Moon of the Swaying Buds

Moon of the Swaying Buds

by Gail Sher


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781931223034
Publisher: EdgeWork Books
Publication date: 02/01/2002
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 7.72(h) x 1.39(d)

Table of Contents

Book 1Mountains
Mutsuki: the moon in which the grains of rice are set to germinate
Like an Empty Chapel3
Softly Blowing Bluestem9
The Nails through His Limbs Are Thick and Intrusive15
Lodging Among the Roots21
Nibbling the Dresden Grass27
A Heifer Slobbers the Filthy Water36
Kisaragi: the moon of the swaying buds
Young Damselfly45
Its Dappled Rib53
Absorbing the Rain the Quagmire Sleeps59
I Fully Accept the Beauty of an Elephant Eating a Boa Constrictor Being Mistaken for a Hat66
Gilded Yellow Bars72
I Am Very, Very Old77
Smack of a Jaw, Slap of a Tail83
In the Barber's Pole Gyrating91
A Trefoil for St. Patrick97
Yayoi: the time of germination
Vapor Rising over Just-Stirring Birds105
The Slender Stem--Flowerless111
On Hunter's Soil116
Abode of Snow125
Fingering the Parched Riverbed132
Your Rattling Wings136
Fast Asleep in the Silver Birch142
Book 2Plains
Uzuki: the moon of deutzia flowers
Monotony, Both Lugubrious and Strangely Crisp149
Dark Wet Mud154
For Our Sakes the Clams and Fish Give Themselves Unselfishly162
Oh, All You Hungry Ghosts171
I Dedicate this Stone177
Satsuki: the moon of transplanting
Tree Frogs--Their Rubbery Croak184
The Seedling Draped in Moonlight191
Deer-Chewed Tips199
The Pudgy Moon207
Mina-zuki: the waterless moon
My Box-Shaped Room215
Hoisting His Wings Toward the Trespasser220
Teeny Sprouts Everywhere226
Deaf to the Whistling Winter Birds234
Book 3Rivers
Fumi-zuki: the moon of the heads of rice
Like the Wild Dogs who Yelp and Snap Defending a Random Street Corner245
Even as You Screech Your Imminent Silence252
Spearing the Sun as it Sets on the Pylons258
Ha-zuki: the moon in which the leaves fall
Two Fat Dove-Colored Birds Waddling Their Way Along a Eucalyptus Branch267
Spitting Out the Queen273
Arrested by a Flower in the Verdant Gulch279
Naga-tsuki: the moon in which the nights grow long
Chewing, Excreting ... Whorls of Leaves284
Hey You--291
The Simple Act of Toast-Eating296
Book 4Sky
Kamina-zuki: the godless moon
Stinging Nettle Leaf305
Out in a T-Shirt310
Cakes Rising on the Stove314
Painted Lady in the Understory's Half-Light320
Caught By the Fiery Sun324
An Orange-Black Heap Against the Gaslit Curb331
Shimo-tsuji: the hoar-frost moon
Re-entering the Mountain337
Rain Bends the Umbel343
Fragile Limbs Nubbed with Blossoms349
Cooled Again by the Evening Breeze354
Acre after Acre after Acre Explode In the Four Directions364
Frogs Wait, Birds Wait, Snakes Wait372
The Wintry Thicket Lifeless377
Fat White Grub in its Beak384
Lime-Green Sulphurs Mud-Puddle in the Canyon Dust389
Gravid Nymph395
Shiwasu: the moon in which monks scurry from house to house reading the sutras
Under Ice, under Snow, a Gracile Wing402

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