by Nicola Harrison


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An epic and cinematic novel by debut author Nicola Harrison, Montauk captures the glamour and extravagance of a summer by the sea with the story of a woman torn between the life she chose and the life she desires.

Montauk, Long Island, 1938.

For three months, this humble fishing village will serve as the playground for New York City’s wealthy elite. Beatrice Bordeaux was looking forward to a summer of reigniting the passion between her and her husband, Harry. Instead, tasked with furthering his investment interest in Montauk as a resort destination, she learns she’ll be spending twelve weeks sequestered with the high society wives at The Montauk Manor—a two-hundred room seaside hotel—while Harry pursues other interests in the city.

College educated, but raised a modest country girl in Pennsylvania, Bea has never felt fully comfortable among these privileged women, whose days are devoted not to their children but to leisure activities and charities that seemingly benefit no one but themselves. She longs to be a mother herself, as well as a loving wife, but after five years of marriage she remains childless while Harry is increasingly remote and distracted. Despite lavish parties at the Manor and the Yacht Club, Bea is lost and lonely and befriends the manor’s laundress whose work ethic and family life stir memories of who she once was.

As she drifts further from the society women and their preoccupations and closer toward Montauk’s natural beauty and community spirit, Bea finds herself drawn to a man nothing like her husband –stoic, plain spoken and enigmatic. Inspiring a strength and courage she had almost forgotten, his presence forces her to face a haunting tragedy of her past and question her future.

Desperate to embrace moments of happiness, no matter how fleeting, she soon discovers that such moments may be all she has, when fates conspire to tear her world apart…

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ISBN-13: 9781250200112
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 06/04/2019
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 21,065
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Born in England, Nicola Harrison moved to CA where she received a BA in Literature at UCLA before moving to NYC and earning an MFA in creative writing at Stony Brook. She is a member of The Writers Room, has short stories published in The Southampton Review and Glimmer Train and articles in Los Angeles Magazine and Orange Coast Magazine. She was the fashion and style staff writer for Forbes, had a weekly column at Lucky Magazine and is the founder of a personal styling business, Harrison Style. Montauk is Harrison's debut novel

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Montauk 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 45 reviews.
gaele 13 days ago
New Yorkers love to escape the summers and head for the relatively more tranquil areas along the shore, from Newport to Long Island, and Montauk, the quiet fishing village for most of the year plays host to the ‘see and be seen’ crowd for three months of summer. Filled with parties, lunches, events and relaxation, anyone who is hoping to be seen as “Anyone in the city” is there. Beatrix has gone there with her husband Harry: their life of late has hit a samey-vibe, and she’s hoping that getting away and relaxing will allow them to reconnect and help her to feel more ‘a part’ of this world that has never quite fitted in with her upbringing. Of course, there are twists and turns, and a man who is the polar opposite of Bea’s husband, involved with people who are also far different to Bea’s current companions – the ‘doyennes’ of society who focus on committees for charity, luncheons, who’s who and looking their best at all times. To the good, the descriptions and even the sense of ‘who’ everyone that Bea encounters were solid and easy to picture. The story felt very much tied to the ‘time’ and with some of the associated social constraints that came through quite clearly. But Bea – oh Bea. Naïve to the point of stupidity and disbelief. We’re told she’s college educated and kind-hearted, but frankly her inability to navigate some of the simpler interactions – and to always be surprised when things are unexpected was tiring and wore on my patience. Part of that was Bea herself, it just didn’t seem as if she learned anything from her own experiences as the story went on, and was always ‘taken aback’ by reactions or thoughts. The naivete thing was carried a bit too far with her….I expect some seeing as she was very much a woman of her time -but enough is enough. Even in the Tudor court people were aware of hypocrisy and self-serving agendas -but not Bea. Starting with lots of promise, it was difficult to get past the up and down relationship that I had to Bea, she wasn’t endearing due to her naivete, it was annoying – and the transitions between narrative, conversations and point of view asides were choppy and frequently abrupt – several sentences could go by before it became clear what had happened, and often the why went by unnoticed. Most certainly this could have been cleaned up a bit with editing, as Harrison’s descriptions are solid and evocative, while the character of Bea needed to show some actual growth and recognition of having “experienced’ things that repeatedly surprised her. There’s promise in the overall impression of her work, however, and this means that I’ll be certain to be watching for more. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
