Moonlight Warrior

Moonlight Warrior

by Jessica Coulter Smith
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Moonlight Warrior 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Melissa222 More than 1 year ago
This is part of a great series and this is the book where the great battle happens. Jessica Coulter Smith is a great writer and this series is addictive . You will want to read the entire series and her other books as well.
Mom-Of-Four-Loves More than 1 year ago
Love this series a alot. This book is part of a series. I would recommend you read them in order or you might miss something. In this story it is about Collin and Kendall. Collin finds Kendall on his way back to Ashton Groves. Ashton Groves is in the process of preparing for a big fight with the Skulls of Hell. This is book is action packed... It will leave you on the edge of your seat and even bring tears to your eyes. Very good written book. Can't wait for the  next in the series 
book_lover_0728 More than 1 year ago
This series is amazing. Getting to know each character in depth is so great. This book is just a new character and getting to know him. If you have not read the other books in this series I seriously suggest you do. Each  book will stand on its on, but reading from the beginning gives you such a better understanding of the others in the book, not just the main characters of this book. Colin is headed back from visiting his family and with a little advice from his physic cousin, Suzette, he comes across a woman who just survived the worst experience anyone can experience. After helping her he realizes that she is his mate. He helps get her back on her feet and she agrees to return to Ashton Groves with him. The whole pack is getting ready for the demon attach and no one knows how it is going to go. The book has twist, turns and even tears. This book is a must read and so is the series!
little-mouse More than 1 year ago
Reviews should never reveal spoilers so, in case you've read the other books in the series, you won't learn the spoilers from me. Colin is on his way back to Ashton Grove when he discovers a severely injured woman, Kendall, along a desert road. He knows instantly that she is intended to be his mate. Kendall decides to go back to Ashton Grove with Colin even though she knows a war is coming with the same group, The Skulls of Hell, that did her bodily harm. Why are they targeting such a small group of werewolves in such a tiny town? Can the war be averted and, if not, what will be the outcome. Will Kendall and Colin have their life together? And, if you've followed the series, will your favorite characters survive? A must read!
AWeber1 More than 1 year ago
Moonlight Warrior – Book 6 For all of you who have yet to read this book but have read all the others and fell in love with these characters this is a warning: GRAB SOME TISSUES YOU ARE IN FOR AN EMOTIONAL READ!!!!  I am definitely not one to cry over spilled milk, let alone a book; until this one. It takes a lot to move me to tears. Jessica Coulter Smith’s book Moonlight Warrior really took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I was outraged that Demons would abuse an innocent being but then again they are Demons. This is Colin and Kendall’s Story. Kendall is a non-wolf shifter who is kidnapped off the side of the road by demons and abused; left for dead on the side of the road she is found by Colin who was driving home early due to a warning from whom I believe is his cousin. Anyway, he plays knight in shining armor, and realizes he has found his mate but more importantly they discover those demons are on their way to Ashton Grove!! What on G-D’s green earth would Demons want with the small town of Ashton Grove? Read to find out HAHAHA. There is a romance and mating between Colin and Kendall but the bigger picture is the battle that will be taking place between the Ashton Grove Pack and these Demons (The Skulls of Hell). Where there are Demons there are Angels!!!!  I loved how the members of the Ashton Grove pack could not wrap their minds around the idea of Angels but readily accepted the Demons. What shocked me most was that when they prayed they never asked for help. It took Colin’s prayer for help for the Angels to reveal themselves.  Okay, seriously though, I was a kind of disappointed in this book. Do not get me wrong I loved the story but the editor did not do his or her job. There were a number of typos that should have been caught before this book was released. I was also disappointed in seeing some characters killed off during the big battle. A few in particular which will not be named for spoiler purposes really made me cry. I was so upset with that at one point I had to take a break from reading, but that is not to say the story was not fantastic because it was. Any story that can pull so many emotions from me so fast is a great book.  I recommend this book; please try to overlook the typos etc. when reading because it is such a great story and I cannot wait to see what comes next!!!!! Book Summary from Barnes and Noble:  The Ashton Grove pack has been on the verge of war for months, and now the time has arrived. The Skulls of Hell are on their way to the small sleepy Georgia town with destruction on their minds. But a new voice in the pack wants to know why.  Kendall Wright has lost one battle with the Skulls already and she isn't anxious to face them again, but as Colin's mate she knows it's her place to fight by his side. But if she's going to forfeit her life for the good of the pack, she wants to know why.  Colin has to admit his mate brings up a good point. Why travel such a great distance to wipe out a small pack of werewolves? There's nothing special about the Ashton Grove pack, or is there? Can the mystery be solved before the war begins?