Moon Jerusalem & the Holy Land: Including Tel Aviv & Petra

Moon Jerusalem & the Holy Land: Including Tel Aviv & Petra

by Genevieve Belmaker


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ISBN-13: 9781612386232
Publisher: Avalon Publishing
Publication date: 02/25/2014
Series: Moon Handbooks Travel Series
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 7.50(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Genevieve Belmaker is an American journalist and writer who worked and lived in Jerusalem and the surrounding region for more than three years. Born and raised in Olympia, Washington, she started traveling and living in new places at the age of 17. 

In 2009, Genevieve met her future husband, an Israeli journalist, while he was visiting New York City. After traveling to Israel and working side-by-side as colleagues, they were married in 2010. In Jerusalem, Genevieve reported on settlements, small businesses in the West Bank, and local news and politics, and authored a weekly column for The Epoch Times on her observations of the region.

Genevieve is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a BA in international relations and a minor in East Asian languages and cultures. She studied journalism through New York University's continuing education program. Her work as a writer and photographer has been published by Poynter, the Foreign Policy Association, Quill magazine, Draft magazine, and Big World. Her reporting for The Epoch Times on homeless Hurricane Sandy evacuees in New York City received a Front Page Award from the Newswomen's Club of New York in 2013. She regularly reports on news and events in Jerusalem and beyond.

Genevieve recently moved back to New York City with her husband. Their son, Negev (named after her husband's favorite Israeli desert), was born in late 2011 and is already a skilled world traveler. He was truly the inspiration behind the creation of this book.

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Religious and spiritual sites are the reason to visit this region, which isn’t known as the Holy Land for nothing. Here is a list of the most important sites.

Basilica of the Annunciation is believed to be built over the site of the Virgin Mary’s original home (Nazareth).

Capernaum is believed to be the location of a village where Jesus and some of his disciples lived for a time on the shore of the Sea of Galilee (near Tiberias).

Cave of the Patriarchs is widely recognized as the burial place of the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish people, including Abraham, revered by all three monotheistic religions (Hebron).

Church of the Holy Sepulchre is widely recognized as the site of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus (Jerusalem, Old City).

Church of the Multiplication is believed to be the location where Jesus turned a few fish and a couple loaves of bread into enough food for thousands (Tiberias).

Church of the Nativity is widely believed to be the location where Jesus was born (Bethlehem).

Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque is the second holiest site in all of the Muslim world (Jerusalem, Old City).

Mount of Olives is the site of many miraculous occurrences and is an extremely significant location in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Jerusalem, near the Old City).

Mount Zion is the possible site of the Last Supper and is the locale of King David’s Tomb (Jerusalem).

Tomb of Rabbi Meir is significant to Jews all over the world as the tomb of the rabbi who was nicknamed the miracle worker and in whose name charity is often given (near Tiberias).

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