CatmomJD 22 days ago
Montauk is an extraordinary tale that had me hooked from the very start. Stuck in a loveless and childless marriage, Beatrice has hopes for her marriage when her husband, Harry, suggests they spend the summer at newest beach resort, The Montauk Manor. But, it turns out Harry doesn’t plan on staying. He leaves Beatrice there while he goes back to the city to work. Beatrice isn’t comfortable hanging out with the society women at the resort, so she befriends the laundry woman at the resort which leads to meeting Thomas, the lighthouse keeper. Beatrice ends up having an affair with Thomas and as summer is coming to an end, she is left with some life altering decisions that need to be made. This book took me by surprise. After reading the premise, I thought it was going to be good. But, I had no idea it would be this good. To say I got hooked on the story would be an understatement. I will definitely be reading more books by this author.
lsmoore_43 4 days ago
I had a hard time with this book. I don’t know exactly what it was but I could not get into it like I normally do a story. It didn’t pull me in or hold my attention. It took me quite a while to finally finish it and I honestly didn’t really like it that much. I’m not saying that others won’t love it, just that I didn’t. It started out pretty good but I didn’t like the husband at all. Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my review. I gave it 3 stars because I did manage to finish it. I’m truly sorry. It just wasn’t for me.
Caroldaz 7 days ago
The story takes place on Montauk, Long Island in 1938. Beatrice and Harry have been married for a few years with no children. Harry has a good job in the city and Beatrice does not work. They are wealthy and decide to spend the summer in Montauk. Beatrice is left alone most of the time while Harry carries on with his job and comes back on most weekends. Gradually, Beatrice feels distanced from the other wealthy, narcissistic and selfish women, although she feels she has to try to fit in for the sake of her husband. She becomes more aware about how she is expected to play the perfect wife, but husbands are free to be unfaithful with no consequences. Somewhere along the way, Beatrice finds her voice and shows her strength. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
3900980 9 days ago
In 1938 Beatrice Bordeaux and her husband Harry begin a summer of adventure in Montauk, a new and developing seaside area the rich are flocking to near Long Island in New York. They are spending the summer, Beatrice there full-time and Harry taking the train there for weekends. Harry is deciding if he should invest in the beautiful seaport all his friends with money are investing in. Beatrice will spend the summer relaxing, attending parties, shopping and going to the beach. Beatrice and Harry have been unable to conceive a child during their 5 year marriage, something which has been an embarrassment for her, but also something she wishes for desperately. She also hopes the summer will bring her relationship with Harry back to what is was. They seem to be drifting apart. But when Beatrice discovers some unsettling information about her husband, she must accept some harsh realities about their relationship. While in Montauk, Beatrice meets and befriends Elizabeth, a laundry worker for the resort they are staying in. She begins to feel her life of fancy dresses, parties and shopping are nothing compared to the tireless work ethic of the locals. And although there is all this talk about investing, she realizes the locals are the ones who are truly in need of some money. And then she meets someone who will change her life forever. A man she never dreamed she would be interested in. Someone she becomes attracted to for so many reasons. Perhaps even her soulmate. Now Beatrice must make some decisions. Decisions that were unheard of in those days. What should she do...what CAN she do? This is a beautifully written love story with believable characters and incredibly written majestic scenic passages with imagery that makes you feel you are there. It was quite the page turner with my heart leaping for joy and pounding from suspense. It possibly could be one of the best love stories I have read in quite awhile. Although I have yet to go to Montauk, with this book I feel like I have finally been!
