Peace at last.
But Ojike sleeps at night, unable to wake, to end story.

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About the Author

Ezenwa was born on 28th of November 1963, at Amagu Ishiagu; Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He is the Author of Animal World War.
His childhood was when this African traditional community had been infiltrated by Christianity and formal Education of European culture. Nigeria had attained independence and was having political crisis that eventually led to civil war in 1967. Children were opening their eyes, ears and overall formative consciousness to rumors, news and violence of war. The war lasted, ended, peace returned and civil life continued in 1970.
Ezenwa attended: Amagu Primary School 70-73, Ishiagu Central School 74-75, Ishiagu High School 75-76, Federal Government College Kaduna 76-80 and Lagos State Polytechnic 81-85. A writer was already unconsciously developing; as the casual boyish scripting-hobby was transforming into a positive habit. Grandmother had excited his preschool imaginations with those many folklore that children naturally love. Those were animal, spirit and common idiomatic tales meant to instruct morals in every human society.
Story writing started during his Lagos days in early 90s. He moved to Europe 1995. Ezenwa has been actively engaged in Missionary and Social Works. He has returned to active writing. Juniors are his beloved main audience. This second publication MONKEY BOYS again displays extraordinary ingenuity of life insights filtered into an educative icon . The message is universal and it has a natural power for the inspiration of young ones and adults.

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