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"MONO" is a unique book in many aspects. For starters, it was conceived, written, revised and published in less than two weeks time. "MONO" cannot be considered as a pure sample of any known genre. It is close to science fiction, perhaps more than anything else, but still the sci-fi tag does not represent its content to an absolute extent. It has 11 chapters; structured in a very strict and peculiar way: Chapter 1 is one page long (when I talk about page here, I refer to a typical Word A5 size page), then Chapter 2 is two pages long, Chapter 3 is four pages long... Chapter 6 is 32 pages long... Chapter 8 is 8 pages long and Chapter 11 is, again, 1 page.
"MONO" is a multi-layered novel that can be read from many different perspectives; however it always manages to be consistent, meaningful and entertaining. In a sense, it is an allegorical story about each one of us, human beings, and how the way we view our lives, other peoples' lives and the mysterious universe that surrounds us, constantly changes and, yet, constantly remains the same. "MONO" celebrates the inherent paradox and absurdity of existence. It entertains the notion that both heaven and hell can be basically found within our heads. Perhaps, the novel's tagline is the following phrase taken from it: "There is no shortcut from dreams to reality; there are endless shortcuts from realities to dreams".
In a nutshell, reading "MONO" should be viewed as an exercise of self-awareness and self-actualization by and for the reader.
As for the title, let's just say that, among other things, "MONO" stands for one, lonely and union.
Let yourself become absorbed into "MONO"'s magic, it's worth it!

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ISBN-13: 9781490457536
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/29/2013
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.21(d)

About the Author

Alex Exarchos was born in downtown Athens, Greece some 30 years ago, give or take (OK, basically give). His heart (call me right brain hemisphere) always belonged to storytelling and its various forms and he has always been lucky in that respect, because when he was young he accidentally fell into the cauldron of the infamous wizard Inspiratus, precisely at the time when the latter was preparing his notorious magic potion of infinite and inexhaustible imagination.
However, he was unlucky enough that his mind (call me left brain hemisphere) was drawn by numbers. Furthermore, his mind was always audacious and imposing (as opposed to his heart) and, before poor Alex knew it, it had assumed a leadership / tyrranical role in his life.
Alex's heart, appalled and helpless, watched him studying finance and accounting and ending up as a cost controller for various multinational corporations and high-profile central banks, contributing to the enhancement and reproduction of a model and cultural stereotype it defied. However, his heart was also very patient and, while always trying to influence Alex from backstage, waited also for the right opportunity to take the upper hand.
Indeed, when Alex's mind ran out of luck at a certain point, his heart ferociously and thriumphantly counter-attacked, forcing him to write and publish his first novel "MONO" in less than two weeks.
Alex, fed up with his inherent duality, is currently in the process of reconciling his heart and mind. He believes he will achieve this goal as soon as he becomes a full-time author, having an appeal to a critical mass audience.
Will he make it?

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