Fredreeca2001 9 days ago
Beatrice is to spend the summer on Montauk, a high society resort outside NYC. She is planning on reconnecting with her husband and hopefully becoming pregnant. Nothing goes as planned. She discovers her husbands infidelities and realizes her life is not exactly what she expected. I enjoyed this time period and the setting. Who doesn’t like leisurely (entitled) ladies spending a summer at the beach? But, I understand why Beatrice started to expand her horizons. These society ladies would get on anybody’s nerves. Beatrice inserts herself into the life of the laundry lady. This leads her to the light house. And to an attraction she never expected. I applaud Beatrice! She does not let society rule her thoughts and actions. She is smart and uses her abilities to change her stars. I enjoyed this novel. I just felt it was a little wordy and moved a little slow. But, isn’t this cover wonderful! I received this novel from St. Martin’s Press for a honest review.
Althea Moon 11 days ago
ORMAT READ: eBook (Adobe Digital Editions) SIMILAR VIBES: The Thousandth Floor (if it were NA and without the sci fi part), The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo READ FOR: high class 1930s society vibe *All my reviews are spoiler-free unless stated otherwise* OVERALL: 3.7/5 I really liked the setting and overall vibe of the book. But I was not engaged and interested enough in the story. I don’t think this was the book but me as the plot was not something that I could particularly relate to. Nevertheless, the characters were interesting to get to know and I was curious to see what would happen to them in the duration of the story. This feels like one of those classic historical fiction stories. There’s not much else to say but I would recommend this book to those who enjoy reading historical fiction and would want that classic historical feel with an added touch of class. PLOT: ★★★☆☆ WRITING STYLE: ★★★★☆ CHARACTERS: ★★★★☆ THEMES: ★★★★☆ PACING: ★★★☆☆ PAGE TURNER: ★★★★☆ Thanks to St. Martin's Press and Nicola Harrison for the ARC to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Anonymous 12 days ago
Anyone who has been to Montauk will enjoy this beach read. The story takes place in 1938 when Montauk was not 'the place to be' yet, but, just a sleepy fishing village. A group of investors from Manhattan thought it would be a great summer place for their wealthy society wives while they worked in the city weekdays and joined them on the weekends. I especially liked the fact they dined at Duryea's, we did too when vacationing there a few years ago. I also liked the added history of the 1938 September hurricane. #montauk #netgalley
Anonymous 12 days ago
Summer 1938 Harry and Beatrice Bordeaux are headed to the magnificent Montauk Manor hotel for the summer. Harry will work in the city during the week and join Beatrice on the weekend. Beatrice isn’t happy about that, but it seems it is the norm with all of the couples staying there. Harry wants Beatrice to befriend the other women there to help his career. After being married for 5 years, Beatrice has yet to become pregnant. They soon get into the weekly routine. Beatrice tries to befriend some of the wives, but many of them are so pretentious and that is not who Beatrice is. However, she soon becomes good friends with Molly who has her own business of making hats. Molly is a happy and genuine person which is what draws Beatrice to her. When Beatrice discovers that Harry is having affairs, she is furious. Beatrice wants to learn more about the town and the people who live there. She makes friends with Elizabeth, the laundress for the Montauk Manor. Through her, she meets the lighthouse keeper, Thomas. They enjoy one another’s company even if Beatrice has to be sure no one sees her with him. They soon fall in love but their lives are so different. How can there be a future for them? But when a bad storm hits, it decides the future of many people. I really enjoyed this book. The characters are perfectly created and Beatrice’s naivety is very well written. It’s impressive to see how she learns to stand up to the intimidation of Harry and the social climbing society women. The time period and the and the location are also very well written. This is an author I will be watching in the future. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
CynB 14 days ago
Montauk, by Nicola Harrison, is a surprisingly captivating novel about class differences in 1938. Beatrice, raised on a Pennsylvania farm, is now married to an ambitious businessman from a socially elite New York family. The summer of 1938 is to be spent at the Montauk Manor, the current popular summer “camp” for the wealthy elite of New York. Over the course of the summer, Beatrice learns disturbing truths about her husband, her marriage, and the social crowd to which she seems destined. In many ways, this is a coming of age novel as Beatrice also learns much about who she is and wants to be, and the kind of life she wants to live. Harrison deftly weaves into this story the social mores of the time, class differences, and the expectations of a women’s role in society. She is amazingly underhanded in her treatment of these issues, letting character and plot propel the tale forward. Montauk is on the ocean. and you will hear the waves roll in, smell the salt water, and feel the breeze. Although this has all of the elements of the prototypical beach novel, it is much more penetrating. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for allowing me to read an electronic ARC. It was a pleasure!
