Monsieur D'eon Is A Woman: A Tale Of Political Intrigue And Sexual Masquerade

Monsieur D'eon Is A Woman: A Tale Of Political Intrigue And Sexual Masquerade

by Gary Kates


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Reminiscent of M. Butterfly, this is the mesmerizing true story of an internationally renowned French aristocrat who spent the last thirty-five years of his life purporting to be a woman.

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ISBN-13: 9780465047628
Publisher: Basic Books
Publication date: 06/28/1996
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 8.94(h) x 1.15(d)

About the Author

Gary Kates is dean of the college and vice president for academic affairs at Pomona College. He is co-editor and translator, with Roland A. Champagne and Nina Ekstein, of The Maiden of Tonnerre: The Vicissitudes of the Chevalier and the Chevalière d'Eon, also available from Johns Hopkins.

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Discovery
Part I: A French Chevaliere
Chapter 1: Maiden Voyage
Chapter 2: Foreign Minister Vergennes
Chapter 3: Tonnerre
Chapter 4: D'Eon's Patrons
Chapter 5: Rose Bertin
Chapter 6: Marie-Antoinette
Chapter 7: Franklin and Voltaire
Chapter 8: Public Perceptions
Chapter 9: D'Eon on d'Eon
Chapter 10: The Hopes of a Good Portrait
Part II: The Rise and Fall of a Statesman
Chapter 11: Louis XV's Diplomacy
Chapter 12: The King's Secret
Chapter 13: Conti and Russia
Chapter 14: The Russian Myth Reexamined
Chapter 15: Diplomacy in Russia
Chapter 16: Dragoon Captain
Chapter 17: Making Peace
Chapter 18: The Secret in England
Chapter 19: Reversal of Fortune
Chapter 20: Recalled
Chapter 21: D'Eon to Louis XV and Broglie
Chapter 22: Broglie to Louis XV
Chapter 23: Scapegoat
Chapter 24: The "Lettres, memoires, et negociations"
Chapter 25: Libel
Chapter 26: Indictment
Chapter 27: Royal Decree of 1 April 1766
Part III: Inside d'Eon's Library
Chapter 28: D'Eon to Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Chapter 29: Rousseau's Disciple
Chapter 30: D'Eon's Library
Chapter 31: Pompadour and La Pucelle
Chapter 32: Contra Rousseau
Part IV: The Transformation
Chapter 33: Contexts
Chapter 34: Rumors
Chapter 35: Drouet's Visit
Chapter 36: Macauley, d'Espinay, and the "Femme Savante"
Chapter 37: Hannah Snell and the Amazons
Chapter 38: Morande
Chapter 39: LouisXVI
Chapter 40: The Letter to Poissonier
Chapter 41: The Transaction
Chapter 42: Beaumarchais Bets
Chapter 43: Beaumarchais "To Mlle Genev. L. Deon de Beaumont"
Chapter 44: D'Eon to Beaumarchais
Chapter 45: D'Eon Sues Morande
Chapter 46: Lord Mansfield's Court
Part V: D'Eon's Christian Feminism
Chapter 47: Considering Convents
Chapter 48: Reborn Again
Chapter 49: Return to England
Chapter 50: Gendered Theology
Chapter 51: Christian Feminist
Bibliography of Works By and About d'Eon

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Richard Bernstein

"Almost too good to be true, a kind of ultimate human-interest story mingling with the larger themes of history."

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