Moonlight Kin 2: Aidan's Mate

Moonlight Kin 2: Aidan's Mate

by Jordan Summers

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(51,260 word mid-length paranormal romance novel with an additional 2450 word excerpt)

The last man Jenna Dane trusted betrayed her and stole everything she owned. She's been trying to get her 'life' back ever since. Her new job presents Jenna with the opportunity to recover what she's lost. All she has to do is betray Aidan Fortier and expose his secrets.

Secrets that could get her killed.

Aidan Fortier cannot allow a nosey human to snoop around his estate. He has a Werewolf pack to run, a full moon to contend with, and he must choose a mate. It would be a lot easier to do, if Jenna didn't smell so good. When trouble follows her to his doorstep, Aidan must decide whether to trust his Lycan instincts or throw Jenna to the wolves.

(Moonlight Kin 1: A Wolf's Tale, Moonlight Kin 3: Nic, Moonlight Kin 4: Tristan)


Jordan is a New York published author with thirty-two books to her credit. She has sold over 155,000 ebooks and is a member of Novelist Inc., International Thriller Writers, SCBWI, and the Horror Writer's Association. For more info about her work, go to:

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BN ID: 2940016730172
Publisher: Smallbites Online Learning, Inc
Publication date: 05/10/2013
Series: Moonlight Kin , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 684 KB

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Moonlight Kin 2: Aidan's Mate (Mid-length novel) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anna-MarieB More than 1 year ago
Aidan’s Mate grabbed me and didn’t let go Aidan’s Mate is book #2 of a new series Jordan Summers is writing and let me tell you it’s fab. Her first in the series is A Wolf’s Tale about Damon and Madie his bondmate who’s human and a hunter. No more said you need to read. Just wanted to set the stage for Aidan’s Mate. Aidan’s Mate opens with Aidan Fortier, Alpha and Elder (software developer multi-millionaire) in a field surrounded by his wolves. The Alpha had been challenged by one of his own Rene’ Dubois for coming to his cousin’s defense when he took a female human and hunter no less as his bondmate. Aidan suspected his PA was responsible for putting Rene up to the challenge. You see Robert LeBoup (I don’t like him) detested anything human, their scent discussed him and he wanted them all dead. For this reason Aidan suspected Robert goaded Rene, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but he was a hard worker. Without solid proof Aidan couldn’t take his thoughts/feelings to the Elders. Aidan had no intentions of losing this challenge and he felt badly that he would have to kill Rene. Aidan as an Alpha and an Elder knew his pack needed a mated Alpha and was working to rectify the problem. He under no circumstances would ever take a human as his bondmate. So each night he had female Were lined up to take their shot at being Aidan’s bondmate. The enters Jenna Dane, use to be owner of a garage, mechanic and feisty, fearless and homeless HUMAN female with a big problem. Her business was taken from her by her ex and he destroyed her reputation in the taking. For three months she was on the run to get away from him and his PI Carl. She applied and got a job at the Breakbend Gazette and was on her way when there was an altercation with Carl and her car broke down. She walked to the nearest property which so happened to be Aidan Fortier’s mansion and grounds. She tried to get buzzed in to use their phone to call her new boss and Robert did everything in his power including sending a wolf at her but she growled back. She parked her but at the gate and wouldn’t move. Aidan was advised they had a visitor (he never got visitors) that’s when Robert told him a human female had parked her butt at the gate and wasn’t moving until she could use a phone. He even mentioned she growled at the wolf sent to scare her away. Aidan’s interest was peaked and told Robert to let her in. Aidan checked his appearance then went downstairs to meet his guest. And now the fun begins, he stood at the door watching her without her knowledge and her scent slammed into him rousing his wolf. Aidan pushed down all emotion/feelings and went in to great her. I won’t go into detail here but let’s put it this way from this point on his wolf was insistent she was the one. Aidan wasn’t having it. Just one more little teaser as he continued to seek out his bondmate his wolf shut him down and his junk no longer worked. It was freaking him out he was a Wolf for god sakes and they didn’t have these problems. But every time he was around Jenna he almost busted out of his pants. There definitely was an attraction between the two. This is all I can give you. This is a must read series. Jordan Summers I give you 5* and I so can’t wait to see who your next story will be about. Will it be Nic.
spendingtoomuch More than 1 year ago
Book two in the Moonlight Kin series.This book is just as good as the first one .We met Aidan, the  alpha of the pack in book one .  You still have sexy male, human mate,betrayal and great story unfolding . 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this author