MamasReadingCorner 15 days ago
"I closed my eyes in the darkness and listened to the faint sound of the ocean waves rolling in and crashing, rolling in and crashing, one after the other like the ticking of a clock whose hands keep moving forward even when you want time to stand still" (p. 221). Montauk by Nicola Harrison is a beautiful debut set in a fishing village in the 1930s where social elitists from the city are visiting for the summer months. While the women relax in Montauk during the week, their husbands are back in the city working, only coming back to the beach on the weekends. This leaves Beatrice quite a bit of time to think: is she really happy with Harry? I loved Montauk. Harrison did such a wonderful job capturing the imagery of the ocean, the lighthouse, and the Manor that I felt present. There was so much drama packed into the story that I never felt bored or wondered when the chapter would end. It didn't take long for me to become invested in our heroine. Once Bea realizes she's worth more than what her husband is giving her, she finds a newfound confidence that allows her to speak her mind and stand up for herself. The character development was beautifully done. I absolutely loved Thomas and Bea & I wholeheartedly believe Harrison did the story justice with Harry's fate. The ending had me floored. The way a book ends tells you a lot about how you feel about the whole of the story, and by the way Bea, Thomas, and Harry's stories were left, I knew I had loved every bit of what I read. Read it, savor it, love it. Thanks to Book Sparks & St. Martin's Press for the complimentary copy of Montauk to read and review! Content disclaimers: This premise of this novel is primarily based on infidelity, but I felt it was justified (and I don't take this topic lightly whatsoever). There is also a case of spousal rape towards the 3/4 mark of the novel.
KerryACroucier 15 days ago
Nicola Harrison’s debut novel takes us to Montauk, on Long Island, in 1938. The small village is starting to be transformed into a destination for New York’s rich and elite families to summer at beautiful Montauk Manor. The wives will spend their days with activities, while nannies take care of the children, and the husbands return from the city on weekends. Beatrice’s husband has decided that Montauk is the place to be, and Beatrice should spend her summer cultivating relationships with the other wives. Disappointed to find that they won’t be spending much-needed time together strengthening their relationship, Beatrice tries to fit in, hoping to show Harry she can be a partner and an asset in their marriage. Too soon, she realizes that she isn’t satisfied with her role. Her background as a lower-middle class girl, who went to college, has her seeking out friends that are more like her and a purpose that has her on a career-path that could ruin her socially if she’s found out. Her quest leads her to explore Montauk, and a friendship with the lighthouse keeper, and the realization that Harry has other plans while he is alone in the city, have Beatrice wondering whether this is the life for her or if there is more out there for her. Harrison’s descriptions and writing made me feel as if I was in Montauk in 1938. The characters were interesting, and I found myself taken by Beatrice and her musings. It was enlightening to read about the differences between the privileged and the villagers, as well as the attitudes of the each toward the other. It was also eye-opening to see how they treated Jewish people during the time. This book was a good one for me to find a cozy spot and get lost in; I found myself hurrying back to it. I enjoyed the read, and was even surprised by a couple twists that I didn’t see coming. This is a good one to add to your beach or travel bag. #StMartinsPress #Montauk #NicolaHarrison
Babygotbooks13 16 days ago
I can't be the only one that wants to visit Montauk after reading this book? Nicola did such a wonderful job of transporting the reader back in time and onto the shores of Montauk. This book had me feeling a wide variety of emotions. I laughed, I cried, and I wanted to strangle Harry. I would say this book is both a romance and a historical fiction, which essentially means it's the perfect book for me. I loved reading about the fashion of the era, the fancy parties they attended, and the more simplistic life style of the locals. As you follow Beatrice throughout her summer in Montauk, you see her character mature. She's a college educated farm girl that finds herself wrapped up in the big city, high society life. Five years into her marriage to Harry and she's now use to the fancy clothes and gourmet meals. When she realizes