Monster Stepbrother: His dark obsession runs deep

Monster Stepbrother: His dark obsession runs deep

by Harlow Grace


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ISBN-13: 9781508816546
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/29/2015
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author


Harlow Grace has tried many things in her life but writing has always been and still remains her passion. She loves to create characters in need of redemption and her stories are mostly all dark romance but then again, she likes to mix things up so don't be surprised if she publishes a sweet romance every now and then. When she's not writing or reading, Harlow is plotting and planning her next adventure or dreaming of lazy days in the sun with a good book in one hand and a cocktail in the other.




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Monster Stepbrother: His dark obsession runs deep 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Hazel_G More than 1 year ago
4 “Monster” Stars! So Hot, Super Angsty and Totally Taboo! Did I love this book? Definitely! And just like the warning says, this book is NOT for everyone. The hero is foul mouthed, narcissistic and so full of himself, I’m surprised he had room for anything else. He’s a total mean-boy, he’s manipulative, a complete douche and in a real life circumstance, I would probably hate him. But this isn’t real life. This is escapism and I absolutely LOVED him. Story/Characters... Written in dual POV’s and has multiple time shifts. At sixteen, Oliver is invited to travel back to a city he hates to spend time with his mom's new family for a couple of weeks. He’s angry and he’s hurt and he’s fighting demons passed on to him by his father. He has no room for a new step-father or a new step-sister. The first time he meets Maya, she’s 12 and it’s hate at first site on his part. Maya is sweet and excited to meet her new step-brother but it’s evident he wants no part of her. Skip forward to four years later, Oliver returns to his mother's house to visit once again only this time, sweet 12 year old Maya has become a beautiful spitfire of a teen. She’s sixteen, gorgeous and Oliver wants her desperately but knows she’s both forbidden and jailbait. But that's where their story really begins. Maya has been in love with Oliver since she was twelve but she’s as innocent as it gets, playing adult games to try and win her guy's attention and maybe his affection. Maya’s character was so complex. She had an entire well of insecurities and hangups stemming from the loss of her mother and the abandonment of her family. She was confused about her body, her mind, her feelings and her place in life and she had no mother figure to confide in about these things. I loved the way the author portrayed her and explained her. I could see myself in her. I connected with her on a female level and understood all those growing pains she was feeling. She was so lost and my heart broke for her. Skip forward again to when Maya is eighteen and Oliver is twenty-two and that’s when their “story” turns into a heated, sexy, twisted kind of romance. Oliver was intense and angry and just plain mean. But holy-hell was he HOT! And I mean, H.O.T! His past is steeped in hurt and shame and he really didn't have any good role models to help him through a life that was doomed to be ridiculed by others who didn’t understand or accept the sins of his father. But as with all heroes of this caliber, his poison was a cover and inside, he had a caring and nurturing side. It was hidden most of the time, but it was there, just waiting for the right person and a safe time for it to surface. This was this author's debut novel and it shows. Some of the scenes were choppy, some of the plot felt missing and I think it could have benefited from a good editor. BUT... that does NOT take away from the incredible story, the steamy-sexiness or the amazing characters. Sometimes I need a good taboo book. Something with edge, a bit of a challenge, something without rules and is on the light side of dark. And something that dips its toe in the forbidden pool. This is definitely that kind of read. It’s not for everyone, but it was perfect for me. This book delivered those chest pangs I love and the tummy flutters I crave. It was a great read!
writer0730 More than 1 year ago
To be perfectly honest, the author warned her readers about the subject content of this book, and I bought it anyway. What does that say about me? Anywho, I didn't mind the stepbrother/stepsister attraction, but all the eff-words...holy cow! And trust me, there are a TON!!! I also knew the characters would be dark but they were so beyond redemption, I couldn't relate...not even in my wildest imagination.  There was SO much sex that after a while (well, actually not that long), it just got old (I can't believe I said that!) and tiresome, becoming nothing more than two nut jobs copulating. The author appears to be a good writer, just not about things I'm even remotely interested in.