Monsters in the Woods

Monsters in the Woods

Monsters in the Woods

Monsters in the Woods


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Monsters In The Woods… is scare you out of your mind fiction. It’s Harry Potter meets The Thing. It’s a tale for those with enormous imaginations! I want you uncomfortable, biting the tips of your fingernails down to their bloody nubs, perchance grinding your teeth in a fit of vicious nerves.

That’s bliss for me, watching as you shift your eyeballs from side to side, a nervous glance, a terrified expression planted on your face. That’s where I need you, horrified of an explainable thud beneath the bed, a movement in the back of the closet… a thump out in the darkness, just beyond the window.

That being said, I should note this tale has roots in reality. It’s about a reptilian race of beings randomly documented throughout our legendary records. This story speaks of what if and oh my!

It pokes holes at the ridiculous notion that Human Beings are the only intelligent species living on Earth. Not long ago, I happened across a Hopi Legend that spoke of a race of reptilians said to have lived hundreds of feet below downtown Hollywood.

Many claimed it was the stuff of science fiction.

When I first heard of the lizard people and their existence during a trip to the UFO Congress’ Annual Symposium in Arizona, I had to wonder… could there really be something to this tale? With billions of planets in the universe, couldn’t there be alien life out there, and if so, why is it so fundamentally insane to suppose they’ve come here and live among us?

In 1955 Indiana, there was an encounter with something called The Green Clawed Beast. The story went that two friends were swimming the Ohio River and came upon a creature, pulling one of them under the waterline. With her friend looking on, Miss Darwin Johnson struggled back to the surface kicking and thrashing for dear life. She claimed to have escaped from a green hairy claw, and sure enough, a jade hand-print was found on her leg that couldn’t be washed off her skin for days.

What the heck… you might say?

I know, I know, it sounded crazy to me, too… but the story didn’t end there.

Within days, both girls were visited by peculiar men dressed in black suits who ordered them to renounce any and all knowledge of the incident. Sound familiar? The Men in Black have been fictionalized by Hollywood, with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones making a joke of the entire subject. But the reality is they do exist. And yet, if you type Men in Black into your browser the official Wikipedia page is all about the movie. That’s how the ruling powers want it; they want you believing it’s not real. You see, there is a systematic machine in place to hide, manipulate and cover up the facts.

But the stories just go on.

Later in 1955, another family, the Suttons, were busy entertaining a guest when their home was invaded by ‘creatures from another world’. The story went that their guest, Billy Ray Taylor, had stepped outside to fetch water from a pump when he saw strange lights in the sky. Shortly after, the farmhouse was invaded by green creatures with skinny legs and clawed hands.

The Green Goblins attacked the house and were fought off with guns.

Similar tales continue across America.

This, dear reader... Monsters in the Woods is JUST ONE incident with reatures from outer space.

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ISBN-13: 9780989675390
Publisher: Storyteller Entertainment, LLC
Publication date: 06/19/2018
Pages: 434
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)
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