her marriage isn't what she thought it would be, she starts to prioritize what's important in life and concludes that money may not be everything she needs. The book takes place in an era where people are recovering from the Depression and there are rumors of the US joining WWII. With all the uncertainty, she's trying to figure out what is best for her. She's quickly realizing that she doesn't fit in well with the high society crowd in Montauk. Even though most of the women are mothers (and Bea wants nothing more than to become a mother), they all have nannies to care for their children. The women spend their time gossiping, judging each other, and making sure everyone knows just how important and superior they are to everyone else. Beatrice rather spend her time with the natural beauty that Montauk has to offer instead of trying to fit in with a group of snooty ladies who have no interest in making friends with her (besides Dolly). By the end of the summer her life is completely different than when she first boarded the train to Montauk.
Anonymous 17 days ago
Very good story that will draw you in quickly. Beatrice has such a good heart and goes through so much but ends her story with grace and hope.
Anonymous 17 days ago
This excellent novel caught my attention and drew me in right from the beginning. It is the story of Beatrice, a wealthy socialite who longs for a more meaningful life, and finds it with the local lighthouse keeper on Montauk. But it’s not that simple. I found the characters extremely likable, except of course for Harry, and Jeanie. I cheered Beatrice on right up to the surprising last page.
Annette5151 17 days ago
I was quickly sucked into this book. At times I really enjoyed it but then it started to ramble and I found myself annoyed by the main character. I must say it kinda picked up again more than half way thru and finished with an unexpected ending. I thought it was a bit predictable at times but I still enjoyed it. Would make a good beach read
Jolie 18 days ago
Montauk is the story of Beatrice. Beatrice is a country girl who married into wealth. At first happy in her marriage, Bea notices a rift in her marriage. Along with the fracture, Bea has failed to conceive a child, and that drives them further apart. So when Harry tells Bea that they will be taking a summer-long trip to Montauk Manor, she is thrilled. She thinks that they can grow close again and a child will happen. But that isn’t in the cards. Harry decides that he will work in the city while Bea stays at the Manor during the week. He’ll come and visit on the weekend. Feeling out of place, Bea strikes up a friendship with the manor’s laundress. Who in turn introduces her to Thomas, the head lightkeeper. As Bea’s feelings for Thomas grows, she realizes that she must make a choice. What will happen? What will Bea’s decision be? And can she survive the consequences? I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Montauk when I read the blurb. To me, it screamed spoiled rich girl has an affair, and there are consequences. Then I started reading. And let me tell you, this book is anything than what I thought. I was surprised by this book. I liked Bea even if she did annoy me during parts of the book. I loved her determination to make her marriage work. I liked that she didn’t care what the other women at the Manor thought about her. But, as I mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, she annoyed me. She overstepped her bounds when it came to Elizabeth and Thomas. She let the other women in the Manor dictate what she should do the first half of the book. And the big thing, she didn’t confront Harry about his affairs until the end of the book. I did figure out about Harry cheating early in the book. He was in love with Bea, but he was chomping at the bit to get back to Manhattan. When it was validated, I was surprised that Bea didn’t say something to him. But, that was how it was back then. Men could do whatever they wanted with whomever they wanted, and the women took it. I was surprised when the author chose to have Bea and Thomas start a relationship while married. While two wrongs don’t make a right, I do think that Bea deserved to be happy. And Thomas made her happy. But she was torn between Harry and Thomas. I was on pins and needles about who she was going to choose. You will need tissues when reading the end of the book. I was surprised at what happened between Harry and Bea. Very surprised. I was also surprised by the news that Bea had. I mentally went “Yikes, how is she going to deal with THAT.” The very end of the book had me sobbing. Let’s say that it was not a happy ending. Which was surprising and refreshing.
