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Moon Cycle Memoirs

Moon Cycle Memoirs

by Gina Nicole Ballard


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Moon Cycle Memoirsis an intention setting guidebook and journal that will help a novice or expert align with the moon's various phases.

The moon affects the tides, impacts navigation for birds, and helps plants grow. Nature proves in many ways just how powerful the moon is, yet is often ignored.

Whether you want to find a new way to connect with the moon, have big plans for making miracles with the moon, or maybe even explore a different version of journaling, Moon Cycle Memoirs is your outline.

There are just over 100 pages in this journal that provide a beautiful space to set intentions with each new moon, reflect on the full moon, and extra journal pages between cycles for more intention setting and tracking.

A total manifesting moon cycle is a full six months, so the intentions set on each New Moon will come full circle six months later during the Full Moon that will occur in the corresponding zodiac. The pages and design are laid out to make it easy for you to track.

While Moon Cycle Memoirs was created for the Moon Cycle Mentorship, an invitation is extended to anyone ready to open their hearts to the miracles the moon cycle provides.

This intention setting journal will help you:

1) Have a better understanding of each moon cycle
2) Track your present moments and reflect on what may need to change
3) Nudge you to take inspired action
4) Help you to express what needs to be released
5) Remind you to celebrate your wins
6) Set focused and clear intentions that align with the energy of each new moon
7) Reassess at the full moon

This is a gentle journal for beginners and an old friend for long time moon children.

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ISBN-13: 9781715701550
Publisher: Blurb
Publication date: 11/13/2020
Pages: 120
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