Anonymous 18 days ago
Beatrice is lucky to have married a very wealthy Harry and to be spending the summer vacation in Montauk. But is the social pressure and the rampant cheating really what she wants? I really enjoyed this book. I love that Beatrice was different from the other “housewives” and that she truly stood up for her beliefs as the book went on. I loved her relationship with Elizabeth and Dolly and how both friendships grew over the course of the book. Thank you netgalley and st martins press for allowing me to read and review this book in advance!
CherryPie0420 19 days ago
I love the era between the Great Depression and World War II. Watching our country rise up out of the ashes and gain the strength to fight another world war never ceases to amaze me. It was during this time that the divide between social classes deepened and became crystal clear as the wealthy continued to live their lavish lifestyles while the lower classes struggled to survive. It is this divide that is the foundation of Montauk. Montauk is a small costal town on Long Island that has become a glamorous summer retreat, with a stunning manor that many Manhattanites flocked to the summer of 1938. Beatrice Bordeaux is one of the privledged wives who found herself enjoying the beauty of Montauk that summer, but Beatrice feels discontented with her life, this displeasure deepening as the days of summer flutter by. Beatrice's fight for empowerment, to find her true self, to break social barriers and fight for women's rights in this male-dominated society was by far my favorite part of this novel. I loved watching Beatrice blossom into a strong woman with a voice all her own, breaking away from her shy, people-pleasing ways, and standing up for herself and what she believed in. Reading about the beautiful details of Montauk, the writing capturing my imagination, was also pleasurable, but the novel does have a slow start, some of the characters weren't well developed, and much of the plot and language was highly offensive to me since I prefer cleaner reads. It was these faults that had me torn, wanting to like this debut novel but the flaws overpowered it for me personally. If things like language, affairs, and steamy romances do not bother you I believe you will enjoy Montauk. *I have reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are completely honest, and my own.
DanieleK 19 days ago
MONTAUK tells the tale of young wife Beatrice and her life changing summer in Montauk in 1938. Lonely and lacking purpose in her life, she does not quite fit in with the other society wives enjoying their summer playground, waiting for their husbands to come down from New York City each weekend. Bea soon befriends Elizabeth, a local who takes care of the Manor’s laundry, which leads to Bea meeting lighthouse keeper Thomas with whom she shares an unexpected connection. I expected MONTAUK to be historical fiction, but it is really romance with a touch of women’s fiction thrown in so I might not be the target audience for Harrison’s debut. That said, it is a diverting, if predictable, snapshot of the contrast between the “haves and the have nots” in the late nineteen thirties. The ending, though a bit of a surprise, left me wanting more. Bea is interesting and kind, but, even though she did not grow up wealthy, she is a bit naive concerning her own actions and their consequences. At times, I want to shake her, but I do acknowledge that she is representative of a young woman of her era. Most of the characters, the society ladies, are unpleasant, shallow, and myopic, but I really admire Dolly and enjoy Thomas. MONTAUK is a good summer read, especially for readers drawn to weightier romances. I received a generous ARC of this title through NetGalley from St. Martin’s Press. The thoughts and opinions are my own.
Sjfrog 20 days ago
When I started reading Montauk, I was not sure I was going to like it, but very soon, I fell in love with Beatrice, the main character in this Novel, set in the rich playground of Montauk, during the summer of 1938. The story begins with Beatrice (Bea) and her Husband Harry, arriving in Montauk and the description of the manor where they will be spending the summer. Well, where Bea will be spending the summer, joined by Harry on the weekends, when he is able to get away from work. Harry intends to invest in Montauk, as the developer, who also created Miami Beach, also began the project at Montauk which is now incomplete, as he has run out of money, and looks to be a great investment for others to jump in on. He asks Bea to get connected to the women who are there, as he feels it would be good for business. Bea, with some trepidation and concern that she will be bored, agrees to do what she can. She connects with Dolly, who she knew from the city already, and who becomes her closest friend. She tries to get in with the other ladies, but finds it challenging to deal with some of the behavior, especially of the queen bee, Jeanie, who is similar to the popular, but mean girl, everyone knew in high school. On laundry day, Bea misses the laundry lady and ends up running after her to give her the bags. She does meet up with her, and learns that her name is Elizabeth. Elizabeth fascinates Bea, as does the fishing town that Elizabeth lives in, next to where the Manor is situated. Over time, Bea learns more about this woman's simple life, and enjoys getting away from the ladies at the manor. Through Elizabeth, she reconnects with a mysterious stranger she bumped into during an event she attended in which boys from the town attempt to capture a greased pig. She comes to know this man better and over the summer, also learns more about her relationship with her husband than she ever wanted to know, and much more about herself in the process. Montauk is a story of love, loss, betrayal, acceptance, joy and pain. It takes you through one momentous summer, in the lives of Bea and her friends in Montauk. It takes you through the development of relationships and the shattering of others and the end... well, I will not spoil it for you.... so I will leave my opinions out on how the story concludes. Nicola Harrison did an amazing job on this book, which looks to be the first novel she has written. I will be on the lookout to see whatever she writes in the future as I am an instant fan!
Aqswr 21 days ago
Well-written romance set in 1938 New York. I had hoped for historical fiction with a romantic subtext. The writing was good enough that it kept my attention but there is nothing very unique about this tale. Wealthy, bored wives spend their summers at the beach while their husbands work in the city, joining them on weekends. Life in the Big City without wives is filled with illicit behavior. The ending is mildly surprising. This book is best for lovers of romance tales who yearn for poor girls to find pots of gold one way or another. I received my copy of the book from the publisher through NetGalley.
IrishEyes430 21 days ago
Bea’s husband, as many others in their circle go to Montauk for the summer. The women have activites during the day and the men come for the weekends. Bea was not brought up in the same environment as many of the other wives and sees some of the activities and personalities as quite frivolous. She’s more of a modern woman than she realizes. In an escape from these women, she often takes off for nature walks and spends some time reading and relaxing. As she makes friends with some of the employees of the resort, they seem to be more relatable to her than her contemporaries. Although she doesn’t realize it at the time, what Bea is actually looking for is herself. An interesting and enjoyable read – I’m looking forward to more from this author!
KristiannWrites 21 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has everything; glamour, drama, romance. It is so well written and immersive. If I didn't have adult responsibilities, I would have finished in a day. The characters in this book have so much personality, you as the reader get attached right away. I related to Bea in ways I didn't think I would when I first started the book. She is so well written she seems like an old friend. The story is paced well and keeps you interested. There are a ton of moments where I felt like I was living the story. I was so emotionally invested in these characters and their lives, that this read was a great escape and an excellent experience. I totally recommend this book. It's a great summer read!
TJReads 21 days ago
I finished this book this morning and have been mulling over how to write this review all day. I am truly torn on my review. The story started out so good, it was covering the lives of the rich and famous in the newly developed summer escape in the resorts of Montauk Island, the descriptions of the ladies and the island were wonderful. We follow Beatrice and Harry, an affluent couple from Manhattan spending their first summer on the Island. Beatrice is a kind, sweet young woman that doesn’t quite fit in with the rich and famous wives and lifestyles, but she does blend in fine with the locals with their down-home attitudes. Harry, on the other hand, spends his weeks back in the city with work and many other activities to keep him entertained. Somewhere about half way through, the story takes a downward turn and leans more toward Beatrice being narcissistic and only caring for herself. She tries to justify her actions by any means possible. The love story does have its moments and I did enjoy reading it, unfortunately I wish the entire book could have stayed at the same caliber it started out with. This one gets 4****’s. I was given an advanced copy from St. Martin’s Press and Net Galley for my honest review.